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  1. There was no point to these episodes. I still don't understand why it was 2-part, and I certainly didn't believe, "You won't want to miss tomorrow's Part 2!" Both parts would have benefitted from 15-minute paid product placement segments. Dr. Phil concluded that James had PTSD from multiple military tours, and his mental health could be permanently affected, but withheld any support. He didn't even offer 10 free sessions of Doctor on Demand or a trip to the best-est neuroplasticity evaluation ever to James. Dr. Phil also didn't shut down Jenaye, when she launched into Chelsea. A
  2. She may pretend to be sorry that they thought that she took something that they thought was theirs. Meri seems to work on her downline and sell her own inventory whereas Christine seems to have found a niche in salvaging others' inventories when they can't oar want to quit. Both are vultures.
  3. I think that he looked at her and his first thought was, "Oldie," like Sumit's parents. The demand for the ISKON visa exception came on behalf of the for older or elderly devotees, who had been residing in India for decades but for whom exiting and re-entering was becoming more difficult in their later years. The lawyer could have advised them about a 5-year student visa instead, or any type of visa based upon property or business ownership (not that Jenny has money).
  4. Wasn't the wedding dress part of the $50K wedding quote? Evelyn missed the boat. She should have extracted a weekend bridal gown shopping excursion for her and her sisters.
  5. Ari: "You can love someone, and they can disappoint you. Unless they are me. Then, I can only be the victim."
  6. Bini told the ex to wear a red dress. Ari's red dress is the same one that she wears in their intro shots. The real question is, "Why does he play butt bongos on you, even after you broke up?"
  7. Bini told the ex to wear a red dress. Ari's red dress is the same one that she wears in their intro shots.
  8. I thought, "Why doesn't he meet her on the mainland, where his family is?" and "Why could his sister reach him within 2 days of a Category 5 storm, but Ellie can't?"
  9. "Things have been a little weird, since they went to the gym. The bra gifting and baby reassignment are all just common arrival etiquette."
  10. Corey's waiting to spring the temple wedding dress - covered head to toe - on Evelyn.
  11. Sharp is suggesting that Leandro and Bini fight a death match over Ari in this preview. I'm very confident that they edited out Leandro's asking Bini to show him some of his martial arts moves for a workout.
  12. I never realized how Kenny drops his ending g's ("missin'"), until these scenes.
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