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  1. I quit this show halfway through the second episode. It's just too bland and formulaic to keep my interest.
  2. This was pretty farfetched. Two teenagers and neither one had their phone with them? I know this is fiction but come on! But seriously, nothing very original in this episode, I almost expected to see the Cryptkeeper pop up at the end.
  3. Yeah, the idea that Superman is the last survivor of a dying planet is really taking a beating what with big brother Edge landing here first and cousin Kara having been sent to babysit Kal-El so technically also senior to him. Just too many Kryptonians popping up for my taste. It reminds me of how Barry Allen is supposed to be the fastest man alive, except for all the other speedsters he comes across.
  4. I kind of glad it's over, this show had become such a downer, what with the Pierce family never getting a break and seeming to have less of Black Lightning himself lately. I really liked this show in the beginning but now I won't miss it. I would have liked to see Lala's scene end with the cops busting in and Lala being sent up for Tobias' murder. I think it would have put a nice bow on it.
  5. The 828-hater had a restraining order against Ben and was sent to the hospital with injuries. Not so easy to sweep things under the rug when it's a matter of record. Also cops can get away with things that would land us in trouble, shocking! It looked to me like the guy with Saanvi had that big piece of lumber under his lab coat and managed to walk out of an NSA facility without being challenged. They must be missing office equipment every damn week.
  6. You'd think that Gambi would have enough experience at his age to know if you want something unobtrusive enough to hide in the palm of your hand, putting a big red light on it defeats the purpose. What would shows like this do without unnecessary LEDs to stick on every gadget? As for Lopez's career-ending tirade, I wonder how many cops actually agreed with her?
  7. I can't recall an episode so full of jokes as this one, what the heck are they feeding the writers? I almost lost it at the Cuban national anthem and that was just at the beginning. That 9/11 joke, though. Yikes! At least they didn't run it this coming September, it being the 20th anniversary. Castro's chronic fatigue syndrome, ha!
  8. When Alex (?) exclaimed that the Tower was a spaceship, I expected to see the whole building rise up like a rocket. That would have been something to see! I FF'd through most of this episode, I've seen this "everyone's worst fear" type of story too many times to sit through another one. At least Supergirl's back home.
  9. When I saw Morgan with the white hair and beard, I imagined him singing "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" surrounded by animated birds. Except for the plot point about Riley getting the key, this felt like a wasted episode. Oh, and Morgan wasn't the father of Grace's baby? I guess I must've forgotten that detail. Also, a car blew up in Grace's face? When did that happen? With last weeks episode of our heroes suddenly showing up in the underground colony, and Riley's bunch instantly finding Morgan (how?) this week, it feels like the show is trying to rush the story to a conclusion. But they
  10. So who gave all the supervillains their powers? Were the men left on the boat affected by the shock wave coming from the island, thereby creating the villains? If so, pretty sloppy workmanship on the part of the aliens. I would have liked more scenes of the Union starting their activities in the thirties. That could be a series in itself. I was really getting tired of Chloe's "poor little rich girl" act. I've no patience for people who have it all and can't appreciate it. So another show that ends with a cliffhanger, making the series just a teaser for a possible season 2.
  11. Red Forman is looking old as hell.
  12. While Blackstar deserved to die, if Paragon could hit him hard enough to cave his head in, he could have dialed it back about 30 percent and just given him a severe concussion to put him out of commission, so Utopian wasn't wrong. But I guess in the heat of battle, shit happens.
  13. Well, they found that underground community pretty fast, I thought I might have missed an episode.
  14. The only plausible way I see Killer Frost redeeming herself is by sending her on a few Suicide Squad missions. Survive that and you've earned your pardon. And "ice healing"? Is that a thing? I agree with others that humanising the Speed Force, or any force of nature, just seems silly. It feels like just an excuse to use the Nora character to give Barry another excuse to mope around.
  15. Yup, nothing fishy about that "not guilty" verdict at all. Seriously, if Lex himself is surprised that he got off with that defense, then there's something else at play. The conversation afterwards with Lex and Mommy Dearest suggests to me that Lillian had a hand in protecting the Luthor name.
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