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  1. I want to like Ant more but her loud, brash behavior does not sit well with me, especially that video sampling the Philosophy scrub with Skunky! Yikes!! I've also seen her act snippy and impatient to the camera crew and stagehands on more than one occasion which is very unprofessional.
  2. She kept saying to Toni last night that she never wants to stop wearing her clip on ponytail. It makes her feel cute and sexy. And that she was getting blonde shitstreaks highlights put back in her hair in the coming weeks and has to order another tsv to match the highlights. Let's see how this plays out . . .
  3. Why is this OAP wearing a top like this? It looks obscene and very sloppy.
  4. mpeeps


    Not really. I'm in the northeast and a good 7-10 days can go by before I receive some qvc pkgs. I even forget what I ordered at that point!
  5. mpeeps


    Here is the Barbara Bixby tsv ring from awhile back that I believe was under $80 which is the cheapest I've ever seen her jewelry and very substantial and actually pretty.
  6. I really thought Ant's blonde hair was a cheap wig!
  7. There was only one tsv ring BB had for under $100 that I thought was totally worth it and beautiful but all the rest of her pieces are way overpriced.
  8. mpeeps


    I think it's terrible that QVC does this. I'm assuming the Q's version is a lower grade! I heard Sephora does similar with their perfumes.
  9. mpeeps

    Home Shopping Network

    What is Amy doing to herself? Morphing into Joan Rivers or Ms. Wildenstein. She should have left good enough alone a few procedures ago!
  10. mpeeps


    With all the cold nasty weather in most of the country from Nov - May, does the Q really think most people are thinking about Christmas 2019 and CIJ for that matter. They are nuts!
  11. I'll take Josie's melons and body any day. I would just wear a supportive bra most of the time and not display them to the extent Josie does.
  12. Josie now has 4 strings holding up her melons. All day of this.
  13. I really thinks she likes to make people feel uncomfortable. It's a power thing. A couple of celebrities admit to doing it in their own unique ways. (i.e, Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham) Amongst other things, like narcissism, laziness, insecurity, sadness, boredom, arrogance.
  14. Tara has zero rapport with the consumer/audience IMO, she's all business. She's bad at pretending to like being there. She seemed even more intense last night. A little hasty. Did her cheap tsv even sell out? I think her days are limited. She may be panicing. I also think Ant might have some double dare you behind the scenes inside joke going on with her wigs. A couple of weeks ago she wore an 80s frosted curly permed hair with bangs. Then all dark brown wig with bangs another day. Now all blonde with heavy bangs synthetic looking wig. I can't see her making such drastic changes chemically and more permanently over such a short amount of time with her realy hair. Let's hope she doesn't surprise us with pink, blue or lavender hair next!