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  1. Gee, I wonder why? Hmm, what could it be, what could it be...
  2. So is every white male in this series going to be a stereotypical villain? The nefarious Mr. Greene hatching an evil scheme, the belligerent drunk at the bar, the guard raiding Hayden's room, even Shanice's husband is being a hard-ass compared to the new wife. The CW has never been known for subtlety when it addresses social issues but this is cartoonishly bad in its heavy-handedness.
  3. It's been many years since I've read any Asimov, but I can't recall any stories of his that had aliens in it. There was a theory back then that intelligent life such as ours was an accident and that humans were alone in the universe. Asimov may have been in that camp.
  4. Stalled the robot's engine , maybe? How did Rita's clothing expand with her giant body? How did Madame Rouge free herself from the gurney? Eh, whatever. We got to see the giant robot again, so yay!
  5. I think I remember the last three from old Legion of Superheroes comic books :)
  6. Some people just say "soda pop," although I've haven't heard that in a while.
  7. Okay, it's just a cartoon, but wow, there's quite a size disparity between Peter's and Glen's underwear. Glen's tightey- whities must stretch like the Hulk's purple pants.
  8. Was Lisa's therapist drawn with only one boob to imply she was a cancer survivor or was it just the angle she was shown at ? That would seem like an odd detail to just throw in there without some relevance to the story.
  9. The Mellen sketch gave me flashbacks to The Man Show. Maybe guys do need a daytime show for them.
  10. This Dada business feels like weirdness just for its own sake. I'm tired of it, I 'm not interested in Cliff's wonky hand or game addiction, and Jane's Underground storyline is dragging on too long. Larry's slug might prove interesting but Cyborg has always been a "meh" character to me, so whatever. I really wish comic book shows would stop stretching one story over a whole season. Their stories rarely need that many hours to be told and if it doesn't grab you, then you've wasted a whole season. The CW shows are the worst for this. I realize Doom Patrol gave us a zombie plot earlier
  11. Speaking of "Newhart" I've just now read that Peter Scolari who played Michael Harris on that show has died of cancer at the age of 66. RIP Mr. Scolari.
  12. Odd that neither the Native American nor the headless ghost appeared in last night's episode. I don't think we've seen the headless guy since the first episode. I wonder if they're dropping the character. I just saw on IMDB that Farnsby was played by Mark Linn-Baker from "Perfect Strangers." I wouldn't have recognized him in a million years! Now I'm feeling old
  13. I've just watched the first two episodes of the UK Ghosts and I'm amazed at how much the Alison actress resembles Rashida Jones in looks and mannerisms. The plot of both versions so far is identical but I think the different ghosts in each series still make them interesting enough to watch both versions.
  14. Of course, Superboy has to be kept out of the fight because...um, no reason, I guess? This reminds me of how the Justice League animated show had to sideline Superman at the beginning of many episodes, otherwise the other heroes would have nothing to do. I was glad Nightwing was getting the crap kicked out of him at the end after dosing poor Krypto with green K. Serves him right.
  15. Yeah, I just can't buy that anyone in possession of the Infinity Stones would be in any way inconvenienced by mortal beings. Maybe Thor who's sortof a god and Strange with his other-dimensional magic might have a chance, but the others are just punchy- shooty type characters and would be snapped away instantly. The Infinity stones are just too overpowered as a plot device to make a credible story. Still, some nice moments in this episode and it wraps up the series by bringing in elements of the previous episodes.
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