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  1. Blergh

    The Royals

    I can't help but think that Her Majesty using a full-sized sword to cut a cake was something she did to remind her of the late Duke of Edinburgh who would have loved to have done that sort of thing more often IMO.
  2. I hate the American Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition commercial which features all these animals and their humans getting hurt for laughs. The worst IMO is the one in which this tiny girl follows a pet under a low fence and bangs her neck on it. Not only don't I think that that's the least bit funny but what kind of parents/guardians would share that for the purpose of getting cheap laughs at their child's injury? FWIW: I never liked the original show either (and never thought the videos shown were funny instead meanspirited and cruel- regardless of the ratings).
  3. OK, Lorraine Newman (who was quoted for the article) said ' I think Jane & I, and Gilda both witnessed it'. No, Miss Newman. First of all, if you witnessed it, please just say so instead of starting out 'I think. ..'. Either you witnessed it or you didn't. Secondly, that's three of you so that's a wrong usage of both. If you had said ' Jane and I both witnessed it- alongside our late colleague Gilda Radner. . ' that would have worked. Lastly, I don't think it was just 'two bull mooses (sic)going at each other ' but one of them had to say something to get the other to
  4. Remember that Mr. Schroder made his film debut in 1979 as the son of a washed up boxer played by Jon Voight in the 1979 movie called The Champ but ,as I said in the Movie Subforum, if those two ever decide to make a sequel, it should be called The Chumps! Seriously, it's appalling how in the last few years he went from being likable to being downright despicable even seeming to skip the step of being merely annoying (and this latest stunt of harassment is so utterly infuriatingly willfully ignorant ).
  5. In much the same way that the late Ted Knight provided the needed lemon to make the lemonade in Mary Tyler Moore, Frank Bonner did the same as the incompetent, skeevy sales director Herb Tarlek in WKRP in Cincinatti. He also became a prolific director as well as actor over the years. He was 79. RIP, Mr. Bonner. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/frank-bonner-wkrp-in-cincinnati-star-dies-at-79/ar-AAL9BAd
  6. Fair enough but what about Andy and the Ingallses? They didn't really do anything to warrant said crankiness from Alice Garvey/
  7. To each one's own, but I will never cosign on the 'Jay Leno's a nice guy who got picked on for reasons that haters concocted out of thin air ' bandwagon. Check out my earlier posts detailing why. That is all.
  8. So you're saying that Miss Grassle played her as a proto-Alice Garvey? Oddly enough, Miss Parady seems like a fun, witty person so I can't imagine that it was entirely fun for her playing someone who more often than not was a stick in the mud.
  9. Dolly Parton has been singled out by colleagues, fans,etc. for being consistently nice over the decades!
  10. Well, I have to say that Mr. Colbert playing to a live (and lively) packed studio audience seemed like someone ready to gorge at a banquet after having been lived solely off of Ensure for many months. I can't recall another talk show host with more mutual,genuine warmth between himself and the whole band as Mr. Colbert displayed. Oh, and Miss Moreno sure DID know how to make an entrance! I only wish she'd had the entire hour to have been interviewed because it seemed like her juices were flowing and she was pulling no punches when she had to go so soon. As for Mr. Stewart, I
  11. Match Game and Three's Company mark my first exposures I can remember to technical adults on TV acting as though they were in junior high. Back then, I thought most if not all folks would get bored having a junior high mentality long before physical adulthood. How wrong (and naive) I would find out that I was!
  12. Good question! While Miss Anderson and Miss Gilbert only pinpointed ML himself as having been a 'heavy drinker', Miss Arngrim alluded to alcohol being freely dispensed on the set to the crew especially. Miss Stewart also outed the late Victor French (but the recovering alcoholic also outed her own usage from teenhood on) and then claimed that some poor regular adult costar had themselves become a recovering alcoholic and begged her to keep it a BIG secret from ML and the others for fear that ML would lead the others in deriding this anonymous performer for achieving just that. IOW, if we go
  13. OK, this wasn't a 'great movie' but it was okay.However. .. Sue (Linda Koslowski) climbing over all those subway patrons to shout to Mick (Paul Hogan) him that she loved him in the last part of Crocodile Dundee (1986). Utterly lame and pointless. It just seemed as though once they got Mick to NYC and had him do a bunch of 'Ozzie Fish Outta Water' schtick, they didn't know how to end the movie so they came up with that! Considering how lame all the sequels were (to say nothing of their own offscreen unhappy ending), IMO it would have been better had he just taken the subway ou
  14. But keep in mind that, he played a victim of an atrocity who wound up consoling a near-victim of the same atrocity and helped them survive a horrific ordeal. For Mr. Beatty to have taken this part for his very first movie role showed he had incredible guts- and that he had quite a lengthy and impressive movie career after that is a testimony to his talent. RIP, Mr. Beatty.
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