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  1. Lol the previews for the next ep show Colt. I didn't even miss him in this one, did any of you?
  2. She should have done that anyway. Wait, that was an apology? And who was it for, Danielle, or to appease her coven friends?
  3. Of course, younger Kelly wants kids of his own! 🙄 I'm glad Molly isn't trying to pretend she wants (or can easily have) more kids, though.
  4. Egg, don't blame your awkwardness and insecurities on you zodiac sign. That's all just you.
  5. Ditzany and those eyelashes. And another dinner interrogation with friends. Poor Justin.
  6. The Chicago scenery and atmosphere is nice... Robbie is a bit.... too much to take. Then again, so is Fernanda.
  7. Danielle is tiring. Just listening her talk with anyone, you feel like you have to ask her to spit it out and speed it up.
  8. If Alina is this worried about staying in Turkey alone, ("Those people on the street, want to kidnap me!!!"- Girl, do they even know you exist? ) maybe she shouldn't have agreed to meet and marry SteVen there. Evilin and Corey- they slick with getting married and keeping it hidden all this time. I think she could have waited even longer to confess to her sisters, until after the big ceremony. Like in a decade, if they make it that long. Ariel and Bini- I understand Bini's sisters' skepticism, the decisions Ari makes seem odd and arbitrary. Especially to someone who's all about tra
  9. Don't blame your doubts about marrying Corey on his cheating, Evilin. You just don't want to be married.
  10. Evilin is drinking champagne.... Bet she scored and found a $100 K wedding dress driving up the budget astronomically...
  11. Don't you love that his parents excuse anything he does as, "That's just Steven."
  12. I know! Where's the rest of her stuff? Maybe she shipped some things ahead.
  13. Ari never tried to make the bed until Leander comes to visit. (I swear she says his name like that, I know its Leandro but...) Smh
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