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  1. Yeah, I recall Miss Milano's mask! It was something like trying to use a chain-link fence to keep out mosquitoes. In any case, I'm glad she's doing better now and maybe has learned a lesson which she'd like others to consider without having to go through what she herself seems to have gone through!
  2. Sean Penn aged 59 has confirmed that he and the 28-year-old Leila George have actually tied the knot! : WHY?! Does she truly believe HE was worth forsaking all others for the rest of her life? https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/sean-penn-59-confirms-leila-132728156.html
  3. OK, it turns out that, despite her husband's departure for an as yet known foreign country, the Queen Emerita Sofia WILL be staying in Spain. In spite of Queen Letitzia herself having been divorced before her marriage to King Felipe VI, I doubt that Juan Carlos and Sofia will divorce even though their union hasn't been idyllic for quite sometime. https://us.hola.com/royals/20200804fpxi7w3zgu/queen-sofia-stay-spain-husband-king-juan-carlos-leaves-country
  4. Like they can't put pockets in hems or in pleats? Yeah, right! Few women on TV have skirts with pockets. If they wear skirts, they carry handbags more often than not!
  5. I think there was one instance in which Queen Letitizia and Queen Emerita Sofia were at a ceremony for Leonor, the Princess of Asturias (the heiress) and they were caught on camera having a disagreement but whether that was typical of their bond or mother- and daughter-in-law were just having a strained time in that particular moment, I'm not sure! In any case, it's hard to imagine that a grandmother would want to leave their minor grandchildren to live in another country if they didn't need to even if they didn't get along swimmingly with their grandchildren's other parent- especially if their union with the spouse who IS leaving the nation hasn't been idyllic.
  6. There HAVE been cases where those who had been judged mentally ill and/or insane by the courts actually were NOT and that those who had been appointed their conservators were actually defrauding and otherwise using their positions to take advantage of those deemed 'mentally ill' (and it's not so easy for someone who has been legally tagged that to prove they no longer are- including those who may not have actually ever been). I don't claim to know what's going on behind the scenes in the Spears case but IF time tells that palms were greased and those who were supposed to look out for Miss Spears's interests did NOT do their duties and have everything reviewed on schedule and thoroughly heard all sides etc., it wouldn't come as a total surprise to me because these things HAVE happened to others in the past! And I will NEVER be convinced that Mr. Spears is the ideal person to look out for her for reasons I have mentioned (even if Miss Spears actually DOES need a conservator).
  7. Too bad it doesn't mention Queen Sofia's whereabouts! I mean, it seems that their union hasn't been all that happy thanks to him evidently having quite a few 'female acquaintances' over the decades but one wonders if she has joined/will join him in his new nation OR whether she'd prefer to stay in Spain close to her son and granddaughters! She's not been accused of any corruption.
  8. I have to wonder what percentage of Family Feud female contestants loathed the thought of the late Mr. Dawson kissing them and ONLY agreed to go on the show with the others so that their family to reap the cash. P.S. He would claim that the reason he did NOT kiss the contestants in his revival of the show was that his young daughter said she didn't want to see him kissing any woman besides her mother. If that's true, that's actually a noble reason, IMO.
  9. But it would have somewhat been MORE realistic on Full House had there been even ONE blond haired/blue eyed ancestor depicted (or a picture displayed of) but that didn't happen.
