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  1. I knew Father Sumit speaks perfect English. I was wondering why he was being silent all this time. He throws better shade than his wife.
  2. Ew. Is Steven even wearing socks with those dirty clodhoppers? His feet must reek.
  3. I need Mother Sumit to join the live chat. She’s the ultimate 90 Day snarker.
  4. Nope. Not these two snore bags. They put me to sleep last week and I missed Family Sumit. I’m setting boundaries and I choose me. Goodbye Crying Kenny and Snoremando. Forever.
  5. I was watching Michael Keaton on 60 Minutes. He signed my late pass. I’m only here for Family Sumit though, so I see I’m right on time!
  6. Yeah, Lydia seems to be experimenting more with makeup and she’s been filling in her eyebrows (I hope she helps Tessie). She and her sister Moriah haven’t quite figured out that less is more. This was a Quiverfull “documentary” on them from years ago. Lydia is at 8:08. Warning: Kim Plath is the narrator 🤮
  7. Not to mention she believes her adopted son deserves to be profiled by police because he’s black. There’s trash and then there’s Abby Johnson. It’s a real race to the bottom between her and Jill.
  8. Abby Johnson is possibly an even bigger POS than Jill is, so how unfortunate for the children.
  9. Hey, at least Victor’s beard braid is taking this pandemic seriously.
  10. Oh jeeze. Not the “Kidzez Dad” and “Bad Smell” stories. Danielle, what are you doing?!
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