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  1. Nicole Wallace has been saying for quite a while that she's no longer a Republican.
  2. Thanks! So, they just found a similar house. I actually like the "staged" house a bit better. But I love those Spanish style houses...have always been my dream house since I was a little kid.
  3. I think that was just the house they staged for the series. On the podcast, the Liz Garbes (IIRC) talked about staging Michelle's bedroom. I know that's not the house Oswalt is living in now, because I saw a TikTok or Instagram where he was doing his standup on his front lawn during the COVID lockdown. It was not the same house. I assumed he moved, because one of the pictures of Michelle for the Los Angeles magazine article showed her standing by her front door and it looked just like the one in the house filmed for the series.
  4. I remember that well. Tucker the Jerk kept nudging Jon to "say something funny," "say something funny," and Jon said "I'm not your monkey." As I remember Crossfire was cancelled shortly after. My sister just retired from Santa Monica Hospital (now part of the UCLA chain), and in the early days she said they'd have patients smoking in their rooms....with oxygen tanks right there. She also said it was a real pain having to play musical beds with all the patients who didn't want to be in a room with a smoker. Today that sounds insane. When I was in the hospital (St. John's in Santa Monica) getting my tonsils out and minor ear surgery in the early 60s, my roommate was a Thalidomide victim. She only had stumps for both arms and legs, but I was so impressed by how well she could color by holding the crayon between her shoulder and cheek (we shared coloring books). Smoking was always pretty popular, but the tobacco companies lobbied the government to include cigarettes in the rations that G.I.s had in WWII. That hooked an entire generation.
  5. This is so true. Earlier this year I read an excellent book called Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. Scared the crap out of me, because he did physiological studies on sleep that showed how much harm a lack of sleep can cause. I highly recommend it. Very readable, too. She was also in The Journey of Natty Gann which is where I first saw her. Her dad was my dentist for a while. Nice guy.
  6. Me, too. And I found a cousin (they said first cousin or first cousin once removed) that I never knew about. She'd been adopted and had very, very little biographical data on her birth parents. Another cousin of mine and I can't figure out who her parents are. A teenage out-of-wedlock (jeez, do we still use that term?) birth. The ages don't fit for her to be my first cousin (if the bio data she received was accurate), so she's probably a first cousin once removed. Maybe we'll figure it out one day. I hope so! But right now it was a pleasant surprise that my DNA made pop up.
  7. Yes, she was pretty early on encouraging using 23andMe. ... Your last paragraph mirrors my feelings exactly. I know that I'm a stress-eater, and if I end up keeling over from blocked arteries, it's not so very different a thing.
  8. Shikatila (sp)? He was one very creepy guy.
  9. Me, too. But I think that was intentional. It was showing her working toward realizing it wasn't consensual.
  10. My cousin married a girl from Visalia, and I went up for the wedding. It was definitely a farm town (and my new cousin-in-law's family owned a fruit tree farm). It felt very bucolic. I'm not sure of the timing, but it could have been around the time of the Visalia Whatever-They-Called-Him. I felt for that guy who saw the police photos of his dad's suicide. He was a brother of the one "who was a suspect for 20 years." What a lot of tragedy in that family. I'm glad they save Michelle's death for the very end of the episode. Even knowing it was coming, it was hard to deal with.
  11. Tiffany Cross is smart, and she does her homework. And she doesn't back down for fools. She subbed for Joy Reid on AM Joy weekend before last, and she was really good.
  12. I live in California. All my bookcases/display cases are bolted to the wall. I think it's a good idea in any state.
  13. I also noticed when they did a montage of the victims that the women resembled each other to a certain extent. There wasn't much variety. Points to something personal for him possibly. I was living in California during that time...well, I've lived here all my life...and I don't really remember much about these cases. I was carefree at that time for the most part. It is criminal to me how certain jurisdictions (I'm looking at you, Santa Barbara) wanted to keep it all hush hush. Despicable.
  14. No. He was hog-tied, but he was not tethered to anything. He was on the bed in the bedroom.
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