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  1. I love the pink top Yara is wearing in her TH.
  2. You can keep adding 10 minutes to the show, TLC...I’m still tuning out those sisters.
  3. Yes Fountains of Wayne! NJ legends. Very tragic.
  4. Gee...here’s some generally applicable pablum. I can see the future, right? Pay me!
  5. I’m sad...I don’t have a psychic on retainer. I’m failing at being a cougar.
  6. Do they normally approve the card right at the interviews?
  7. Joan Rivers died due to malpractice during an outpatient throat procedure, not plastic surgery.
  8. I’m beyond bored with Family Libby nonsense. They’re working hard for that spinoff.
  9. I’m looking at Kolini’s outfit...she knew she was being filmed right?
  10. I can’t with Kalani. Always bitching to her sister and then letting her sister tell Aseulo what’s going on. Super mature approach to marriage, Kalani.
  11. Um..why is this a discussions? Maybe young families buy houses. Many single people do it too....
  12. Those boys both have Asuelo’s head shape. Poor kids,
  13. People expect you to quit because you’re the cow who wanted the surgery. its a horrible stereotype generally but my God Angela is the one who wants weight loss surgery because she thinks it’s “easier”.
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