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90DF Live Chat 3: I Gave Up Everything To Be Here

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2 hours ago, Frozendiva said:

Taken from the Live Chat 2 thread (post from mod OnceSane):

The 90DF Live Chat 2 thread is getting pretty long and some of us thought it would be a good idea to start a new live chat thread.

This topic will be used as the live chat for all of the 90DF spinoffs with episode threads (ex: 90DF/90DF:HEA/90DF:BT90D/90DF:TOW) so if you want to live-watch and live-chat with your buds while the episode is going on, and don't mind a few million posts, please use this thread for posting during any and all new episodes.

As with any other episode thread, do not post spoilers you read on social media or other websites.  (We have couples' threads for that.)

Happy posting!

Since I can edit the topic, I will add in the winning thread title later this week.


1 hour ago, Auntie Anxiety said:

Thanks for taking care of this, @Frozendiva.


47 minutes ago, Frozendiva said:

I know! It's so spacious. Please keep it tidy.


19 minutes ago, JennyMominFL said:

Woohoo. New digs


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She's Jenny all over again, sell everything and go all in on sex tourism with a rasta guy.  Knowing how much Sharps uses the same script, he will have the dreads cut off like Benyim and she will be turned off.

Why can't she just hire that guy to manage her pizzeria while she's gone and give it 6 months to a year before selling every thing.

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1 minute ago, Frozendiva said:

At least he is 38 and not 26. Still he should be careful about getting involved with a young widow.

Yep! But she almost sounds like Jenny now. Gave up her pizza shop?!

Well I guess she can make pizza in Providencia. (where in the world did she find that island?)

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1 minute ago, Angry Moldovan said:

They should just call it 90 day sex tourist and get it over with


Ellie qualifies for 90 Day Caribbean Love.  She made it to the top tier, instead.  Her trainwreck better be good, or they better be the likable couple.

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1 minute ago, Grifter Lives said:

Because I care for now, I want to know why Ellie wants to move to Providencia, instead of having Victor moving to Seattle.  

They got tired of waiting for the US to open back up after Covid, so she's going there.  Why it has to be her moving there permanently, I have no idea.  

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I'm sure I said this last time but Corey has no lips and I just don't trust men with no lips.  His kisses must feel like kissing a cut vegetable.

Or a puppet made out of a shoe instead of a sock.

Edited by Eldemarge
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