  10. Since I have some free time, I thought I'd share a little bit about the surprisingly diverging fates of a daughter-in-law and two grandchild of Victoria! HSH Princess Helena of Waldeck-Pyrmont was born in 1861 into the reigning ruling family of that tiny German principality and was so keenly intelligent that her father put her in charge of that domain's infant schools while she was still a minor and she used that position to devise the students' educational curriculum. Anyway, with her elder sister Emma having married the elderly King William III of the Netherlands (and having borne their only child- the future Queen Wilhelmina), she caught the attention of the British royal family who wanted to help Prince Leopold's melancholy. Prince Leopold had been the one son of V&A who had been born with hemophilia and had been considered too frail to do more than be Vic's de facto secretary but he longed to have some normalcy. His condition was universally known among Continental royals and nobles but Helena's father agreed to them marrying on the grounds that it would be better for his daughter to have a brief happy marriage than a miserable lengthy one. So, they were wed in 1882 and at age 21, Helena became HRH the Duchess of Albany. To Vic's surprise, they conceived their firstborn straight away which Vic had thought would be impossible due to Leopold's frailty and all were delighted when their daughter Alice was born in February, 1883. Then, in February, 1884, to seek relief from his aching joints from the harsh English weather, he went to Cannes alone leaving Helena behind with their infant daughter. Alas, in late March, Leopold fell down some stairs which caused a hemmorage to happen and he died at age 30. The Duchess of Albany was 23 with an infant daughter and heavily pregnant! By all accounts, it HAD been a happy marriage -albeit brief. In July, the Duchess of Albany gave birth to his posthumous son Charles Edward who immediately succeeded his late father's title of Duke of Albany! Despite having been German-born with close ties to her family, the Duchess had become proudly English and did all she could to raise her two children to make their late father proud while eventually establishing the Deptford Fund to provide alternative work for laboring women. Oh, and they lived together in Clairmont- an estate which had been bestowed to Princess Charlotte of Wales and her new husband Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg Saalfeld in 1815 and the latter would live there long after his first wife's death until he became King of the Belgians in 1830 (and, yes, the Duke of Albany had been named for him). Anyway, Princess Alice of Albany and her younger brother the Duke of Albany were called 'the Siamese twins' due to their closeness as children and Princess Alice would remember visits with their paternal grandmother- especially her Jubilees! Alas, this dynamic was forever altered to everyone's lasting regret in 1900. The late Prince Consort had been the only brother of Ernest the Reigning Duke of Saxe-Coburg Gotha but it had been mandated , if Ernest didn't have any legit heirs, that the 2nd born son of V&A would become the new Reigning Duke. Ernest would live to 1893 but Vic wasted no time to have her 2nd born son Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh take up the mantle (in no small part to send away his annoying Russian-born wife Marie who had an endless hissing contest with Vic). Then in 1899, their only son Affie died quite suddenly of still questionable circumstances at age 25 then less than a year later, Alfred himself died. This left the Saxe-Coburg Dukedom vacant which, being the Prince Consort's birthplace and Vic's own maternal ancestral home, Vic wasn't going to stand for that. Vic's 3rd born son Arthur, Duke of Connaught was the next in line but he begged off that chance saying that he didn't want to give up his military life for that and didn't want to have to uproot his family but then said 'How about Charlie Albany?' (as the family called the Duke). Vic decided that this English-born 16-year-old Duke who had never been away from his mother or sister would be the ideal new Duke of Saxe-Coburg and had him sent to Germany to be put in a military academy under his eldest cousin Kaiser Wilhelm II's aegis! Of course, Vic herself would die in 1901 before it became evident how disastrous an outcome this would be. In 1904, Alice married her distant cousin (and the future Queen Mary's brother), Prince Alexander of Teck while the Duchess Helena continued doing her good works and being a popular English Royal while the two did their best to keep close touch with Duke of Coburg now called Karl. No one thought this dynamic would change but in 1914, it totally did. The Great War (later called WWI) was declared and Karl, Duke of Coburg, (according to his cousin the Ernest,Grand Duke of Hesse), wasted no time in declaring his loyalty to his cousin the Kaiser and instantly sent back ALL his English medals and honors back to their mutual cousin George V. This got George V to take down all the banners of his German cousins from St. George's Chapel AND revoke their Garter and other honors! By 1917, George had enough of being accused of being a 'foreign' king and changed the name of the