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  1. I actually liked a great deal the Genesis single 'Living Forever' and never understood why this was one of their single releases during that time that did NOT have a video accompanying it. I would have thought they could have had their fun with them starting out as three cavemen finding a 2001-type monolith then next seen as Egyptians, then Greeks, Romans,Celts, etc. then a contemporary one of them expressing their laments to three mortal women before more time zooms by and they're swimming in space after the sun has become a red giant and consumed the Earth!
  2. The bitterest irony about Miss Michele is that she herself is the daughter of two minority groups, her father Mr. Sarfati is a Sephardic Jew whose family came from Greece while her mother, the former Miss Porcelli is Italian-American. One would think someone whose own parents likely had experiences being discriminated by others for not coming from WASP backgrounds would herself be more aware of how wrong it is TO discriminate others on the basis of differing pigmentation but evidently, that is not the case. I wonder if either of her parents ever attempted to call her out on this or did they themselves think that being dissed by others was wrong but it was OK for them to dis others.
  3. It sure seems the Prince of Wales (the UK's heir apparent ) is on board with what the Duchess of Sussex has voiced. Nice to know that he wants to do right even if he isn't totally happy with the Duke and Duchess's decision to put a continent between themselves and the UK.
  4. Wuthering Heights: Instead of just making the tiniest asides to Hareton Earnshaw's budding romance with the widowed Cathy Linton Heathcliff with them being engaged (with the certainty that HE would be master of both estates via being her husband due to the same legalities that Heathcliff had used to orginally deprive Cathy[his daughter-in-law] of the entirety of her father's inheritance) and Cathy teaching Hareton literacy via flirtation while going into excruciating detail before/ and AFTER this postscript got mentioned of Heathcliff's decline, death then being believed by the locals to be reunited with Catherine Earnshaw Linton afterwards, I wish Emily Brontë had expanded on Hareton's and Cathy's growth and renewal. It would have been great if she had perhaps even had written a sequel about their lives together with Hareton making the joint holdings (that Heathcliff had ruined for his own angst), a thriving, happy community AND Hareton being a bridge between the gentry and the laborers since he had been both all along (as well these Earnshaws as being the progenitors of a large family and living to ripe,healthy old ages).
  5. Yeah, and I felt sorry for Vera especially since SHE was the one who wound up covering for Alice (and Flo, then Flo's successors) when Alice and/Flo,etc. would dash off to do. ..whatever then Alice would guilt Mel for actually expecting her to put in a full day of work to help the four of them earn their livelihoods. And, ironically, it seemed his sibs actually GREW as people once John Boy was no longer their hovering over their every move and expecting them to worship him for writing about them. Oh, while we're on the subject of The Waltons, another entitled sib that bugged me (especially in the early years since she DID improve towards the end) was Mary Ellen. There was one episode in which all the sibs were expected to help harvest an orchard to get paid monies they needed and some record producer guy approached her about. .. folk music and she just took off with him over her family's objections to try to find older and more traditional mountaineers who could sing these otherwise undocumented folk songs. After he found the right singers, he dropped her back off with the family. Here's the kicker, instead of everyone being furious that she took off with this stranger (and therefore potentially put herself at SERIOUS risk for crimes against her person if not being killed/kidnapped by this adult man who was a total stranger to boot), AND left the other sibs holding the bag to do her share of the work. When John, Sr. doled out the monies he'd gotten for the harvest from the orchard owner, he divvied it up among the six but not Mary Ellen. .. and the other sibs felt BAD for Mary Ellen and insisted that she get all of their funds despite the fact that THEY had worked the whole time and she'd taken off and put herself at serious risk, etc. ALL because Mary Ellen felt blue that this record producer guy didn't somehow think she was worth becoming his permanent assistant . And believe it or not, John actually got guilted into giving her ALL the harvest monies AND sending her to visit an never before/since mentioned offscreen aunt living in Washington, D.C. so she could get cheered up via sightseeing! Really? In what galaxy could this have happened?!That ranked right up there with the Ingalls parents shrugging off Mary pretending to lose her new glasses until she got over being bothered by Nellie calling her 'Four-Eyes'!
  6. True! However, I seriously doubt that the Duchess of Sussex would have so openly voiced it without having the Duke's support on this.
  7. North is the minor daughter of Mr. West and Miss Kardashian so that means that the claim the young Miss West 'loved it' when Miss Siwa babysat her is at least 2nd hand via her own mother (who may have less than altruistic reasons for repeating/ concocting said claim) since I seriously doubt the young Miss West directly told the gossip site this claim.
  8. True! So it wouldn't have hurt the 1939 Wuthering Heights movie had there been a begining/end title reading 'This Movie Only Covers The First Half Of the Book. If You Want the Whole Story: Read the Book Yourself!'
  9. And it seems for Miss Benson that also goes for those who merely CLAIM victimhood but are, in actuality, perps!
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if the Prince of Wales wouldn't attempt to pull any and all stops with his lawyers,etc. to see how the Duke of York could somehow be rendered as plain old 'Mr. Andrew Windsor-Mountbatten' upon Her Majesty's demise. Yes, the Duke of York likely has a large inheritance and trusts but I doubt he'd not wind up blowing through those in no time flat once Mummy's not around to bail him out.
