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  1. I follow her on Instagram, and she is pleasant just like when she is on the Q. She does some cooking demos and there are pictures of her farm, dog and family.
  2. Maybe Amy could teach her to walk in heels . 😏
  3. Skunk would say, β€œ I usually hate nature, but this is ok.” πŸ˜†
  4. Sandra Bennett has posted pictures of her trip to the Galapagos with her extended family. Happy family, interesting vacation, take that Skunky !
  5. Caro is home destroying all of her many Alexas.
  6. You know she really wanted to wear that crop top alone. 😏
  7. If the orders are coming in I’m sure they don’t care.
  8. I will never give up regular watches, I think of them as a fashion accessory, and to be truthful, I’ve got a bit of a watch β€œ problem.” 😁
  9. I don’t know, I almost think Shawn could dance naked on the couch, and her fans would congratulate her on being β€œ so real ,” sales would soar and like the cockroach she is, Skunky would survive another day. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  10. Hey @Alte Frau, thanks for checking in. I’m glad you’re feeling good. Happy New Year ! πŸŽ‰
  11. I’m sorry, did Ricky not accept a check for doing the Globes ?
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