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  1. Okay, so Australian Sister 1 won't take her tooth out because the dentist won't take out Australian Sister 2's teeth? This identical shit might kill Australian Sister 1. WTF is happening? If one needs a heart transplant, what will they do? They are irritating and apparently pretty reckless. Jessica annoyed me really bad this episode. She's a completely imbalanced kook.
  2. Brandon: "We'll move out of Richmond if it's appropriate for your career. Wait, you want to be a wedding designer? You're going to ruin people's weddings and no one will understand you with that jenky accent. What do you mean I'm not being supportive?". The way he talked to her was so disgusting and condescending. He's such a fucking passive aggressive dick who tries to hide his dickishness with "I’m just joking." Well, jokes are supposed to be funny, you little shit weasel. Dude doesn't have a single redeeming quality. I got secondhand embarrassment from Angela’s exam with the doc.
  3. Well, that was fun, guys! I'll see you next week, which will be Mother's Day! Peace out.
  4. Of course he leaves and won’t talk when he gets called out. Typical.
  5. Mike is so hot and cold. He is so unpredictable.
  6. I didn't know that! Did you know that Stephanie has an illness?
  7. Tiffany willingly moved her ass back to America to raise two kids by herself and married a man who can't get an American visa on a cold day in hell and the kids will never see their dad in person probably ever, and yet Tiffany has the nerve to act like a victim.
  8. Tiffany put herself in this situation. That’s what happens when you have a child with someone overseas ON PURPOSE.
  9. Then why didn’t you tell him before you booked them? You’re gonna tell him after you already canceled?
  10. Libby needs to cut off her family or distance herself from them. Her family is causing a lot of their issues.
  11. How about Andrei and Charlie settle this man to man in a boxing ring. I’d enjoy seeing Charlie get punched out by Andrei.
  12. On what fucking planet did she think it would be a good idea to have Andrei work at the family business... the family that hates him??
  13. I throw up a little bit in my mouth everytime Libby says "Andrei" with that stupid accent.
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