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  1. Did Darcey get her lips blown up again? They look bigger.
  2. I feel cheated we have not been treated to Darcey, our reigning delusional queen... we’re also not seeing the same sex couple. Next week I guess.
  3. Time to guilt the kids for speaking truth...
  4. Whenever Jazz is on screen I focus on those ears. With the hair pushed behind them...
  5. Why doesn’t Ed dye his beard if he’s so concerned with appearing younger? AIDS test? Ah playing from the Pole playbook....
  6. Remember when you only had actual friends on FB? I’m a Luddite lol. My FB friends are friends and family...
  7. king queen and now prince...at least Ed knows it’s wrong for the kid to be calling him daddy....
  8. Why are we being denied Darcy? Dammit. i guess they need to tell you the entire premise of the new season for the annoying Whitney. Does anyone care that she found someone to marry? Lord. Big Ed, feel free to hit the drugstore and buy conditioner that doesn’t smell.
  9. Oh honey that’s not an English accent.... oh. He asked for money. Oh Yolanda....
  10. Avery found another outfit that shows off her saggy boobs.
  11. We call that dermatitis Big Ed. Not that rare. I like Mom Ed.
  12. Is that What Now going to be an actual series or is it still the quickie updates that used to be online?
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