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  1. The granny motorcycle chick.
  2. Some of the more vengeful grannies might be doing it too. Watch outGary !🤭
  3. A well deserved vacation from Caro. 😏
  4. Lady J


    Maybe the Temp- Tations lovers go into a trance like I do with Lock & Lock. At least L&L is useful.
  5. She gazes and poses. ☹️
  6. Lady J


    Right, I hardly use my own nice china, and I still have my mom’s. While it’s lovely, Ijust don’t entertain that much anymore. It’s probably time to donate, if they even want it.
  7. Someday Mike is going to chew through his restraints, fight his way past the guard dogs, and go running off into the night. 😏
  8. @Alte Frau, I love your posts, please visit whenever you can! 🌺
  9. Lady J


    I have a friend who would call it cutesie tootsie. I can’t imagine cluttering up my home with that crap.
  10. Let’s see, she would say, “ I don’t usually eat pot stickers, steak, wings, cheesecake, cookies, apples, etc.” However, these are amazing ! Then somehow she would manage to dis them.
  11. That’s very generous of you, as for me I think she knows exactly what she is doing.
  12. Oh my word, I’ll bet you’re right ! 😻
  13. Lady J


    Maybe they’ve jumped the shark ! 🦈 😏
  14. She may be the nicest person in the world, but to me she seems like she could be a real mean girl.