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  2. Fake Jan Brady

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    From the kid that was nearly beheaded in the boat Tyler and Korey rammed into to the guy on the motorbike that Team Fun cut off, I don't think I've ever seen an episode where so many locals were in danger! I'm adding Smit Giethoorn to my list of dream destinations but maybe on a less busy day.
  3. BigBingerBro

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    In a mega-church I attended for a short period, the screens were also used to alert parents that they needed to come get their children from the children's bible study group. Each child would be assigned a number and they would put the numbers in the lower corner of the screen. It usually meant that the child was acting up.
  4. Salzmank

    The Avengers

    The best spy show of them all—charming, witty, intelligent, with a serving of man-eating plants, teddy bear costumes, evil Santa Clauses, diabolical masterminds, and Peter Cushing-controlled robots on the side. For everyone who hasn’t seen this—what are you waiting for? For longtime fans—isn’t it time you saw it again? 😉 There’s a great fan-site here, though the guy who owns it has stopped updating it. My favorite years are unsurprisingly with the lovely Emma Peel (Diana Rigg), Steed’s perfect partner. What say you?
  5. antfitz

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    Anyone else ever noticed that Lisa Vander pump only has one good friend at a time period in the beginning it was Kyle, than she tossed her aside for brandi; then she pushed her aside, and it was dorite. Kyle makes a mistake in wanting lisa's friendship so badly. Lisa will just continue to keep her at a distance because Kyle comes across as too needy. Lisa loves to manipulate like that.
  6. It is?! Gah! I love to see the weather fronts using Ventusky and when I typed Beverley Hills in it gave a location on the east coast so it was a bit twistedy twisted. Thank you for correcting me 918LUX. Regarding Kyle, there’s an old early UK 70s sitcom ‘star’ called Hilda Baker. She was a little barrel of a woman who’s persona so fits her. Her mannerisms and pretence of ‘poshness’ whilst being so rough and uncouth is uncannily like Kyle, even the way she walks. I’d love to post a link to show what I mean - can you tell me how to do that please?
  7. antfitz

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    I tend to feel sorry for Erica because she seemed so guarded. She wanted to be an actress, but she has to be more vulnerable.
  8. starri

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    That Brie has continued to do stuff like that even after the movie was released is giving me a lot of confidence in her as she becomes the face of the MCU.
  9. alexvillage

    When They See Us

    I finished the last episode in a puddle of anger and then admiration for the now men. How Korey survived is nothing more than the proverbial heroism. And to see him, to see his real face, after seeing what happened to him, I just couldn't. I makes me so angry that those thugs who plotted against the kids, who continued (continue still) to even deny a "mistake", since they would not ever confess to their own crime, cannot feel empathy. I have privileges that would likely protect me from things that happen to black and brown people, but I felt my chest tightening for the whole hour and a half of the last episode, for the whole series. I felt pain. I guess I can call myself human. Those racists can't, not anymore. Part of their humanity was consumed by their arrogance, entitlement and inability to see the other person - all fueled by their bigotry.
  10. MissLucas

    S06.E02: Flush with Love

    I'm here for Diana's switch from statement necklaces to statement earrings and shut up Lauren, if there's one person not in need of a makeover on this show it's Diana! Better take care of Liza who looked terrible with those two bobby pins sadly placed above her temples in limp hair and the burlap cape (the Nancy Pelosi/Melania outfit was miles better). Anyhow I loved Diana's plot. I loved her sashaying out of the meeting about the focus group vetting (which was hilarious and kudos to the lady presenting the data). She screwed up with Enzo, but the voice-over in her words at the end was great. Maybe she should switch to writing herself. Enzo and Diana are the only couple worth rooting for but that's hardly news anymore. Kelsey keeps being the most grating character and I have no idea why Liza is still supporting her. She's paranoid and insecure and can't handle pressure. Reverse-engineering a movie-script is hardly the stroke of genius Liza claimed it to be. And her taking a strong stance with Quinn wasn't convincing either. Also not making sense: Kelsey getting back in bed with Zane (yes, he is hot - but he is also trouble and she knows it). Liza and Charles have a cloud of doom hanging above their heads. When they embraced at the end I was hoping the camera would not swerve around to show us Liza's concerned face. But of course they went there. Josh and Liza shopping for baby stuff was once again great and annoying at the same time. They have an easy chemistry together but are we supposed to root for them?
  11. Wanda

    S07.E25 Jennifer & Marissa & Liz

    I’m laying in bed. I was knocked down and sorta trampled by my horse yesterday. Everything hurts as I’m waking up. But I take inspiration from the brave poundticipants like Jennifer and Schenee and James K and I WILL get out of this bed with a smile and face the day with a can do attitude.
  12. 918lux

