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  1. But then they start talking and it all falls apart. Andrei only looks good when he is wrestling dumbass Charlie to the ground. And Laura told us Aladin sucks in bed.
  2. Nah. It applies to both men and women. Basically, he has sinned.
  3. Watching these two demonstrates how desperate some young women are to get to America. Because this guy is gross.
  4. If my brother’s girlfriend bought the man she’s trying to cheat with and was threatening to take my nephew halfway around the world, I’d be more hostile than Bini’s family has been. If people think they are entitled to “good manners,” they’d better be showing them to others. Don’t bring your planned extracurricular dick to your fiancé’s family gathering.
  5. It’s not like Ari consulted Bini about Leandro staying in the hone they share. Leandro’s presence is pretty rude when you consider he’s been carrying on with Ari behind Bini’s back like they are still married. He’s a creep who knows exactly what he’s doing. I’m glad Wish read him for filth.
  6. She doesn’t even know how to be an American wife. Her own communication is lacking since it wasn’t clear to her first husband that she was leaving.
  7. Because it can’t be said enough: do not go to a place that is in the early stages of disaster relief and recovery unless you are part of the rescue effort. You are in the way.
  8. All signs point to Ari not knowing what it takes to be a good spouse. The evidence: the husband she abandoned to travel sitting across from her that she’s having an emotional affair with.
  9. Covid stress eating did a number on many of us. All that damn sourdough and all those cookies.
  10. For a while, the leader owned the Washington Times newspaper (not to be confused with the Washington Post).
  11. Continuing from last week, Ari is a pig. I wonder if she’ll invite Bini out to meet her next greencard husband when she’s needy/not getting enough attention.
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