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  1. I deleted the episode already, so I can't double-check my memory, but I'm pretty sure the article that they flashed on the screen about the NYC real estate market during one of the talking heads was dated January 20, 2020, so mid to late-January seems to be the time frame.
  2. Great snark on a lackluster finale!! See you all next season (or on Sundays for whatever iteration of 90Day is being pumped out). Good night!!
  3. LOL!! "even if you're on another planet and they have different food..."
  4. Is the rental market in Houston that tight? Dr. Now's patients all end up in the same handful of apartment complexes... they couldn't pull some strings?
  5. Aaron wants her to hurry up to lose enough weight to get the skin surgery so that they can move back to Washington.
  6. Check their neighbors' apartments for missing refrigerators!
  7. What is it with Tiffanys feeling the need to expose their shoulders all the time?
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