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  1. Agreed! Or Adam could've just told Brea that Dave Kim needed a date and asked her to see if one of her friends might be interested.
  2. Agree times ten! Those intros have really gotten old.
  3. I take the beach scenes to be Meredith's hallucinations, rather than glimpses of an afterlife. So the idea that she was conflicted about "going back" to be with her kids doesn't bother me. In the end, it wasn't really Derek convincing her to wake up, it was Meredith herself.
  4. Was it really only an hour? Seemed a lot longer.
  5. Yep, I mistakenly zeroed in on "card" and said Honus Wagner.
  6. Personally, I just feel like a slacker. I could never keep up the energy level of these people.
  7. I was really getting tired of Teddy and her DeLucinations. I hope they don't continue with this idiocy.
  8. They also mention this in the episode where Meemaw visits them in California (to size up Amy). Amy asks why she calls Sheldon Moonpie, and the rest of the gang answer in unison: "Because he's so nummy you could just eat him up." At which point Meemaw snarks on Amy for not knowing that.
  9. That's exactly what he said. It was a joke like, "welcome to my empire."
  10. Yeah, I was also wondering what kind of virus or other invasive files might be on that flash drive.
  11. It's a 1935 Rover Tourer. Very classy car in its day.
  12. Regarding income: I think Dick also has his military pension. And he probably started out with considerable savings from a career in the army. (And having married late in life -- although I'm not sure if either of them was married previously.) Still, as we know, there's a lot of fudging of finances on shows like this.
  13. Well, we knew this story line was coming. I hate it. But we might as well get it over with.
  14. Recently, I was watching an episode from Season 1 ("The Peanut Reaction") where Penny decides to throw a birthday party for Leonard. At one point, Sheldon resists the idea of buying a present with one of his typical rants, and Howard says to Penny, "Tell him it's a non-optional social convention." She does so, and Sheldon says, "Okay." Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the gang just continued to use this phrase throughout the series, wouldn't that have eliminated at least half their problems with Sheldon's nonsense?
  15. I'm just glad Randall learned that his father didn't lie to him. I thought for sure they'd drag that out for four or five episodes.
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