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  1. Strangely enough, the Rod kids looked the most “normal” when they were writhing around in the van, high on goofy gas from the dentist. No strained smiles, no “keep sweet” voices, no make up. The girls actually looked their ages instead of 45-year-old truck stop waitresses.
  2. Those chairs are expensive. Yes, much less expensive than the original retail price, but that chair goes for at least 60 to 100 bucks at TJ Maxx. I looked at that chair, but settled for one that had been returned at IKEA for $20. I could afford the TJ Maxx chair, I just didn’t want to pay that much. But I also work and have no children. How can the Rods afford to buy brand new furniture when they have all those children, just bought a house and don’t work?
  3. Tom’s got some sizable knockers himself there.
  4. But with only three minutes left, there’s only enough time for Darcy to get halfway shit faced drunk. I feel frauded.
  5. This huge fight that nips keeps talking about is a completely one-sided dramatic play in his head.
  6. Welp. That Bob Saget toupee is real. I guess he told y’all.
  7. I think he uses them to strain fresh orange juice in the mornings.
  8. I did the same thing to some feral child who tried to pet my dog. I’m also Miss Hannigan lol.
  9. She did not “chase you down,” you lying bitch.
  10. Ha! She does. I laughed when Geoffrey started crying in the parking lot of what looked like the Russian equivalent of TGIFridays.
  11. Oh thank you! I love a good documentary, especially since I can’t go anywhere. May I also suggest, “MarJoe.” It’s a documentary about MarJoe Gotner who was part of a performing, traveling, grifting family of evangelists. Except MarJoe was an atheist and he only did the film to expose that whole world. Of course the film was never shown in the Bible Belt.
  12. What an odd-looking group of people. Check out the shrimp with the gun on his belt and tacky 10 Commandments tie. I bet he’s convinced we’re coming for his guns and his religion and decided to coordinate an ensemble to let us know how it’s going down.
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