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  1. Sounds a whole lot better than The Family Chantel or Family Libby bullshit!!
  2. Way too much reading (of subtitles) this first segment. Hard to snark and read the tv at the same time!!
  3. What up Peeps!!!! So bummed I missed the live snarking the last two episodes (Jenny trying to be a Hare Krishna what????) but I read all your posts and you all were on fire!! Let's get this shitshow started!!!
  4. I'm wondering which of his friends was on the phone posing as the "travel agent"
  5. That was so good!!! Great snark y'all!!! I'm looking forward to Sumit's mother digging in at Jenny over and over again! Have a great week everyone!! I'm at the beach next weekend, so I'm probably gonna miss the live snarking.
  6. Of COURSE Sumit doesn't have a passport to go someplace with Jenny
  7. Because Ari's parents are paying for everything and he needs a place to live.
  8. "She tricked me and my dick just fell into her vagina"
  9. The Jenny Chair Toss is going to happen at 9:59, isn't it?
  10. I'm betting it will be something lame and not shocking at all. I'm happy to be wrong.
  11. I'm excited that the chair fling will be in Episode 1!! They'll flashback to that every freakin' episode they're on for the entire season.
  12. Spicoli!! "I can fix it. My dad's got an awesome set of tools."
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