British dynasty from Saxe-Coburg Gotha to Windsor AND compelled any Germanic cousins living in the UK to follow suit (which is why the Battenbergs became Mountbattens) so Prince Alexander of Teck adopted the surname of Cambridge and become the Earl of Athone while continuing to serve in the British Army! 1918 came with the Allies defeating the Great Powers and they wasted no time in stripping Karl, Duke of Coburg of his title and he was not able to return to his birthplace having been stripped of his British subjecthood. Ironically, his mother, the German-born Helena, Duchess of Albany was still a British Royal and able to travel to visit so at age 61, she decided to visit her son and his family to try to give them some comfort but, tragically, during this visit, on a jaunt to an Austrian Alpine resort in Tyrol, she suddenly died in September, 1922. This appears to have completely unhinged Karl, for barely a month later, he met and immediately became entranced in October with what others had considered a local hothead and crackpot- one Adolf Hitler! Karl believed that Hitler could restore his Dukedom so he became an eager supporter with Coburg being the very first German town to have a NAZI mayor as a result. Meantime, his sister, Princess Alice's husband, the Earl of Athlone got appointed as the British Viceroy of South Africa and she accompanied him on his assignment with their daughter and surviving son (yes, her younger son had died of the hemophilia that she had carried). Despite his sister's pleas, Karl kept hitching his wagon to the NAZI star and would appall and shock her and the rest of their family (with the exception of Edward VIII) when he appeared at George V's funeral in 1936 wearing a NAZI Field Marshall uniform! Oh, and he was a big supporter of the new king who he believed could ALSO restore his English honors. Of course, Edward VIII abdicated by December,1936 and George VI wanted no part of that so that wound up for naught. Princess Alice's husband then got appointed as Governor General of Canada from 1940 to 1946 but even with all that clout, they were unable to get Karl out of the Allied prison after WWII in which they discovered him scrounging about for scraps in garbage cans! Karl had been in the Reichstag and high up in the party (and had known what it was about from the beginning), yet Princess Alice couldn't help but feel sorry for her brother in ill health. Karl wound up being released but having to live in a caretaker's cottage with his wife since virtually all of his wealth had been confiscated. He made one small trip to the local cinema to see the newsreels of his sister participating in the Coronation of Elizabeth II but knew he would never have been permitted to go even had he had the monies to travel. Oh, and he wound up dying in the very same bed he had somehow kept all those years- his childhood bed from Clairmont AND he would take English tea whenever possible to his dying day in 1954! Alice's husband retired and then died in 1957- and, as she wound up being the last surviving Grandchild of Vic as well as the then-oldest member of the Royal Family, she became somewhat of an icon to both the Royals and the British public before her death at age 97 in 1981. Elizabeth II would visit West Germany then Germany many times during her long reign but, despite her direct paternal line originating from there and it being a favored spot her double-great -grandma Vic, Her Majesty has never ONCE visited Coburg- almost certainly due to embarrassment of her cousin Karl's NAZI ties!
  11. All the above I agree with, but I LOVED the irony that only the snoopy boy's Norwegian grandmother believed him and
  12. Interesting- and yet despite him being black haired, with very dark brown eyes and his wife with light brown hair, somehow Uncle Jesse not only was the uncle of three blonde haired/blue eyed girls but also the father of twin blond haired/blue eyed sons. Yep, genetics sure proved funny on Full House!
  13. SunnyBeBe, Even if what you are claiming could be the case for Miss Spears is true, why on earth should Mr. Spears( who, by his own testimony, has 'a strained relationship' with his daughter, was accused of physical assault against one of his daughter's minor sons AND almost certainly was a contributing factor to her mental issues due to having raised her if not exploited her from an early age) by the one to hold the reins? What evidence have you found that have Mr. Spears has done all or any of what you believe should be done on her behalf? If Miss Spears MUST somehow still merit conservatorship all these years after the breakdown (in spite of having resumed becoming a productive citizen), then the court should appoint someone who does NOT have all these conflicts and vested interests!
  14. Mr. Brimley definitely had that weird 'old forever' vibe since he was only 51 when he starred as the retiree grandfather in Our House! Somewhat like the late character actor Charles Lane had had (most famously as the mean skinflint Homer Bedloe on Petticoat Junction). Charles Lane had a sunken chest and spindly arms from way back and somehow was able to pass for 60 in movie and TV roles - for about 60 years! Yet, Mr. Lane would live to 102 (!)!
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