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  1. Ha! I didn't read that book until I was an adult and given it with the challenge to figure it out before the end (I did), so I gave it to my sister with the same challenge. I am unreasonably happy that she didn't figure out the final mystery. 😜 I saw ads for this before watching it, and I was wondering if it was at all similar to The Manhattan Murder Mystery, but it's not, and I'm enjoying it a lot.
  2. Yeah, I noticed that resemblance, too. I actually re-wound and paused on their side-by-side shot because my sister missed it. Uncannily alike. Yeah, I'm thinking Kingman never really understood (cared?) what Adam did. He seemed really removed and abstracted, and you'd think he'd be used to being on camera. He was more awkward than the "ordinary" families. At the end, though, I think I saw a little tear in his eye, so hopefully he really is proud of him. It was weird to see how small Adam is next to his dad.
  3. O.k. was this whole show a set-up for Nick to meet his boyhood idol??? J/k, but it did flicker across my mind. 🤪 I was surprised that I liked Adam's shed, because it's the first thing he's done all season that I did like. Overall, I prefer Melanio and kinda feel he should have won for best maker over the course of the show. I felt sad for him that he didn't get that many patches, when Kara had a whole chestful of them, and I feel he's more talented. Another thumbs-up for Nick and Amy. I was LOLing when one of Kara's sons was so excited to see Amy "in person."
  4. Given that the inspiration was the Emerald City of Oz, I loved that it was so completely green. That door was genius. They didn't highlight it during the judging, but I couldn't take my eyes off it. Melanio is my fav, so far. I think I'd have given the win to Kara, if not, Melanio. It looked so done and complete and lived in and inviting. Becca's (winner) looked unfinished and kinda empty to me.
  5. It bugged me that they were all pretty much at the same level. Even the shapes were quite similar. She needed to vary the sizes a lot more to make it even semi-interesting. I like Simon Doonan. His books are hilarious. For some reason, he's really dour on this show.
  6. The only reason I put up with a bun/roll at all is so I don't have a bare fistful of lobster. And condolences on losing your mom. It's hard however long it's been.
  7. My BiL is from Maine, and he said that it marked you as a "poor kid" if you had lobster in your lunch box. Were you in Presque Isle by any chance???
  8. I absolutely adored the crab salad at Suzanne's in Ojai (which is sob permanently closed). A big ol' mound of picked crab with tiny bits of celery, sweet pepper and onion and a homemade mayonnaise -- just enough to hold the crab together. The over-all taste was yummy yummy crab. Last time I was in Maine (yeah, it was over 30 yrs ago), I was so psyched that hamburger place in the small town my sister was living in had lobster rolls -- hamburgers, weird East Coast hot dogs, and lobster rolls! At the time, they cost about the same as the other items. About two dollars.
  9. Hurray!!! Whenever I'm in the Bay Area I can never convince anyone to go to Chez Panisse with me. Now I can go on my own whenever I want!
  10. Yeah, Maria had to cook with shrimp, and she was allergic to it. She even chose to work with it once. Me, too. Well, the apples. I think it's the peels. I always get indigestion if I eat raw whole apples. Cooked apples cause me no problems at all. Big Tillamook. Yah don't wanna mess with Big Tillamook.
  11. Oh, that's very sad! I'd eaten at Campanile several times. Always an excellent meal. Great building and relaxed atmosphere. I was so sad when it closed. RIP, Chef Peel.
  12. I wasn't impressed. I asked my sister to get me some strawberry ice cream, and my favorite supermarket brand for strawberry is Haagen Dazs. The market didn't have the HD, so she got me the Tillamook, and it wasn't great. O.k, but disappointing. Not very creamy. Not very strawberry-y, not very rich. I think I ended up dumping at least a third of the carton. But we like their butter! That's our preferred brand.
  13. I've been loving it since the first time I saw it! Ah, I figured out the acronym after this. Agree it's an ugly stereotype...even when POC say it. Also, I want to say that I haven't found the show to be rooting any harder for Dawn than others and highlighting her for the win. Even the BLM mention was in passing in the Panafrican episode and never mentioned again. Others beat me to the punch with this, but when Dawn was working on her dish, there was a shot of Shota in the foreground with his knifeset packed and walking determinately off...to the Tillamook stewroom, I assumed.
  14. That's right. And it seems they usually do that when it's one of the Champions competitions.
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