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  1. I find Katrina can be a little serious but she is really professional and sophisticated like on the Leah order. She definitely does her homework. I've also seen CoKo trying to sneak in a nose wipe. She tries so hard not to touch her face but every once in awhile she goes there. At least she tries not to unlike her co-host.
  2. I bet she's relying on her local CSA that she supports to give her pumpkins. This post was back in July. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRXKoi6FB9Y/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. Welcome @Fritopaws. Leah is a true professional! Hint hint Skunko!!
  4. I am so bored with Comfy's divorce story and inspiration.
  5. Also know for negative sales pitches. She basically hates everything but wine and pajamas.
  6. She's known for not bathing or showering regularly.
  7. This side by side looks like some kind of Before and After pic.
  8. Pet names and terms of endearment are a "no no" in the workplace and can be a form of sexual harassment. There are numerous articles about it on the Googler. Though, on the Q, they are trying to portray the hosts are at home or in our homes with "friends and family", and they are acting, so I assume these are all the gray areas of this behavior. Shawn is also a narcissist and they love using nicknames and pet names for everyone. She's condescending.
  9. Surprised more wine and spirits weren't mentioned in this IG sermon. Poor Jobless is like sloppy seconds to her.
  10. Doesn't even sound the least bit humbled. Just loves putting it all out there, attention seeking and very preachy. Since when is she "practical". She needs to go away.
  11. Latest IG post. She really needs to put a sock in it! Too long winded. TMI! Smells like regret, resentment and disappointment. Sounds very defensive too and she mentions herself in third person. UGH!
  12. Shawn's manicure reminds me of those plastic fingernails I played with as a kid. Remember those?
  13. And when Word Acrobat Unwashed One said "tap the app" to buy Renee's pants, Renee started tapping her a$$!!
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