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  1. Wait! They thought that MAX and his tantrums, whims and rants constantly being enabled and catered to was more entertaining/appealing than Haddie?! No wonder the show didn't last long after Miss Ramos was no longer a regular!
  2. Agree! It seems most of these 'winners' only are anything being close to 'stars' due to being constantly shoved down the viewers' throats and NOT due to them actually being talented!
  3. My above post re the new President's son is corrected. Sorry for any confusion on my part about which of them died. That is all.
  4. Not to mention, instead of all the bandmates looking 'oh so concerned' wouldn't they have more likely have looked annoyed at the mounting bathroom breaks? I know it's a commercial not reality but it might have been more appealing had she been shown either not getting spots in bands due to her 'rep' or the band flat out telling her that she needed to get her. .. .stuff together or they'd find someone more reliable( like Rula Lenska) to belt out their numbers!
  5. In those pre-scan days, it required Mr. Gabriel to have to spend many hours on end having rotting vegetables and fruit being placed around his head and slowly moved around to reflect the song's lyrics. Perhaps one might say that this somewhat served him right. LOL
  6. Interesting. Well, one can't say that getting on an international overseas flight instead of a domestic hopper would have been a typical high jink among preteens!
  7. I'm not about to cosign on any gossip but I'd like to think that the younger Mr. Biden would have had sense enough to have stayed clean and sober at least long enough to have witnessed his father getting Innaugurated! Let me put it this way: I think even Tarzan would have had sense enough to have opted for a sable loincloth for an Inauguration instead of one made from drier lint!
  8. What's even odder is that Miss Beadle, Doc Baker and the Olesons ALL seemed to have ready access to horses, carriages, buggies,wagons,etc. at a moment's notice- yet not only did NONE of their homes/offices have any structures anywhere near that could have resembled barns, but there never was any attempted dialogue to refer to any possible Walnut Grove Livery Stable (and only in Winoka was one in existence). And yet all these townsfolks had easy access to horse transportation and a wide variety of equipment but, if any of them DID set up their own horsedrawn transport themselves, their clothes and shoes somehow remained completely pristine! (Can anyone imagine Mrs. Oleson putting together a horse team,harnesses, reins and a wagon as easily as a 20th century character could have started up a car?)
  9. Yeah, the elder Smitha claimed that the younger Smiths could have done ' whatever they want/ed'- except opt NOT to perform but their parents couldn't just let them be on THAT issue! Oh and it's not as though the elder Smiths would have been destitute had they not pushed their kids to make public spectacles of themselves!BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, OK, something positive. . ..Well, I guess it's positive that the younger Smiths are now calling out their parents for having done this. Perhaps this will get other potential stage parents to back off. Perhaps.
  10. The Grand Canyon of the Southeast US has at its base the Colorado River which is believed to have created this remarkable landscape by the surrounding land rising above the original riverbed but the water and the solids within carving out this impressive natural wonder. However, there appears to be far less debris at the Colorado River's mouth at the head of the Mexico's Gulf of California than scientists would expect re the sheer volume of rocks,etc that would have made up Grand Canyon . Sadly, thanks to agriculture, industries and municipalities overtapping that river, in these times the once mighty Colorado River is lucky to have a trickle of sludge emptying into Gulf of California.
  11. Though we never saw the Original Mrs. Hall's living quarters, but I believe she did live in Skeldale House for two reasons: 1. She'd answer the phone in the middle of the night in her nightgown and robe with her hair down. 2. One time Tristan convinced James to bathe in bath salts (the perfumed kind NOT the drugs) that he said belonged to Mrs. Hall which she'd indulge in to make herself 'feel like Faye Wray' (though there's no record of any colossal apes making a beeline for her). Thank you for the kudos! I'm glad you liked the write up!
  12. I agree! It's like Jack Benny said about Lucy in the early 70's when she was hyperfocussed on her performance (and the most powerful woman in Hollywood) "Someone ought to tell her she's GOT the job!" Jennifer Lopez wore a perfectly fine evening gown for the fete and I don't think even the most zealous of Lady Gaga's 'Little Monsters' would have objected her to doing the same. But then both of them managed to be more formal than Garth Brooks who seemed to have just thrown on a pair of jeans and an old shirt for the performance. Still, I liked all their performances a great deal!
  13. The late Aretha Franklin may had a chuckle re the. ..unconventional Inauguration attire but even SHE couldn't have denied that Lady Gaga gave an excellent, heartfelt rendition of the US National Anthem
  14. Please, please PLEASE let it be closer to the Classic Wilder instead of the Creepy Depp depiction!
  15. Isn't this a refreshing Classic Ad?
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