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  1. Blergh

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Yeah, Duke of York, just like folks living next to concentration camps the whole time just thought it was old clothes and nothing more being burned in those crematorium ovens.
  2. I once saw Dierks Bentley at an airport- and what surprised me was that he actually was TALLER than I expected even via wearing flip-flops. Yeah, there were some airport officials clustered around him and he was perfectly cordial to them and everyone else around but it seemed he actually was a bit bashful as though he didn't believe he merited the extra attention.
  3. Blergh

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Very good observations, merylinkid. I'd just like to add that the Duchess of York hasn't worn nylons either yet there's been virtually no criticism for her over that. If that's the ONLY thing that the Duchess of Sussex ever has in common with her, then I think everyone needs to count their blessings. While I like the Duchess of Sussex a great deal, I do think it's possible for folks to dislike her for reasons other than ethnicity, birthplace or having been divorced- even though I don't understand or agree with said reasons.
  4. That's so sad! I've never forgotten his marvelous duet with Ronnie Spector ' Take Me Home Tonight' and I'm sorry to hear that this has happened.
  5. Excellent observations! Yeah, where were his PARENTS and why did they not only approve him getting a Twitter account when he was still underage but also, at best, neglected to look at his postings before he sent them out, and at worst, condoned said postings! Well, obviously Mr. Mendes was still underage at the time but he DID think he was entitled to sit at the adult big table instead of the tiny kiddie folding desk so I consider that this was a fail on his parents' parts re treating him as though he was already too big for his britches!
  6. Blergh

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    There were rumors that Miss Holiday left Alice to do the spinoff due to rivalry between herself and Miss Lavin but Miss Holiday has kept her own counsel down the years and has never said a peep against Miss Lavin. However; not only did she never return to the original show but Miss Lavin never guested on hers while Vic 'Mel' Tayback DID! Also, it's interesting that after she left the show, they reshot the opening credits with Diane Ladd as Belle re- enacting a comical scene that Flo had done. In any case, I've always liked Miss Holiday's performances down the years and hope her evident retirement has been good for her!
  7. I once was at a Pei Wei's restaurant when Taylor Swift and a male dinner companion got seated next to me. I didn't let on that I knew who she was but when she said that she had never learned how to use chopsticks, I offered to teach her the technique. She declined so I let them be.
  8. Yeah, but they could have simply watched reruns of Mr. King's talk show instead of actually marrying him if they were that desperate for an insomnia cure!
  9. As per MSN News, Larry King has filed for divorce from his 7th wife Shawn Southwick after 22 years of marriage. What's the REAL surprise to me is how he managed to find seven women who thought HE was worth marrying. I mean, even when younger he was no Greek god and IMO he's always been an inane blockhead! Oh, and this was Miss Southwick's fourth union! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/larry-king-files-for-divorce-from-seventh-wife/vi-AAG719F
  10. Blergh

    TV Tropes: Love 'em or Loathe 'em

    I guess this is somewhat along the lines of staying completely clueless to the other character's transformations- regardless of how many times they've gone through this. A classic example would be that of Bewitched's Larry Tate who seemed surprised EVERY time Darren would go off the wall due to a spell/ covering for Sam. Even though the show's premise was that witches were hiding their spells in plain sight in the world of clueless mortals, one would think after eight years working together Larry would have started to realize that going off the wall was actually TYPICAL of Darren even if he never picked up why. I mean he saw Darren on a far more frequent basis than did Mrs. Kravitz who DID pick up something different re the Stephenses.
  11. Blergh

    Actors You Just Can't Stand

    Jon Voight just made some comments that I consider rather inane. No, I'm not going to repeat them (and anyone can follow the 'Net trail to them easily). Anyway, I'll just quote what the character of Mother Dexter once said to the character of Phyllis Lindstrom on the latter's show, "You've certainly cleared up one question in my mind: You ARE even dumber than you look! "
  12. Check out Mr. Tyson's wiki page and see how many times he's claimed to be clean then admitted he wasn't. It's everyone's individual call re whether or not to implicitly believe him this time and I respect said calls but I choose not to. To paraphrase Judge Judy '. ..if doesn't make sense, then it's likely a lie!'
  13. Not to mention the domestic violence he bragged about inflicting on his then-wife Robyn Givens an example of mellowness ! Sorry, but I've not been impressed by Mr. Tyson in quite some time.
  14. Blergh

    Unpopular Opinions

    Because this got mentioned in Not Total Recall TV Series subforum, others brought up TV series their teachers showed for 'educational' purposes. I'd like to offer a couple of humdinger movies that my teachers showed for the same ostensible reasons. Back in junior high, while we were studying Orwell's Animal Farm, the teacher insisted we had to see the WHOLE movie of Nicholas and Alexandra so we'd 'get' the book. Never mind that Mr. Orwell's tome had had nothing to do with the Russian Revolution and had no hemophiliac heir- nor was there any Rasputin figure- just pigs who forced a human farm family to amscray! As tragic as that movie was, at least it wasn't cynical, perp-porn reveling in sadistic, random cruelties and violence as what a high school lit teacher showed us with Apocalypse Now that he insisted we watch so we'd get the book source of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Oh, I've never forgotten the chill I felt as a good number of the boys in class laughed at the line of equating a murder charge in combat with issuing speeding tickets at the Indy 500! Anyway, I guess I'm putting this here under the 'what were these teachers thinking' heading.
  15. Blergh

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    While Sir Elton has his faults, to be sure, one can't deny that if he considers someone to be an actual friend, he'll DEFINITELY go the extra mile for them! Oh, and I totally agree with his stance to want to give his friends a window of peace despite all the unwarranted flak they've gotten. He's absolutely right to urge the rags to quit their carping on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!