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90DF Live Chat 3: I Gave Up Everything To Be Here

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Well, I have posted on live chat for a season, and I suddenly found myself on the wrong thread.  So I have copied my earlier post.

I am not sure if I am back tonight or not as I will keep looking at updates on Ida.  I am not in harm's way from this except there was a tornado warning for Pensacola where we still have a family home plus I have assorted friends and relatives in and around NOLA, although I moved away nearly 40 years ago.  I used to enjoy visiting people in Lockport, Golden Meadow, Houma, and most of the places I keep seeing on the radar.

Also I don't think I like anyone on this show.  I can't stand Jenny and Sumit.  Ari and Binyan are two of the most boring people to cross my screen. Evelin and Cory are boring, and I can't stand them so that's a double whammy.  The crazy lady in the ad makes me want to reach in and slap her.  I understand Armando and Kenneth are back.  I like Armando, but I was hoping they wouldn't return.

I am also tired.  We went out of town to visit our grandson.  He is a very cute baby.  It was also a time to celebrate the birthdays of my son and husband so a great time was had by all.  We even went out to eat on a Friday.  I expected more people to be at the restaurant based on the parking nightmare, but I guess the few employees now park in the customers part of the lot. I think the place was about 1/5 capacity.  They were also out of several brands of beer. Despite it being so empty, we waited 35 minutes as they were really short staffed.   Food was good.  We did take-out for the other meals.

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1 minute ago, Grifter Lives said:

Of course, Corey couldn't get it up.  He's completely flaccid.

Evelin has managed to cuck Corey, another recurring theme with so many of these relationships on 90 Days.

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3 minutes ago, Auntie Anxiety said:

Good to know that Cory didn’t get any smarter since the last time he was on my screen.

Dumbfuck is so whipped he actually said he couldn't get it up. What guy cops to that? 

2 minutes ago, Angry Moldovan said:

Evil lyns teeth look different


She has definitely had some cosmetic dentistry done. 

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Just now, TazDevil said:

I'm thinking eyelash extensions.  Lip fillers.  Not sure what else but she does look different.

I think Evelin put on weight, which is good, but Ariola definitely got lip fillers. Her lips look inflamed.

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1 minute ago, sainte-chapelle said:

Food  for thought. Darcey and Ellie are the same age.

Ellie may be in the grip of a moment of madness, and she needs a good curly girl hair stylist, but she is much, MUCH better looking than Darcey. 

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5 minutes ago, Grifter Lives said:

Of course, Corey couldn't get it up.  He's completely flaccid.

I guess he didn't get a chance to watch Jenny with another man.

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I have an interview on Tuesday for a job I'm only half-qualified for so I should be studying things but 90 Day always sucks me in! 

Although Corey having a soft dick isn't as shocking and compelling as TLC thinks it is.

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