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  1. Blergh

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I'm NOT saying it's right and I emphatically do not think it erases the Duke of York's evident culpability re his association with Mr. Epstein and possible participation in crimes against minors. However; it's possible that Her Majesty's blind spot for him has to do with the ONE time he stepped up to the plate- when he did all he could to try to help put out the Windsor Castle Fire and salvage as much as possible that day in 1992! I only hope the day comes soon when she sees that alone does not make it NOT worth putting herself and the entire monarchy on the line on his behalf.
  2. ONLY if it had Mr. Potter go to prison for fraud instead of getting off scot-free (as in the movie)!
  3. Blergh

    Toy Story 4 (2019)

    This movie added several twists to the whole 'toyhood' mythology. Not that these twists took anything away but I found them interesting points to ponder!
  4. Blergh

    Best Book Friends

    Yes, as friends. However; even in those days of furniture with skirts around them to conceal their legs, it would have been been anguish for Jo who seemed to have no sexual feelings for Laurie. She did NOT seem the type to be able to simply sit back and think of England (or wherever). Moreover, despite the fact that non-working class women were expected to marry and pin everything on their husbands providing for them, their children and possibly their financially distressed relatives (which Jo definitely had the latter), Jo resolved to defy that and insisted on sinking or swimming entirely on her own (and thankfully had her immediate family's backing). Also, she'd seen for herself how the promise of inherited monies had kept Laurie from truly striving for independence and how that had hampered his creativity so I don't think she'd have wanted to be a part of that. Lastly, with Jo having nothing more than platonic feelings for him, Laurie would have grown very frustrated very quickly and likely taken it out on both of them had they gone through with a marriage. Yes, Jo eventually wed Professor Bauer, but with the spelt out understanding that she'd ALWAYS be fiscally independent. Also, in the end, Jo and Laurie DID resume their friendship and I think he respected her by maintaining her independence while he was happy to be married to Amy (who DID value riches and seemed to at least be able to learn to love him romantically enough to satisfy both of them).
  5. Oh, PLEASE PLEASE let her and the others (but especially her) be PHASED OUT! I'm sick of diving for the remote and clicking to other website when her face intrudes uninvited on my screens!
  6. One person I can never see enough on re British TV: Dr. Lucy Worsley. She pulls no punches re the shadowside of history yet is simultaneously enthralled by history of so many different eras and personalities! I never fail to learn something new and interesting from her!
  7. Blergh

    Unpopular Opinions about Music

    Don't disagree but I'd rather have a few more decades of him being able to sing (not to mention BREATHE) than have to worry about Mr. Mellencamp's voice, throat, lungs and heart. The Surgeon General's warning has been on packs in the US since 1966 and one would think he'd have heeded loved one's pleas( and/or concerns about coffin nails' threats to his livelihood/life) but it doesn't appear to be the case. I know he's hardly the only singer out there who does this but he's one of my faves so I hate that he's doing it!
  8. Good question! Did he think being incoherent somehow would charm her into wanting to do whatnot? In addition to being grossly crude, unprofessional and boorish, he seems to be a complete dork!
  9. Blergh

    Unpopular Opinions about Music

    I like John Mellencamp's singing a great deal but I wish he'd quit SMOKING inasmuch as it could not only easily destroy his voice but also shorten his life and he's too interesting to leave us before his time!
  10. Blergh

    Gone With the Wind (1939)

    Don't disagree that these toddlers were more deserving of naps than the teen daughters of the plantation owners' families. However; one must keep in mind that from preteen years onward, non-working class white females in the antebellum South were expected to wear boots, stockings, pantaloon undergarments, umpteen petticoats,corsets and hoops under very heavy outer dresses(although often with very low necklines) even during the height of summer (and,it must be said during pregnancies) so it was rather common for women of that circle to faint from being overwhelmed by all the accoutrements they had to wear. They even had specially made 'fainting chairs' made for the purpose! Yes, if they had worn practical and lighter clothes it would have spared them and those toddler slave girls from all that but few folks of that era besides Amelia Bloomer considered that option.
  11. Here's a Pearl Harbor UO. OK, maybe I'm too much of a historian BUT the idea that Evelyn could have gotten pregnant and NOT been immediately drummed out of the US Army Nurse Corp back in WWII was utterly preposterous! Yeah, it's perfectly okay to say now how unfair that would have been to someone who'd been a fantastic nurse, dedicated service person,etc. but that WAS the reality. I mean, if a nurse had gotten MARRIED that was the end of her career as a US Army Nurse regardless of how exemplary her record had been prior. At the very least, there should have been angst about the pregnancy likely being the end of her career and maybe attempting an emotional appeal but what we got was there being no hint of any possible problems that condition would have entailed with the brass. No, I didn't expect it to be a documentary but, really, if one is going to make a movie depicting the struggles and sacrifices of those who were in the thick of battle, at least they should have tried to keep the real consequences of the era intact!
  12. Blergh

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    THANK YOU! I especially loathed it because this episode heralded a crude, juvenile tone to that show which it would never rise above or even attempt do so - over something that's truly no one else's biz! I hated when TV GUIDE gave that episode a 'CHEER' instead of the IMO deserved 'JEER"! Yeah, we may have to invest in strong helmets and face shields for saying what we've said but it NEEDED to be said!
  13. Why would I not be surprised if she got greeted with a chorus of 'better late than never' ? I just hope she is able to raise her children with less glare of the spotlight- especially since her now ex's shadowside evidently proved his downfall.
  14. I liked the show a great deal,too. I'd like to think just seeing a hard-working and intelligent student struggle to earn a teacher's respect (AND that the student KNEW that the teacher was ultimately guiding them to a higher ground than they could have imagined even via all the angst wrought in their conflicts) would be enough to keep contemporary viewers interested instead of dissing it for not being set in the 'Net age! Of course, it was hard for viewers to find when it was originally broadcast on CBS then Showtime!
  15. Blergh

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Thanks for the link but it was Denise Nickerson who played Allison on Electric Company who died while the one who uses the performing name of June Angela (who played Julie on the same show) is still with us (at age 59[!])- to the best of my knowledge. The now-deceased Miss Nickerson was the lead singer of that particular song!