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  1. The daughter is only interested in increasing her Instagram/Twitter views.
  2. I wonder if she was the child of missionaries? She sounded vaguely South African or Scandinavian. in any event I took an instant dislike to her
  3. I just wish someone would tell Alison the photographer about the rule of thirds. (Petty and proud.) ETA: $1700 a month in rent her parents are paying. $20,400 a year! Being supported by her parents does not make Alison "adventurous" (her term).
  4. Netherlands: From ghoulies and ghosties And California upspeak And things that go bump in the night, Good Lord, deliver us!
  5. As soon as Olivia said “I want them all to be in full denim” my eyes rolled so far back I really am surprised they don’t still hurt. This was Olivia’s way of showing “range” and pushing and not holding back? If she were my design student she would have gotten a blistering critique.
  6. Never watched the first season (read about it here) but found this first episode very interesting. Loved that they brought the first two looks with them. As an artist I’m sympathetic to the difficulty Gary has talking about his work. AND this is a challenge he should have resolved long ago. Artists need to be able to help the viewer see their work. They need to be able to articulate a path that helps the viewer enter into their vision. (This is grad school 101 stuff.)
  7. San Miguel, Mexico: I really wish that the husband had just gone on a long vacation with his former sweetheart instead of marrying her. Will he really want to raise an 8 year old child? And what are they going to do in San Miguel? (But hey, what do I know?)
  8. I'm really enjoying the Edinburgh episode because (1) Edinburgh and (2) I now get to add stand-up comedian to my list of most-likely-to-fail HH jobs (after travel blogger and holistic health retreat operator).
  9. South Africa to London: I really don’t think she is going to pass her “conversion exam” to be able to practice law in London. And this is probably a good thing for any potential clients as she just comes across as double-dumb.
  10. Germany: Speaking just for myself, in my 70+ years, I really haven't found that I often want to have more than one person in the kitchen.
  11. I am happy to use whatever pronouns a human indicates the human prefers.
  12. I can't decide which career is more impractical: travel blogger or holistic retreat owner?
  13. It's going to take me a few more glasses of wine to decide if I have lived my life all wrong. 😎
  14. Yes. And somehow I've survived! I've even survived outhouses for extended periods. 😀
  15. They have an kind of "arranged marriage" vibe. I hope that living together works out for them. And yeah, her house fears are ridiculous. How can she have lived in Paris and be so naive?
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