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  1. TaraS1, Interesting accounts. I have to say I'm somewhat surprised that the encounters you had with Miss O'Donnell and Mr. George wound up being positive. Regardless of whether they're actually nice but misunderstood folks or you personally wound up having extraordinary,atypical reactions from them, good for you!
  2. Granted but it's hard to imagine that the second generation of Barones didn't grow up to have issues from Ray and Debra's reluctant style of 'parenting'. Of course, while Ray got the lion's share and Robert got the leftovers re Marie's smothering, it's not as though she fed Ray caviar omelettes and attired him in cashmere sweaters & pants while having fed Robert gruel broth and attired him in burlap sacks despite what Robert would have others believe.
  3. Caroline Ingalls would have likely agreed with you!
  4. Sy Sperling, the founder of the Hair Club for Men ("I'm not just the president but also a client.") has died at age at 78. No doubt a memorable set of commercials but I have to wonder if his rug survives him. Seriously, though it also turns out that he started a charity called Hair Club for Kids that provides wigs to children under 18 who've lost their original hair to chemotherapy so I think that's a truly good thing to have done and sincerely worthy of remembrance. RIP, Mr. Sperling. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/sy-sperling-hair-club-for-men-dead-174255141.html
  5. A cooking program that one would imagine would be more entertaining and educational than it actually is upon viewing, IMO.
  6. What a wonderful tribute from Miss Jackson! That post is one of the nicest things I've seen her say about someone unrelated . In any case, Miss DuBois proved to be the sorely needed guiding light for Good Times in its latter years AND did a very good job composing and singing 'Movin' On Up' (I hope she got steady royalty payments for that)! RIP, Miss DuBois.
  7. My guess is that the Duchess of Sussex would like to catch up with her favorite sincere British friends and, perhaps, her favorite in-laws seeing them face-to-face as opposed to just facetime. Yes, she'll have to run the gamut of all those rags ragging on her no matter what she does but I suppose she considers seeing folks she misses worth having to endure that AND she does have the light at the end of the tunnel re her BC home to return to.
  8. To each one's own but I think I'd rather have had a caretaker who actually WANTED to take care of me as a child than one who just felt they were obligated to but took little if any joy in doing so. Hence, in THAT particular facet, I think Marie was far more preferable than Debra, Ray or Frank. Yes, I think as a teen then an adult, I'd likely have cringed at her smothering and attempted controlling but it would have suited me much better as a child.
  9. Let me put it out there, while Drs. Ben and Erin Schroeder seem very hands-on and friendly to both their animal patients and human clients, I have to say that in spite of his Dr. Ben Schroeder's sometimes casual attire during housecalls or in the practice, I appreciate it that he actually wears full surgical caps and gowns when OPERATING on his patients (unlike Dr. Pol or Dr. Jeff Young). Just because the patients are animals doesn't mean one shouldn't take every precaution to either keep one's microbes from getting into patients' surgical cuts or risking patients' microbes from getting on one's person.
  10. Agree- not to mention that the Duchess of Sussex (which she still IS) has not 'been banished' but has (at most) somewhat withdrawn herself. There's a big difference!
  11. So I have to wonder if Justin Guarini could be cringing all the way to the bank re his Lil Sweet gig for Dr. Pepper?
  12. As Jack Benny once said re Lucille Ball when he saw she was pushing herself WAY too much in her work 'Someone ought to tell her she's GOT the job!' - and I think it would be good if someone told Mr. John that. Seriously, he's LONG since proven his talent and drive (even if I personally don't always like the results). Better he sit a few shows out and take care of his health (and let the audience play their fave songs of his at their own leisure) than to wreck his health and possibly burn out entirely. He's got kids to help guide to adulthood! He needs to take care of himself!
  13. It sounds as though she made a full life for herself with her art,etc. after the show ended and became the matriarch of a close-knit family so that's a good thing! RIP, Mrs. Wallett.
  14. It did manage to last a LOT longer than the 1st Earl and Countess of Snowdon's did so I guess that's something to be thankful for. Let's hope the bulk of the union was happy even if it' s now ending- and they did stay married until both their kids were grown so there's something else to be thankful for. I wonder if he and his 1st cousin once-removed Peter Phillips will get together to trade notes about being newly split middle aged men?
  15. Good points. I can't say I'm entirely convinced of his sincerity re Miss Eilish but at least he HAS asked the rags to not be as harsh on her as they were on him when he was her age so, regardless of his actual MO, that's a good thing to have done.
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