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    BH is on the West Coast. Yes on Kyle!
  13. antfitz

    S31:E10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

    OMG I cannot stand nicole because of her whiny voice.
  14. auntiemel


    Crowded Places was my favorite of the three, as well. I didn't even really like Green Light at all, actually, and was struggling to see why everyone was creaming their jeans over it. I felt like all they needed to do was give the vocals the voice box treatment and it could've been an old Zapp and Roger song. Crowded Places, on the other hand, had a memorable melody and strong point of view. I liked the line in the original version about looking up the weather where the person is. And I liked the little trip around the globe bridge in the revamp. Too bad. I thought it could have been a powerful, popular ballad. ETA: My eyes rolled so far back into my head when Ryan Tedder said the reason he wanted to rewrite the entire song and retitle it was because the word "flicker" is easily confused with "flick her" accompanied by junior high school level "humorous" gesturing - dude...just say you didn't care for the freaking song and wanted to enter one of your own instead.
  15. JTMacc99

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Ooh. Darryl is also a good name. And then when I bring in Neo’s replacement someday I also can name that dog Darryl. “This is my dog Darryl, and this is my other dog Darryl.”
  16. LennieBriscoe

    S09.E02: Something Borrowed, Something New

    Elizabeth/"He's a 'J'!" Jamie---I'm okay with her Duchess Fergie-like personality. But I have never cared for the underlying aggression in the cake-smushing "tradition." Going for Big Red's eyes was not a good look on Jamie Boy. His "Are you punctual?" is sure to be a story line of frustration and tears! Is this couple going to be our very own "Odd Couple," with Jamie as Fussy Felix?! Amber/Matt---I wonder which is weirder, marrying a stranger or marrying a twin? Or not inviting either parent to one's wedding? Anyhoo, man, was the bride hot to trot or what?! Amber is a self-described tomboy; she'll find a way to climb that tree! But we were shown tears in her future and hints of a wandering eye in his, so we might have another "Case of the Too-Soon Sex"! Deonna/Greg---Am I the only one who thinks his head is unusually small? She gave us a Lukewarm "I don't kiss on the first date" altar claim. Not a date, Dee! Maybe I'll have more to say after re-watching! All in all, I think each couple as of what we've been shown has potential. I'm hooked, so it's a No-Spoiler Season for me!
  17. PotterOtherP

    Hunter X Hunter

    I just watched dubbed episodes for the first time and recognized Hisoka's actor from Skyrim.
  18. Popples

    Game: Same Title, Different Tune

    I Wish - Carl Thomas
  19. STRIDER1

    S09.E02: Something Borrowed, Something New

    And on a completely unrelated topic.... My super sexy TeeVee wifey, amanda the amazing caught the bouquet lol 😍❤️❤️❤️
  20. I believe the porcine population is becoming quite offended at all the comparisons that are being made between them and Shawn !
  21. Armchair Critic

    S03 E05: Unknown Caller

    June is looking rough lately and to me she looks older than the other handmaids. I know they have to keep her in the mix for the storyline, but it would be more realistic that she would be sent to the colonies by now.
  22. WalrusGirl

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    She was in Joy’s birth episode as well, since she was there and she isn’t the one TLC won’t air.
  23. STRIDER1

    S09.E02: Something Borrowed, Something New

    Also add me to the "elisabeth's relationship with her dad is super creepy and ultra uncomfortable" club The things they say to each other cross normal boundaries for father and daughter I dont care how close they supposedly are. its just super creepy, really gross, disgusting and way way over the line I just hope that its not one of those "daddys little secret" scenarios that we see on all the time on daytime trash tv like jerry springer Barf, puke, vomit, hurl and yak 🤮🤮
  24. readheaded


    I never understand why the messenger is blamed more than the actual wrongdoer.
  25. Well to be fair Marlena did get pregnant by Kate's husband, but I digress. I actually really love both friendships. With Kate and Marlena a lot of their friendship is based on the past, becoming genuine friends when both women were barely out of their teens. Their lives have taken completely different turns but I like that they always remain friends. With Chloe and Nicole, I liked that both women sort of met each other in the "middle" of being their respective labels (good girl, villian) and formed a genuine friendship. Once you took Brady as a love interest out of the equation there wasn't a huge reason (by soap standards) to continue hating one another. I also just really enjoy seeing friendships depicted on the show. For me not every pairing needs to be romantic to be interesting.
  26. readheaded

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    I’m glad to hear that they’d had the vaccine. Hopefully that helped it not be as bad as it could have been.
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