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  1. It’s not just you , God, no one on the Q can freaking dress !
  2. Oh good grief, now Jane is worried about our toes getting cold in the restaurant. 🙄
  3. I like her hair with a little volume, it is usually so flat.
  4. And then ask to see the manager. 😸
  5. That’s Ant’s hair, she is trying something new.
  6. Great job @Booney, it’s funny and sad all at the same time ! 😻😿
  7. She looks like she wants to speak to the manager. 😂
  8. Hoof covers ✔️, bad hair✔️ Weird glasses✔️ Stupid earrings✔️. Yep, it’s Shawn!
  9. He’s the son they wish they had. 😂
  10. Lady J


    I hate that hem, hate it. That is all. 😏
  11. Lady J


    I’m sure she has some hard core followers that will be interested, I just never got the impression that she had legions of devoted fans. I could be wrong , Jill was ok, but I wasn’t a huge fan. Who knows ?
  12. Let’s face it some people have no taste. A lot of them work for QVC. That’s why the Q should hire good, professional stylists to help these people out. Ant seems nice, but she is just too much, too much hair, jewelry and fussy clothes. If that’s what she likes on her own time, fine, but on air she could do so much better. Just one snarker’s opinion.
  13. Oh my word, David will be doin some heavy duty eatin today ! 🍰🥧🍫🍪🥟🍤🌭🍗
  14. If she would adjust her make-up and ditch the clown clothes it would help.🤡
  15. Lady J


    Ok, it is possible that I need an intervention. I just got an email advertising a new Lock&Lock set. And Lord help me I went into a trance and ordered it. I really can use the pieces, but really, when will it be enough ?? 🙄