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  1. She does lots of posing with her foot like that. Really close up too sometimes and wears sandals with over exposed feet. She must know she has an audience for that kind of stuff!
  2. She said AGAIN the hubby and mama (referring to herself) are going on a 4 day getaway vacay! Just the two of them. All pumped up. I'm assuming it's a Father's Day gift? Interesting how they choose to spend it!!
  3. I can't believe she had the audacity to say that! I assume she's referring to the skin cancer she claims she had.
  4. O.M.G. I just tuned in and she went on another boring rant during the Westmore body coverage presentation that she's going on a vacation Sunday to her favorite inn with pools! She said she gained 15lbs during Covid and not happy with herself and her body is full of cellulite and cancer scars and uses the Westmore coverage all the time. She sounded so bitter and ugly. Why are her lips always so chapped too!!
  5. Isaac did design one of the patterns of the tsv. David went to a prerecorded remote of IM in his kitchen with the bags and David still seemed wound tight with it!!! Where is Ludwig working remote? NJ? or MD? ⁹
  6. Oh no! Caro mimicked OAP Ludwig. Not good. She made a funny face when imitating her.
  7. Maybe Leah's "storm will pass" comment was meant for Skunk when she found out Skunk got to slap her label on another sampler of products. Maybe it was an inside joke. Who approved that green packaging with her scribble on it? It's cringey, especially coming from Shawn who acts like an obnoxious moron.
  8. @From Where I Sit please report back on the French Toast Souffle!! If it's heavenly, I may cave and make it. Thanks.
  9. I think JRT's producer is named Shawn too and is male. Does Skunky have the same producer now? She used to have the red head that just left. Maybe the red head that left gave the new producer some notes of red flags to watch out for when Skunky is on! Like laying down during a presentation, being too invasive, negative or oversharing.
  10. She said CoKo just got back from St. John/St. Thomas and she is going away in a couple of weeks to some place less awesome but will be poolside. You know she's so childishly jealous of and in so much competition with CoKo.
  11. To add insult to injury, does the tsv have lettuce edge trim too? I've said it before, the Q needs to ditch the AnyBody line!
  12. Meanwhile some hosts are breaking up their shifts. Working 2 hours mid-day or morning and returning in the late afternoon and evening for another two hour shift. I'm not sure that's by choice, but doing those broken shifts sounds like more of a commitment and requires more flexibility. I'm sure it's nice to get a break in between but knowing you have to be on air again later in the day hangs over your head.
  13. Hard to watch. A free shipping day too.
  14. Is Jilly humble bragging? https://justjill.com/25-years-as-a-qvc-host/
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