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S18.E10: Live and Let Tie Dye

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I forgot his name, but so far I’m liking the military green outfit by the one guy. (Edit: Geoffrey.)

The skater dress is cute, too.

Segio’s is looking too basic to me.

Let’s see the runway.


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Overall, I'm not impressed with the color usage and saturation.  I think it should have been 2 days to allow the dye and fabric to cure for 24 hours.  It could be the dyes that they used.  

Nancy-She knew what she was doing.  Really good grid pattern.  Pretty outfit.

Sergio-Pretty dress.  Where was the color?  I saw a faint yellow around the hem?  Okay. Got up close, hombre. 

Victoria-Her colors were good.....I think her design ruined whatever pattern she had going.  Did she really insult Marques?  What!!!

Marques-I found it boring.  Too washed out?  Perhaps it goes back to lack of curing?  He was happy with his colors though.

Devlon-Those colors should have been more vibrant.  I made a spiral design tshirt in that exact color pattern.  I think it's the lack of time to let the dye set.

Brittany-Also dull.  Washed out even.

Geoffrey-He had popcorn and watercoloring.  Nice!  Mustache rubber bands are easier to use than zip ties.  

Bastards!  You just insulted my tshirt color. 

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So would Sergio’s design be another “back to the ‘50’s” design?  😁😁. It was pretty but not enough (or maybe visible enough) tie-dye, IMO.  I’m not a fan of godets.

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I freaking love tie dye - this really makes me want to do a shirt soon.

So glad it's Geoffrey for the win here, it's a simple dress in a way but so well executed and still very different with the dye pattern.  Beautiful!  And Leslie is right, you can adjust that dress design for a lot of different sized women and it will look fab.

I would so like Sergio more if he would keep his mouth shut - he's probably much better IRL.  We are getting the editing monkey sound bites but he's got to be shoveling the raw material right in front of them.

Guess I'm not surprised to see Delvin go - everyone on there remarked on what a great tailor he was but that doesn't make a great designer.  I'll have to go over his earlier designs for the show...I'm just not seeing it.

Leslie can be a bit much at times but I do think it was sweet of her to give Geoffrey a hug and reassure him.  



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I think most people will agree that Victoria's look was the worst. But at least there was an attempt at a different design element in her look. The worst thing you can do on PR is offer nothing new for the judges to react to -- favorably or unfavorably.

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I loved how the two models reacted to Leslie's unbridled enthusiasm! Adorable!

I knew they'd keep Victoria when they asked "who do we want to see a full collection from?" -  Delvin just doesn't bring anything interesting. I love the guy, but his design skills just aren't there.

LOVED Elaine's bright green eyeliner!

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