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  1. I agree, and this is disappointing, as I was hoping she would be the one to knock off the skunk. 😠
  2. I have see Kathy on Social Media and she did find husband #2, and they are going strong.
  3. I like Isaac, but the β€œ designs β€œ he brings to the Q are nothing special . Being better than Logo is setting the bar pretty low.
  4. I can’t help you with your picture issues, however here in southern NY, we have β€œ lightning bugs β€œ, and usually see them in July.
  5. The cutting board is sold out. What next ? Perhaps Tara could put happy dancing Dave on some dishes. What should be the next David product ?
  6. There was one make up vendor, his name escapes me, that always made Jane look good. Does anyone remember him, he was pretty.
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