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  1. Granted but it also says that the 'October 8,1970' birth date for the current Mrs. Allen used on her passport evidently is an estimate that appears to have determined via a bone scan rather than via a birth certificate or from testimony of her (as yet unknown) birth mother and/or those who witnessed her actual birth. Bone scans are by no means as accurate as those. In any case, the age of 49 would be 'at least in her mid 40's' but her actual age was a source of serious debate between Miss Farrow's circle and Mr. Allen's ( although even had she been of legal age at the time their bond started that STILL doesn't erase her having been the legal daughter of his companion at the time of its commencement).
  2. I agree but what evidence do you have that the Duke of York has ever done anything out of selfless kindness rather than attempting to use others to prop his own ego? Yes, I think it's likely that he's now trying to use his daughters to do just that since he nowtruly has nothing on his own anyone wants to buy (and this isn't even touching on his dubious associations).
  3. Of course, we also don't know if she's been faithful to HIM either. It's also possible that she (being at least in her mid 40's) could simply not imagine starting over with someone new or being on her own and those could be reasons why she's stayed with him at this writing. I wonder if she has any friends unconnected in any way to either Miss Allen or Miss Farrow she could talk to to get unbiased POVs. Regardless of how things are currently for her, things sure started out in a most sordid and nasty way, IMO.
  4. I just realized that Adrienne Barbeau is the now that last surviving adult cast member! RIP, Mr. Macy but please keep taking good care of yourself Miss Barbeau!
  5. Simone, That's a very moving piece you've shared with us about the Sussexes. Alas, I'm sure the worst offenders (Mr. Morgan,etc.) will do nothing but jeer at these heartfelt, direct and honest revelations rather than consider having any remorse for having deliberately and needlessly added to this couple's anguish for their own profits and kicks.
  6. Interesting and infuriating how long the NYT kept up that spin (and even jadedly considered his dis of parenting [which should have made ALL parents and caregivers of both genders FURIOUS] to somehow be clever). For me, as SOON as he admitted having fooled around on the adopted daughter of his longtime companion without the slightest remorse, that was IT! I was done with him and any movies he was connected with If anyone can find evidence that the NYT has since reconsidered their stances re Mr. Allen, please let us know!
  7. Yeah, does the company think anyone dumb enough to believe that THAT is how they are made would actually want to keep eating them after that?
  8. I guess it should be noted that Mr. Macy in 2015 had an interview in which he recounted the Maude episode in which his character Walter became so belligerent as an alcoholic that he slapped his wife on the face then immediately went into a crying jag! Well, Mr. Macy (aged 93) in 2015 himself burst into tears recounting that. Whether this was due to him being shocked that his character had hit a woman, become such a destructive alcoholic and/or somehow the scene hit a bit too close to Mr. Macy's offstage life I'm not sure but that somewhat impressed me. He ended his recollection by stating that he and Miss Arthur had previously choreographed the scene and he made sure to only slap her cheek and NOT her ear but he evidently STILL felt bad about having to have enacted that! 97 is a good age to reach (and it's good that he still had a good memory as late as age 93). RIP, Mr. Macy.
  9. Sad but true. However; the famed sharpshooter Annie Oakley would put a damper on this by 1910 after winning 51 of 55 libel cases she launched against the rags. Lead by William Randolph Hearst, they had printed interviews from a cocaine addict in 1904 claiming to be her and said rags continuously repeating the other woman's claims as though it was the Gospel Truth . They had completely disregarding the fact that Miss Oakley herself had been badly injured in a railroad accident and the reason she was out of circulation was due to her trying to recover her health before she had the insults to her very real injuries! Alas, she wound up paying more in legal expenses than the bounty of the judgments in her favor but at least she did serve notice that they couldn't print stuff without making SURE it was accurate without risking consequences (as would Carol Burnett in 1981). To bring this back ontopic, I'm sure Miss McCarthy's ancestresses would have preferred to keep their factual marital schism out of the papers (or at least more tactfully related).
  10. I would agree but now poor Mr. Ely has to spend the rest of his life having to deal with having his wife being allegedly stabbed to death by their own son who himself was killed by the cops who considered the younger Mr. Ely an immanent threat. Yes, of course we should be thankful that somehow the elder Mr. Ely's life was spared but how will the now 81-year-old man even start to cope with the loss of these two family members in most horrific ways- to say nothing of being haunted by endless ' whys' and 'if onlys' ?
  11. I somehow doubt Miss Huffman would bring Mr. Melville's book with her into prison- if for no other reason than believing prison is punishment enough without having to endure that tedious tome during that time!
  12. Yes, I agree that it the rag-style reporting of that branch's dirty laundry in the local paper was funny in retrospect but HAD to have been humiliating for Miss McCarthy's wronged great-great-grandmother as well her her innocent, minor great-grandmother- regardless of how successful the elder woman was in providing for her offspring after that mortifying spectacle of discovering her husband in that state with her own relative! Not surprised that she listed herself as a widow at the next census despite the VERY public record of the divorce with cause but possibly she may have heard about her onetime husband's death even if it got lost in the official records (and perhaps HE didn't remarry) before that census. I agree that it was touching how Mr. Stonestreet's paternal grandmother encouraged his clown dreams (and even his parents didn't dump on his ambitions). It's interesting,too, to find out exactly WHERE in Austria his direct paternal line came from. Sad, though, that his maternal grandmother's folks had had to register as 'enemy aliens' in WWIto keep from being incarcerated despite having been pillars of their farming community! Not entirely surprised that they opted to become US Citizens after WWI considering the dual factors of having raised their family on their farm in the US AND the fact that Weimer Germany was a rather chaotic, impoverished place to live- even if either of the great-grandparents had kept any family ties to the Old Country.
  13. OhWell, I think the Duke of Sussex's beard is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Let's keep in mind that he did NOT opt to shave it for his wedding but it's unknown whether his fiancee or 'the Boss' (his grandmother) had raised any objections prior to it. Perhaps one or both did but he somehow made it clear that any objectors would have to learn to accept if not like that outward part of him if they truly love him. Ed Sheeran's not royal so he has full autonomy re his personal appearance but perhaps the Duke of Sussex ALSO may have declared independence re growing out his hair a bit.
  14. shapeshifter, I don't disagree with your conclusions re Miss Farrow's reactions but it was her maternal grandmother with the original surname of Savage NOT her own mother Maureen O'Sullivan who got institutionalized not too long after giving birth to Miss Farrow's father!
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