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  1. I feel sorry for the passengers who had to fly on that plane with Family Kalani. It’s obvious to me now that Asuelo’s Gump act was just that. He’s not stupid, he is a super petty bitch. And I feel fully justified in calling him a bitch since he called his wife one in front of her mother no less. I agree with Mother Kalani in that he’d never talk like that in front of Kalani’s father. Paul is the most disgusting little demented Fraggle I have ever seen. The way he just tossed those two-year-old fries into someone’s yard shows exactly why his parents took his keys. He was probably living in that beat up Camry with those bald tires. Probably eating those fries while stalking some other woman. I think Colt should name the next cat, Colte Gal.
  2. Oh, that explains it, thanks! I’ve never seen any of those except Clueless. Didn’t they see the part where Cher got robbed at gun point? lol It probably didn’t help that Pole kept telling Karrine that he couldn’t get a job because he was a non-Portuguese speaking American in Brazil. Now that he’s in his native country, I wonder what excuses he’s going to give.
  3. When folks like Karinne and Akinyi say their expectations of the United States are based on movies, I’m always curious what movies they’ve watched. I don’t watch many movies anymore other than documentaries so I’m actually genuinely curious what they’re watching and how the U.S. is represented.
  4. I know this was filmed pre-Covid, but it’s so weird to see people in a doctor’s office without masks.
  5. Paul, she’s been in the U.S. for five minutes. The only thing she doesn’t like here is you.
  6. Gah! Coltee’ 3XL Beavis & ButtHead attire is driving me nuts.
  7. Asuelu’s sister’s got his same dead eyes. At least she didn’t ask him for a giant television like Sister Pedro.
  8. This violent, wide-back, badly built, wooden-toothed, bitch Grangela and this pointless storyline. Time for me to be busy preparing for my nephew’s hockey schedule or something.
  9. Didn’t I just watch this episode last week? I didn’t watch it through the app, so I’m so confused. I didn’t want to be subjected to Colt’s dancing again. What the hell, show?
  10. Yes! I was trying to think of who he reminded me of. He’s like a combination of Don Jr., Mark Consuelos, and Fievel Mouskewitz. He looks someone who didn’t get the call back for The Bachelorette and auditioned for the part of “greasy, used luxury car salesman type to play the date of self-absorbed neglectful mother.”
  11. Watching Coltee’s big stankin’ ass dancing badly outdoors has caused me to have temporary blindness.
  12. Hahaha! He sure is a productive handmaid. Blessed be the rotten fruit. That bedroom looks like the the cheapest room at Great Wolf Lodge, also known as Hell’s backwoods, slack-jawed Disney World fer barefoot youngins’.
  13. Ha!. I think I have to give the award to the prettiest little emaciated girl on the far left. Jill’s got her in a Blanche Devereaux blouse and a crinoline. Couldn’t even get the child an actual skirt. She has to wear the slip that goes under the skirt.
  14. Lisa was bragging that she had 300 “yahoo boys” in her private messages. I get spam, but 300 messages from the same type of scammer? That doesn’t make you an expert, Lisa, that means you’re a mark. I’m sure Lisa has corresponded with more than a few of those people who have messaged her. Word probably got around that they had a mark.
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