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  2. kariyaki

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    Yes, this. I would imagine any kid who was adopted or in the foster system from infancy has to wonder about the circumstances of how they came to be and there's no way that "product of rape" doesn't occur to them as they ponder. Jo is acting like this is so shocking and out of the blue and, well...
  3. I actually think Rose is plain stupid. She’s been shown before to not grasp simple English sentences. Like when Blanche says they’re all in the same boat and Rose asks “what’s this boat she keeps talking about?” Or when Dorothy is talking about her gambling problem and says “I’ve lived with the temptations and learned to handle it” and Rose says “Dorothy’s lived with the Temptations! I’ve never even been to one of their concerts”. Or when Al dies in her bed and Sophia says “he bought the farm” and Rose thinks he really bought a farm. The police say their neighbors aren’t who they think they are “you mean we invited the wrong people to dinner?” There are dozens of instances like that.
  4. Ceindreadh

    The Good Fight

    Blum ratted her out. He’d already threatened to do so and those cops didn’t show up by chance. That said, anybody dumb enough to not dump the drugs immediately or at the very least to hide them instead of leaving them in the open isn’t getting too much of my sympathy.
  5. Mr. Minor

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    Bravo is really out of touch if they think fans want to stomach one more year of Nene.
  6. laurakaye

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    I loathe when an "interviewer" gets interviewed themselves and gushes over the people they are supposed to be grilling. Such an honor to interview them, she can feel how much they love each other, etc. Add to that the smarmy filler of Kody's dance moves through the decades and an insanely cringe-worthy segment on how the Browns "swear," complete with all of them - interviewer included - LOLZ-ing at the wacky shenanigans of the Brown Family, it made for the worst tell-all we've ever been subjected to. I think this show has one more season in it - watching them adjust to Flagstaff, strutting around town while Kody lets everyone know that he's got FOUR WIVES YO HEY HELLO WE'RE NEW HERE DID I MENTION I HAVE FOUR WIVES, watching Kody try to convince his wives to move into Plyg Palace as he flits from house to house wondering where he left his fave faded denim shirt and hair scrunchie, etc. After that, unless we get to watch Robyn's head explode when Kody decides to divorce her and marry Christine, this show is probably toast.
  7. benteen

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    Yeah, I suspect that is Seth MacFarland too and I would find it ironic that Mr. Big Time Liberal McFarland would have more in common with the people he criticizes than he'd like to admit.
  8. qtpye

    Good Girls

    The Sadie scene was beautiful. The irony is those punk kids were almost exactly the type of character Mathew Lillard used to play in real life when he was younger.
  9. Tosia

    "The View": Week of 4/22/2019

    It seems MM has ramped up her rudeness towards her co-hosts --Sunny, Joy, and even Whoops. I think the PTB are encouraging her to do do for media attention. And MM loves it because it ventures into the Real Housewives bullshit, low class craziness that she loves. It all makes me sick. Esp seeing Joy --an awesomely intelligent, creative, witty and wise elder--get disrespected by this stupid no-talent trust fund brat. I say, let's go to the sponsors and let them know we won't be buying their stuff. I don't see an end to it otherwise. We, and Joy should expect to see more disrespect--but turn it around by laughing it off as the ridiculous rambling of an ignorant twit--as she did yesterday. Joy rules!!!!!!
  10. Clanstarling

    S16. E20. Hail & Farewell

    That's true enough, but he's always perked up when women who interested him were around. And plenty of women like the strong silent type.
  11. cambridgeguy

    S04.E12: The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe

    Hey, the show remembered that Zari has powers even if she didn't use them! Aside from providing some dramatic wind in the trailer for the show's return when was the last time she used them? Because airbending is an incredibly useful and powerful skill set. I still don't know what the point of Mona is. Did this show really need an annoyingly perky optimist hanging around? Doesn't Ray fill that niche without acting like a teenage girl? Gary also does that too.
  12. And they look way too high on her chest. Ugly and painful looking
  13. Biggie B

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    By now, yes. It's been more than just a day or two. I don't care if she has to say it in tears, but she can choke out, "I'm very messed up from finding my birth mother," or even, "I am so fucked up from finding out some shit." I guess the woman with two uteri served no purpose other than to show that DeLuca likes kids. What an odd way to show that - and not even a follow up line from Bailey or anyone about her unusual physiology. It would've been interesting for one of them to say, "Only 1 in xxx women have two uteri - it's amazing we got to see this!"
  14. Clanstarling

    Season 35 Final Jeopardy Contest

    I used to read Aquaman comics when I was little - so I might have worked my way there if I'd heard it right.
  15. nexxie

    S07.E20: Brittany and the Beast

    Kinda funny how both James and LVP resort to crocodile tears when someone tries to hold them responsible for their actions - different styles and shows; same tactic.
  16. RHJunkie