  11. I always thought there the character of Miss Benson ,had she born a century earlier, would have been the kind of person to have eagerly sewn and tailored Klan robes getting entralled via imagining herself a latter day Lady Guinevere for others to battle for while gleefully ignoring the ugliness of innocents getting brutalized by thugs on her behalf and it looks that episode somewhat validated this POV. Yeah, thinking oneself has the SAME knowledge as God as to who is innocent and who isn't is does NOT a good or, IMO, a watchable detective make!
  12. Although the 1939 movie version of Wuthering Heights was quite the potboiler starring the always intense Lawrence Olivier as Heathcliff and the passionate stunning beauty Merle Oberon as Catherine Earnshaw with David Niven as Edgar Linton, virtually skips the entire 2nd half of the book. Catherine suddenly dies for virtually no reason. While Heathcliff stays bitterly wed to Isabella (Edgar Linton's sister) who does NOT flee his abuse and none of the Lintons or Earnshaws have any offspring. Thus Heathcliff is supposed to brood about for roughly 20 years until finally he heeds Catherine's Ghost's pleas to run off with him and, of course, the audience is expected to be enthralled with the two selfish ones being reunited at last. However, with his death it's possible that maybe his widow Isabella herself wound up the Mistress of Wuthering Heights after all those years of ashes and him openly rejecting her for Catherine. Sadly, not only does this movie ignore Isabella having run away to London after fleeing his abuse in dancing shoes and having conceived their son Linton, but it also ignores how she was able to mysteriously comfortably provide for her ailing son on her own without either Heathcliff's or even her brother Edgar's support. This version also ignores the nobility of Isabella's brother Edgar who, in spite of having caught Catherine confessing her passion for Heathcliff right before her death does NOT dishonor her memory but is a dedicated single father to their surviving daughter Cathy who never says a word against her late mother (possibly for Cathy's sake rather than for sheer love for the fickle Catherine's memory) and, despite his only child being a girl (which the story would demonstrate how much more vulnerable an heiress was to her fortune being legally taken from her than an heir would have been) , he never considers remarriage even for the sake of siring a legit male heir. Also, with no second generation depicted, no Cathy who was a far more loyal and dedicated daughter to her father than Catherine had been to any member of her birth family to the degree that she ONLY agreed to marry Linton due to it being the only chance for her to see her dying father one last time. And Cathy proved to be far more attentive to her dying husband Linton's comfort than Catherine had Edgar's despite Cathy having been forced into the marriage (unlike Catherine who had been completely a free agent when she eagerly accepted Edgar's proposal for the riches). Lastly, no depiction of the REAL hero of this book Hareton who was the innocent child who'd been cruelly deprived of his birthright to be an unpaid, illiterate,crude laborer on what would have been his own estate by Heathcliff- and yet loved Heathcliff and would be the one person who genuinely mourned Heathcliff- despite actually being aware of what Heathcliff had done (and whose tiny mercy in allowing Hareton to flirt with his widowed daughter-in-law Cathy was what it took to stop Heathcliff from living to avenge against the innocent 2nd generation - and deciding to put up no more resistance to join Catherine in the next world).
  13. IF Miss Cyrus had just shed the Hannah Montana concocted TV persona and wound up becoming a good performer who didn't nastily lash out at those not fawning over her talents and not believing she was the most clever and ingenious entertainer of all time AND, most importantly, had not openly advocating self-destructive indulgences, I'd have agreed with with you. However; there were quite a few years after the series ended that she DID do the above actions. It seemed for a few years when she and Liam Hemsworth reconciled and resumed their engagement and until their marital union soured, that she HAD turned a corner and became a more genuinely likable,positive and accepting person who was willing to be clean and make the best of what life has to offer her.. Alas, since that union went kablooey, it seems Miss Cyrus is at the very least hugging the razor's edge between holding onto her more mature, giving persona and returning to her intolerant, self-destructive and egomaniacal former persona. Since I NEVER was a fan in the first place and have never spent a single dime on any of her products, it's somewhat a moot point for me. However, if I HAD spent monies for myself or on behalf of any hypothetical minor offspring believing she was closer to a semi-Hannah Montana persona than the latter (and possibly current) toxic and self-destructive one, I'd instantly boycotted her products as soon as she put out songs advocating pot and 'molly' usage and not resumed patronage until she had made abject, sincere apologies- especially to those minor fans who have much fewer means and access to resources to 'bounce back' as Miss Cyrus has had.
  14. I've never seen and not bothering to if it's what you're saying. However; it DID have one redeeming feature: it actually got younger generations interested in Bugs again. Of course, it's nowhere as good as classic cartoons enriched by the late Mel Blanc's vocal force-of-nature but , Space Jam's audience are more likely to out the good stuff on that site rhyming with Pew Noob than others in those generations who didn't grow up with Looney Toons as a childhood staple.
  15. Good one! However; IMO the mount appears to be crossing the front legs which seems to indicate that horse is slightly relaxed and is familiar with this particular passenger having carried the Queen on many occasions . And Her Majesty appears to be just gently guiding the mount in a very slow, steady relaxing trot rather than attempting a fast gallop or jump. Still, I can imagine the Queen would prefer to go out on a horse than in a sickbed- especially at 94!
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