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  1. Well that was mind-numbingly boring. Glad I had y'all's fabulous snark to keep me entertained! Gonna go watch The Amazing Race now to get my synapses firing again. Have a good night everyone!!
  2. Ugh. Are we going to have to endure another episode of Larry next season?
  3. I feel like Larry didn't really think this move-to-Houston plan all the way through.
  4. I wonder how much Larry pays all these "friends" he has doing these favors for him. He didn't bring any furniture to Houston?
  5. Donnell? "Larry's driver" What happened to the guy from Chicago??
  6. Larry cleaned out his refrigerator and freezer. Making Fred think he threw away everything. But what is in between those lines is that his method of cleaning it out was to eat everything.
  7. I hope she video'd the size of the bathtub for Larry
  8. Slack-jawed Dolly met with him last week. Dr. Paradise is safe!
  9. So Dr. Now wouldn't send him to more psychotherapy because Larry already did that with the first weight loss surgery?? Or does Dr. Now just know that Larry isn't serious and doesn't want to do the work?
  10. 555 Larry fooled me by pretending his flight to Houston was all easy and shit.
  11. He must have LOVED the 2-month break from Larry.
  12. We were robbed of a flight scene???? That had better be on the supersized episode!
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