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    Nene may be mentally checked out from doing this show, but her bank account is definitely all in. Nene can front about all of her non-HW ventures but I don't believe for a second that any of them has been as lucrative as being an Atlanta HW. She uses these small ventures as a means to negotiate a better HW paycheque, and good for her for that hustle but I'm not fooled for a second into believing that Nene has slowed down with her pursuit in Hollywood because she can't forget her roots from this show (she once explained her return as not forgetting where she came from, lol). Nene thinks too much of herself to slum it from the bottom and work her way up and so she'll likely continue for settling for gigs that sound good when promoting but are unlikely near the steady coin she gets from the HW franchise. Nene isn't going anywhere unless they send her packing or offer a salary that would be a big pay cut to what she's making currently. Her own ego may have her walk away all on her own.
  17. byrd

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    I want Shamari around just to take MarHoe ass down. She's not intimidated by her at all she can hold her own space just fine.
  18. MrAtoz

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    What's wrong with that? Marginalia is a thing.
  19. peachmangosteen

    S17.E14: Disney Night - 2019.04.21

    Wade and Laci are my two fave voices. I'm just already getting bored with them though, as I am the show in general. I think Laine is super generic and honestly he gives me a very fake vibe.
  20. Danny Franks

    S06.E07: Mobile homes and Frank Rolfe

    And in the latest* instalment of American Capitalists Find Yet Another Way of Preying on the Poor, we have this episode. It's sad that, the second John mentioned mobile homes, I knew that this was going to be about some company or other exploiting the fuck out of the people who live in them. This is what unfettered capitalism is - being given free rein to squeeze as much as you can out of the weakest in society. Yet millions and millions of people, including a lot of those who are among the weakest, still support it. * Not really latest, because I'm a couple of weeks behind with this show.
  21. KittenPokerCheater

    S01.E12: Creep

    I agree with you @Jacks-Son. It is sad, but in a way it dovetails with Michael’s reluctance to trust humans. Going forward, I wonder if Michael is going to somehow blame himself for his Mothers/other alien’s death. I mean, the place would not have gone into self destruct mode if he hadn’t broken the glass on his mother’s celll. Death may have been a kinder option for them (being tortured for 70 years and all), but still, I can see him feeling responsible for the death of his family/kind. I think that + the cruelty of humans is going to give Michael even more motivation to leave the planet. And I wouldn’t blame him. 😞 I can also see how this whole experience might create some (more?) self loathing- not being “worthy of any kind of love.” But maybe the writers will ignore that and just have him fall into he arms of Michael/Maria.
  22. Mellowyellow

    S05. E20. Better Angels

    I love this show! I like the AU they have created and I love the blatant digs at real life. Except I agree with the poster above that in their AU world the environment seems even worse than our world. Conrad did the right thing to reject her resignation. They have always been able to push the other person into the right direction throughout the course of their time working together. I have always loved this friendship and I felt like there was closure from the very first call he made to her in S1 to her running for President in S5. Is there news of it getting cancelled? Why is everyone commenting on this? It is freaking me out! I have really enjoyed most of this season and although I will miss this show terribly (it's my favourite show on TV) I did like how it ended with Bess formally launching her campaign. I would love to see her become Madam President but it still feels fairly complete if it had to end here. I think the writers did a really good job. Everyone's story feels complete and I felt like I was able to get a feel for where they will move on with their lives so if it has to end here, it's a pretty decent place to end.
  23. RedbirdNelly

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    Yes, to a degree, yes--and maybe not the day she learns it or the next, but seems like days have gone by. Most people could buy "I've learned something traumatic but am not ready to discuss it" but seems like she can't even say that. It would be more understandable if she had not known she was adopted and suddenly discovered this out of the blue. But, as we all know, she lived in a car. She did not have a stable upbringing, so the possibilities of why, what happened, had to have run through her head over the years. Learning the truth would still be traumatic but less traumatic than if the thought of it had never occurred to her.
  24. Drogo

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Britney is and always has always been beautiful. More beautiful now if she's getting help she needs. A photographer snapping her coming out of a MH facility could take 1000 photos and the absolute worst one is going to make it to publication. If this is her worst photo, she's looking damn good.
  25. MissL

    S04.E13: The Seam

    Oh shoot. I just realized you were the poster that was so excited in escape from the happy place thread. I also wanted to jump in and stop you from continuing (probably a lot of us did) and it was heartbreaking to see how thrilled you were knowing what was coming. But we don't "spoil" on here. I feel like the Q/Eliot shippers often feel like they have to justify being angry as not just a shipper thing but if it adds any validation I wasn't a shipper for those two (I wasn't against it I just wasn't invested although I absolutely love both characters) and still hated how this went down. I think I've said it before but I don't really ship anyone on the show which is so odd for me. I just want to see all the friends together saving the day and screwing up but then trying to fix it with fish magic and cake.
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