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  1. Hello guys! I am feeling much better today than I did on Wednesday! I got very frustrated because a friend of a friend was annoying me to death on Facebook. They were calling me names like "chairwoman" and "Karen" because they didn't like some of the things I was posting. I am a person who is not afraid to show my true self online or in public. Whether people like it or not, I will be who I want to be. When I told the person who was attacking me those things, they said, "I don't care" and continued to bully me. They said I was spreading misinformation about the news and was telling people what
  2. Totally agree. Also, I was actually shocked (though I shouldn't have been) when Matt said something about being forced to choose between Kim and his mom and of course, he could never leave mom. That boy has issues. And I bet anything that, even after Kim asked him not to, he ran straight to mommy about Kim's "betrayal". Kim has a chance to advance her career and pay her own way in life. Matt and Kelly would rather keep her unemployed and completely dependent on them. That way they get to make all the decisions and she has to be submissive and thankful. Run, Kim. Liz has been mar
  3. Thoughts: “Colt is trash man. Colt is very manipulate, he's liar, he's cheating, he's very gaslight.” I applauded Jess for saying this. Seriously, who calls up an old flame and invites her out to tell her and her husband that he was cheating on her the whole time they were together?!? Coltee just loves causing drama. I don’t like these “friends interrogate the new girlfriend/boyfriend” situations. My man Kelly just seems like a normal dude and they are treating him like he’s got nuclear launch codes. Molly giving me Darcey vibes with the overreaction. Kelly will run, be
  4. Dean is an asshole and who cares about Rigin? She was never on the show so….should I give a fuck? Nah. Kalani and Asuelu I could see being funny. Julia on her own might be funny. Brandon sucks. Libby and AndLAY need to shut up, go back to their trash swamp, and continue punching their family members. PT is not the same without Tim and Veronica.
  5. Meant to post on here earlier today, but as I was reading this thread, I suddenly had a massive anxiety attack and had to step away from the iPad for a little while and take a nap. Now I’m still laying in my bed, reading all of your great comments on here. I appreciate all of your opinions and enjoy reading them. Jenny thinking she could chant once and get a missionary visa. 🤦🏼‍♀️ “Oh, I’d have to be here every day?! Full time?! For you to sponsor my visa?!” I want a Nathan For You-style spinoff where Sumit comes up with a new scheme each episode to keep Jenny in India without marryi
  6. Your version of my statement is much better than @Gobi’s, IMO! I didn’t find it very entertaining either. I would not want a full time career slapping people’s asses for a living. That’s just weird. But then again, Ari has a huge problem with that and then invites her ex to Ethiopia. What a hypocrite.
  7. Alright guys, that's it for Single Life this week! Again, I wouldn't have made it without you guys! You are the best snarkers out there. I will see you around the forums! For now, have a great night! Peace out.
  8. Ed asked stalker questions and not comforting questions like "Are you OK?"
  9. Yeah...Colt is the weird one, dude. Jess’s new boyfriend seems a few pickles short of a pickle jar.
  10. I don’t like these “friends interrogate the new girlfriend/boyfriend” situations. My man Kelly just seems like a normal dude and they are treating him like he’s got nuclear launch codes.
  11. 36 JJ?! Holy shit! My boobs are probably the size of her nipples.
  12. Ed, you don't force people to date you. That's not how it works. Give it up already.
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