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  1. Less than 24 hrs from representing the Scott Bros, she's now promoting and representing Snapfish!
  2. Maybe she should replace Elise on DTS Friday nights! Give Unwashed One someone to talk to, commiserate with. They are starting to look like sisters. Kindred spirit animals.
  3. Rick, like Dave, did just fine too with or without the Scott Bros and new Brand Ambassador Jilly!
  4. Not just a friend!! Tito is her BFF! She's pathetic. Keep hatin' Shawn!!
  5. It's amazing how buyer's remorse immediately kicks in as soon as the mattress starts inflating out of the box!
  6. Jilly and Bros will be hosting with her dear friend Big Dave at 3pm!!
  7. Jilly and Wilbert both a threatening presence and virtually guarding the Scott Bros brand is brillant!! @CandyApple 👏
  8. From my understanding, Jilly was in LA this weekend with the Scott Bros to take promo pictures together, to launch their tsv and introduce Jilly live as their brand ambassador. But going forward, I'm wondering how it's going to work? Will she be doing solo remotes or have to fly to LA to be with them every time they do a Scott Bros show? Those matress demos of Jilly and her dog Wilbert are prerecorded from when she started working with them last year I'm sure. According to her blog she's been working with them since April 2020! As for shutting down haters' negative comments, I find what she said in her blog interesting and full of crap. I think she's just being social media police and keeping a close eye on any trolls smearing her brand!
  9. One of the brothers said with drive-in movies so popular, he had a guy tell him he bought the mattress for the back of his pickup truck and just threw one in there for drive-in movies! As if this was a good idea! These mattresses are not easy to handle nor light once inflated!!!!
  10. So the Q felt 4 hosts were needed to sell a matress!! A bit overkill and underwhelming. Jilly was a snoozefest! Rick was just fine alone and maybe just one Scott Bros needed for the remote! They both don't always need to be there together. That may spice things up. Like you never know which one is going to show up.
  11. I can't roll my eyes enough!! Going to read her blog now about how this "journey" began! It's only been 2 yrs and 2020 doesn't count!!! https://justjill.com/the-journey-to-become-a-property-sister-and-my-return-to-qvc/
  12. Forgot to mention that, of course, Skunky's favorite tsv Lug bag is the red maple leaf but never mentioned her favorite place Canada when I was watching at least, but the OAP has mentioned it! I wonder if she was told to curb the vacation talk.
  13. I don't recall hearing her claiming to be a Lug Nut with the tsv. She's acting like Lug is beneath her but doing us all a favor presenting it to us, rather sloppily I must add! And Amy Lug OAP is not fun for her. ALL business. Like a robot.
  14. WAAAYYY! too many close ups tonight. I thought it was in poor taste that she said in honor of Prince Philip they were presenting two items from London tonight! UGH!! She also said they still haven't filled Elise's co-host position yet and had no one to talk to! Poor thing!!
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