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  1. True (especially the rich white girl part). But Ginsburg pointed out to Monica's father that no one ever went to jail about lying in a deposition about a personal affair. Either way, he seemed certain that he could handle the situation -- which he did.
  2. Agree that he seemed to check out. He was off on his buzzer work and answered incorrectly more times than I can remember. Plus, FJ was a total instaget, especially for someone with his knowledge of history and geography. I can't imagine how he missed it. Unless he was just tired of playing and wanted to get back to his Ph.D. work.
  3. Everyone who thinks the mother/daughter wedding drama has now been resolved, and we can now look forward to months of smooth sailing, raise your hand. Exactly.
  4. Right down to the loaf of crusty bread (not toast) torn (not cut) into pieces. Perfect.
  5. Then: "I can't say this." Evelyn: "If you don't, I will"
  6. This! They could've gotten away with it if Murphy had just kept the guy in the shower a little longer. Nothing we've seen of her suggests that she wouldn't have sex with the guy.
  7. Just saw the Valentine's Day episode where Leonard and Penny accidentally let Cinnamon eat a box of chocolates and then take her to the vet. And once again I find myself wondering why the show-runners didn't pursue a relationship between Raj and Yvette the vet. Seemed like it would've been a good pairing.
  8. Shrink: Shoplifting? Kristen: I killed a guy.
  9. Agreed! Or Adam could've just told Brea that Dave Kim needed a date and asked her to see if one of her friends might be interested.
  10. Agree times ten! Those intros have really gotten old.
  11. I take the beach scenes to be Meredith's hallucinations, rather than glimpses of an afterlife. So the idea that she was conflicted about "going back" to be with her kids doesn't bother me. In the end, it wasn't really Derek convincing her to wake up, it was Meredith herself.
  12. Was it really only an hour? Seemed a lot longer.
  13. Yep, I mistakenly zeroed in on "card" and said Honus Wagner.
  14. Personally, I just feel like a slacker. I could never keep up the energy level of these people.
  15. I was really getting tired of Teddy and her DeLucinations. I hope they don't continue with this idiocy.
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