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  1. Give it up, Skyla. She needs Michael there to watch her flirt with doctors and help her make jelly smoothies for her health, while continuing chain smoking?
  2. Onlyfans? You mean, they aren’t rich classy ladies on daddy’s (rented) “yacht?”
  3. These two are real pieces of work. The person who is playing everyone against one another is Chuck. Chuck asked Andrei to come to “Becky’s listing.”
  4. I dislike Angela so much that I wish the surgeon had gone ahead with the facelift even as she smokes a pack a day.
  5. Yeah right Asuelu “planned” a trip. If it wasn’t to Chuck E Cheese, I don’t believe it. And of course, Kehlani wants to bring her mom and the kids.
  6. Lol, this is exactly what Chuck had in mind. All these kids and their spouses are leeches.
  7. Gee. Why would you put money towards a baby like you both agreed instead of getting nip/tucked so you sexually harass doctors who don’t want you?
  8. Angela is top heavy, but is she really “gastric sleeve” heavy?
  9. Libby’s purple velvet dress is weird. What’s up with that neckline?
  10. There’s nothing better for surgical incision healing than cigarettes. Supposedly.
  11. That smoothie better have protein in it like a meal.
  12. That juice lady is giving too much energy.
  13. There goes Brandon gaslighting Julia again. That friend was fucking rude.
  14. All that financial obligation for 2-3 pumps. Sad.
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