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S12.E07: How Ya Like Them Apples?

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Tinsley vents to Leah’s boxing coach about her issues with Dorinda, while across town Dorinda confirms to Sonja that she and John are officially on a break. Luann opens up to Leah about her relationship with drinking. The ladies take a day trip to a local orchard, where things get hostile between the group.

Airs May 14, 2020.

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Umm, yeah, Leah I feel like you’ve proved to us that you actually don’t have control over alcohol.  Verdict is out on Lu.  If (big if) she actually had 2 sips of Ramona’s vodka that night and that was it, then maybe so.

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5 minutes ago, Neurochick said:

Hey Lu and Leah, people who don't have issues with drinking don't have to justify their drinking.

That’s my verdict as well. Lu was already downplaying her drinking the vodka when she did it saying she only took one sip when she set it down and went back to it before she even left the couch. If you’re justifying/lying to others and yourself in real time you have some issues you need to deal with in regards to alcohol.

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1 minute ago, Straycat80 said:

I love the name of this orchard, Weed. So the dark haired woman is now ‘friend of’? 

Haven't you heard?  Apparently (according to her) the producers just couldn't get enough of her and kept inviting her to shoot, unlike Barbara who was supposed to be a cast member and got demoted to "friend of" after the fact.

Sure, Jan.

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