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  1. I’d love to share a meal with Winter. She seems like a nice person and I could tell her how stupid of an idea it is to hitch your 19-year-old wagon to a dude with an infant.
  2. charmed1

    S01.E09: Ripped Apart

    It was like one of those cryptic cautionary tales told to little children like Elf on a Shelf or The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Except it was An American Boy in South Africa with his Idiot Mom and Creepy StepDad who will Sell Refrigerators and Possibly the Boy to Score Drugs.
  3. River looks just like the baby that Miss Prissy tried to pin on Foghorn Leghorn. More whining from Jenny, Laura, and Corey.
  4. They’re showing previews now. How sneaky.
  5. Oh crap. I didn’t realize I’m in The Family Chantal now. How did that happen? TLC is such a slut ass bitch ass whore.
  6. “They found drugs.” Not, “I had drugs on me.” Is this dude’s name even Ronald?
  7. Ha ha ha! Then what followed was: “Buddy, please. Turn around and enjoy your dinner with your friends. Thank you.” You’re so violent, Sumit. Take it down a notch.
  8. I’m laughing at Pole’s poop freak out. I need a wife swap episode with Pole and Evelyn.
  9. Guys! He’s running! Our night is complete.
  10. His look is so weird and dated, but I too am oddly enamored with it. I guess because those were my teen years and I’m feeling nostalgic.
  11. Is he driving a Hyundai Excel?
  12. I don’t know what it was about watching Mr. Magoo Drive a car, but man it would have me in stitches. And yeah, Jenny is a dead ringer for him in this episode.
  13. I think I’d rather watch Family Chantal over the knocked up teen show. How was that crap renewed?
  14. I was wondering when Pole’s phone translator would make its appearance. Meanwhile Karrine’s English has improved tremendously.
  15. I stayed there too. It’s connected to the Venetian I think. You’re right. It’s really nice.