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  1. How many more episodes this season? and lmao really Cesar? You’re going to the Ukraine? God I can’t wait for next week!!!!
  2. Teri you had your chance, and yeah they wouldn’t have gotten married without your help so good job... and Omar seems smug too. He doesn’t give a damn about Teri.
  3. I guess now that Avery’s shocked her mom with the wedding, now she’s moving on to the Syria news. Anything to provoke a reaction.
  4. Look how smug Avery is now...she thinks she’s won. And now she’s going to ruin her Mom’s day.
  5. And shut up Teri...you could’ve let these idiots figure out getting approvals and all instead of jumping in and driving around to get the deed done.
  6. So is this still the wedding of your dreams Avery?
  7. This Lolo birth control commercial annoys me...maybe it’s that the actors are just so...twee....
  8. Newsflash Angela...lots of people do that. And newsflash you’re taking care of your molester daughter’s kids so it’s not like you don’t have experience raising other people’s kids.
  9. Oh Michael...you’re an idiot. Why are you translating this?
  10. Does Angela have any idea how expensive fertility treatments are? I’m going to guess that she doesn’t have the best health insurance.
  11. Dear Grangela...Michaels mom doesn’t need to know this. You are so convinced you are right that you think Mom is going to side with you.
  12. I sincerely think TLC boosts kissing noises. And it irks me.
  13. Wooho! Feel that sexual chemistry right thru the screen!
  14. OMG still blathering on about that damn kiss? Shut up Tim. Shut up. And I don’t believe you Jeniffer. You’ve called him a pussy every single chance you got but now you’re hot for him? Sure.
  15. So Akinyi you’re ok with marrying a broke guy so long as your family gets the bride price? It would seem that a family that needed 200 blessings would want their daughter not married to a broke loser.
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