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  1. I know that since it's October that's supposed to somehow equate to the masses celebrating the spirit of Halloween all month long. However, I'm sick and tired of all these ads on my regular shows for computer- access channels that claim to be portraying 'real' ghostly and haunting encounters. Not only do I have zero interest (or belief) in the claims they are purporting but all this is doing is getting me to dig my heels to resist buying any of their 'services'!
  2. Blergh

    The Royals

    Likely not, as there's like zero chance that he'll convert to C of E and therefore that would rule out Her Majesty doing more than politely laughing in his company!
  3. IMO, he did a fairly good job depicted what Mr. Williams's reaction might have been to Mr. Belushi's death. However, even though he facially resembled the late Mr. Williams, he didn't quite have the daunting build that somewhat made the late performer's manic intensity a bit more intimidating than otherwise. Seriously, if Mr. Williams had gotten into working out with the same drive in how he had partied, he possibly could have given Carrot Top and even Arnold runs for their money. Yet, I agree that the contemporary performer did somewhat capture the angst and even a bit of the 'sad clo
  4. I'm not sure how much interaction Miss Tompson had with any of the above celebs despite being her contemporaries. However, you might be pleased to know that she DID recall her experiences of having worked her way up from being an 'ink and paint' person to being an animator on Disney- specifically on the making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1938) in an interview about that and her other work that was conducted in June, 2020 when she was 110 with her memory still quite sharp! Of course, at that point she was a resident of a nursing home and said she was sad being a 'prisoner' due to
  5. I'm surprised the fanbase didn't boo them off the stage the first time Mr. Jagger . .. intoned it but then I've never been a fan of singers who always sound as though they're on the verge of throwing up. Oh, and I know that Mr. Jagger has been anything but a Boy Scout in his offstage life but it is public record that his firstborn acknowledged child Karis Hunt Jagger (born 1970) is biracial so shame on him and his bandmates for not having pulled the plug on it out of consideration for her (if not other African-Americans). Yeah, better late than never but, IMO in this case, barely
  6. Count me as someone who thinks that not only did Mr. Flay NOT deserve $100 million but neither did Mr. Fieri (with an 'r') deserve $80 (and I mean eighty dollars period). I guess not having IMO one bad loaf is better than having two. Still, I'm not watching that channel again unless they dump Mr. Fieri(with an 'r') along with Mr. Flay. I wouldn't have paid either them a percentage of the above amounts if I'd had my own Monopoly money printing press in the basement!
  7. I'd technically agree with you. However, I wouldn't put it past a so-called 'reality' show to try to hype it as though they are about to release 'news' (e.g. "Watch our show to see if aliens from other planets might have visited our world!"). Then, too, there seem to be quite a few shows on Spook Central The Travel Channel that makes claims for ghostly encounters but how much of those aren't self-produced hype and special effects is debatable.
  8. She sure lived a long and productive life! I only hope she still had the memories of it at the end. If so, she likely was one of the last folks to have recollections of the First World War! RIP, Miss Tompson!
  9. I think there was a mixup in the packaging (via Ficus, IIRC ) and Ellen's never depicted mother got the one with the severed head and opened it- and died from the shock.
  10. I wonder if Miss Foster has ever taken Miss Lyn's calls. She sure hasn't cast her in any of her productions. despite having been one-time colleagues.
  11. Yes, that's Miss Bledsoe's actual given name (with two t's). Others may correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that the acronym stands for: African-American Vernacular English
  12. Blergh

    The Royals

    Well, Vic seemed to have more of the Hanoverian tendency to gain weight early on ( her obstetrician correctly predicted that she'd be fat without 'stays' after the birth of the future Empress Frederick- which she wound up being so for most of her adult life ) . Vic also seemed to have inherited her paternal grandmother Queen Charlotte's short height and small frame rather than the average height and weight of her maternal Saxe-Coburg side. E. R. II appears to taken after her father George VI's slimness until recently.
  13. And considering the fact that the episode 'Haunted' when he lost his son Stephen and his posthumous granddaughter Barbara was born aired October, 1985, 36 years ago (time flies). That not only means that enough time would have lapsed for Barbara to have actually opted to have become a surgeon at age 36 but since William Daniels himself is still living at age 94, one could possibly imagine that Dr. Craig would have lived to see his heiress apparent become another Dr. Craig! Would Dr. Craig have considered it possible for this girl to have become a surgeon had his own son or a hypothetical gr
  14. Miss Stanwyck wasn't a legend for nothing! She had had to live by her wits from childhood onwards . When she had been four her mother died from a miscarriage after being shoved off a moving streetcar by a drunk and her male DNA Donor soon abandoned the motherless family . Anyway, both Lee Majors and Linda Evans have gone on record as saying that she was their best teacher onset in The Big Valley (1965-1969) instilling in them the need to always know their lines cold AND be punctual. That series would launch both their longterm careers and they would credit Miss Stanwyck for giving th
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