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  1. There were photos of Logan, Michelle and Mariah (and maybe Audrey) in Ireland several years ago. They were having pints in a pub. It must have been during college.
  2. Is "my jam" higher-ranking than rockstar? How do these products get excited? Are they alive? Maybe they chose the lipstick.
  3. I thought that she was trolling us when she actually wrote, "Google it," about the oysters. "The house is all packed up . . ." except for the plates and silverware, so she can eat her gas station salad. Maybe she meant the stove and refrigerator. The grocery stores must have been closed, too, but, fortunately, the large local gas station deli still maintained its deli. I hope that none of the other people ordered nachos, if Kody were nearby.
  4. Agree. The other benefit of Janelle's being Kody's hitman is the sister wife competition: They have to keep or knock another wife down to prop themselves up. Robyn's No. 1 wife and Meri's basement wife status are givens, so Janelle has to keep Christine down, for her own security, or as a rare success that she can claim. Also, around the time of Christine's presentation, Janelle was preparing to leave or preparing to ask Kody permission to go to North Carolina. So, she had to ingratiate herself.
  5. He did say that he took out his frustration with (aka hate for) Christine on Ysabel in their talk about her scoliosis surgery. That was his only or most significant regret and takeaway from that horrific scene. Also, Ysabel is a later daughter with his least-favorite wife, so Kody would never value her. He reveres Aspyn as the sweetest; he and Christine classified Mykelti as the difficult wild child, and Truely is his nemesis. Gwen might receive occasional acknowledgment, but only because Kody's jamming her in with AuroraBreanna as a triplet or an after-thought.
  6. Meri said that her bed is easy to make, because she sleeps alone. There's the silver lining.
  7. Robyn and Kody may have given her a pacifier so that she doesn't yap through all their scenes. She may create background noise that requires heavy editing or discarding scenes. For instance, when Kody and Robyn shared the big, fun news that polygamy was decriminalized in Utah, the first real reaction was Areoblabla's declaring, "Mommy's house is beauty." Robyn looked pained. The next scene was Kody in a couch interview, apologizing that that Ari was just a non-stop lifeforce. Regarding Utah's polygamy decriminalization: In that earlier episode, we saw two scenes where Kody & Rob
  8. Last night's show was boring and looked like the set-up for fake family conflicts: Natalie vacations in OK at Mama Mike's ("Why she call me a hooker?" in the previews); Julia dreams of a Las Vegas hot tub with no pigs in sight, instead of the one on the swingers' doomsday farm; Andrrrei faces the Double Chucks & Coven's business valuation, which involves an altercation on a boat but nobody is thrown overboard; Kolini stays in Utah for a month, and Tammy and Mother Asuelo somehow get there to continue their violent shakedown. For at least 273 reasons, Angela actu
  9. I'd stay mid-Strip at a Caesar's or MGM hotel, or any mid- to high-end hotel (never ever at the Stratosphere, Excalibur, Circus Circus). There may be tons of deals now, but weeknights are always cheap, The prices soar for the weekend. Admittedly, I haven't been there for a few years and I'm not necessarily rushing back.
  10. Non Jovi & Yara stayed in Old Las Vegas, which was out of character and cheap. Brandon & Julia are staying off the Strip, which is even worse. But, to TLC's credit, that is where Brandon would go, and Julia wouldn't know any better.
  11. I thought that you also have to lose weight (like 30 pounds) to be considered a candidate.
  12. "Do you mind if I use my phone? Nevermind that I'm not wearing a mask, and my window is closed. If I hee-haw and whoop, you'll find me adorable."
  13. TLC's theme for this season is family drama. They're the ones promoting the Kolini and Mike's Mom's visits, and they've been promoting the Family Libby party boat fight. Yara's floated her return to Ukraine with baby Mylah Vox.
  14. Is it that the Family Libby lives in Florida that they're not wearing masks? Or, was this filmed pre-COVID? I think Andrrei got his license after their last season. But, then Kalani & Asuelo and Angela haven't mentioned COVID, either.
  15. Despite her IQ of 110, Natalie has been really dumb about rings. She kept the low-budget engagement ring, bought herself a $3 ring and now paid $10 for his & her vedding bends. She should have emotionally blackmailed Mike for an expensive wedding ring that she could sell once she ditched him.
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