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  1. Blergh

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    At the VERY least, the Duke of York appears to be incredibly STUPID to have kept hanging with Mr. Epstein AFTER things went down. Didn't anyone ever tell him there's a reason the saying 'If you lay with dogs, you'll awaken with fleas' has been passed down for centuries?! Egads!
  2. YIKES! I can't say I'd have ever greenlit doing this had I had to the fortune of being in charge. However; while there HAVE been disasters to irreplaceable artifacts and works of art via moving them to other locales, it seems the majority have been moved without damage. Of course, the Tapestry itself has had damage (and even lost panels) throughout the centuries but perhaps we should be thankful to that French lawyer who literally put his neck on the line by raising a legal objection to the French Revolution authorities who proposed cutting it to use as cart canopies for a parade! In any case, I hope you DO get to see it . However; if your timing doesn't work that way, the town of Caen with the chapels of William the Conqueror and his wife Queen Matilda of Flanders are worth seeing (especially the latter's tomb still in the original black marble).
  3. Absolutely! I hope you get the chance to check out the classic episode 'World's End' guest starring one of my personal faves Suzanne Pleshette as a woman from Mr. Kimble's past who seems to have the solution to his troubles but isn't as helpful as she'd like to believe! Oh, and I should mention that the reason why their characters' chemistry was so electric was that they TRULY were enthralled with each other and would stay friends even after they married others for the rest of his life! Anyway, it's too bad it isn't shown very much these days. I'd also like to nominate The Invaders ( which Miss Pleshette guests as another femme fatale with a few twists).
  4. Blergh

    Gratefulness and Smiles

    Same here- AND these days I'm very grateful to have a job that's entirely INDOORS! Working in unbelievable heat's no joke!
  5. Sometime in the 1950's to 1960's, Cary Grant was ready to have breakfast in bed at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC when he made an upsetting discovery- there were only three halves of English muffins on his plate as opposed to at least being four halves. Mr. Grant reasoned that since the in-house menu said that the item was 'English muffins', there needed to be at least four halves of the item! Anyway, he immediately called room service demanding an explanation but they had no idea why this was so, so he kept calling higher and higher up the food chain until he finally got ahold of the hotel owner Conrad Hilton ( Paris's great-grandfather and an ex of Zsa Zsa Gabor) who was vacationing in (of all places) Istanbul, Turkey. Mr. Hilton explained to Mr. Grant that an efficiency expert had discovered that, on average, the hotel guests had only consumed three halves of the original two muffins while wasting the fourth half so to save on waste and monies, the expert recommended that, from that point on, the kitchens should serve only three halves. Mr. Grant countered that the listing of the item as muffins was misleading so, in the interest of clarity, the menus should henceforth spell out 'One Muffin and a Half'. Believe it or not, Mr. Hilton agreed and the menus' were re-issued with that correction! Let's keep in mind that back at that time, overseas calls were very expensive- especially from hotels so it's likely Mr. Grant wound up having been very Pound foolish to try to save pennies!
  6. Spunkygal: While the D-DAY sites and exhibits are truly worth seeing, please don't miss venturing to Bayeux where they have the Tapestry on display which is not only astounding re its history but also could open one's eyes re the warped artistry!
  7. Blergh

    Pet Peeves

    I hope whoever that guardian was for that child hears from others who've uttered the tragic phrase "I only turned my back for a MINUTE!". Pools are no place to dump kids without SOMEone intentionally there to watch for their well-being!
  8. Blergh

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Here's an old UO from 21 Jump Street: I have to say I've never understood why Johnny Depp became the breakout star and NOT Peter DeLuise. I always thought he was more interesting and talented than Mr. Depp.
  9. Blergh

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Yes, I have to agree that Her Majesty thusfar has been putting too much stock in someone who is now 8th in line! At the very least, she truly needs to start having an arm's-length deal with the Duke of York for the foreseeable future (if not start preparing for having to disavow him more openly than her parents did the Duke and Duchess of Windsor).
  10. I don't like the extra raunchy stuff of her act, but I do find her funny overall( and IMO her comic yet sincere character's part was a sorely needed counterpart to all the angst and soapy twists of Crazy Rich Asians) . I'm interested in seeing her in The Farewell!
  11. Blergh

    Unpopular Opinions about Music

    Although I'm aware of Sir Elton John's shadowside as a person, I have to say that, overall, I admire his commitment to helping others and his evidently having at least made peace with the worst of his demons. I will always admire his courage in being virtually the first person outside the immediate family to come to the defense and to urge others to rally around the late Ryan White who had been horribly shunned and persecuted over something completely beyond his control yet Mr. White used his remaining time to try to make things better for others (ultimately including Sir Elton). All the above said, I can't say I've ever liked him as a singer. Yes, I consider him to be a very talented composer and pianist but I just have always found his singing to more whiny than I like. Perhaps the most tolerable song of his is his collaboration with Kiki Dee 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' - but IMO that's mainly due to letting HER do most of the tricky parts.
  12. Blergh

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I'm NOT saying it's right and I emphatically do not think it erases the Duke of York's evident culpability re his association with Mr. Epstein and possible participation in crimes against minors. However; it's possible that Her Majesty's blind spot for him has to do with the ONE time he stepped up to the plate- when he did all he could to try to help put out the Windsor Castle Fire and salvage as much as possible that day in 1992! I only hope the day comes soon when she sees that alone does not make it NOT worth putting herself and the entire monarchy on the line on his behalf.
  13. ONLY if it had Mr. Potter go to prison for fraud instead of getting off scot-free (as in the movie)!
  14. Blergh

    Toy Story 4 (2019)

    This movie added several twists to the whole 'toyhood' mythology. Not that these twists took anything away but I found them interesting points to ponder!
  15. Blergh

    Best Book Friends

    Yes, as friends. However; even in those days of furniture with skirts around them to conceal their legs, it would have been been anguish for Jo who seemed to have no sexual feelings for Laurie. She did NOT seem the type to be able to simply sit back and think of England (or wherever). Moreover, despite the fact that non-working class women were expected to marry and pin everything on their husbands providing for them, their children and possibly their financially distressed relatives (which Jo definitely had the latter), Jo resolved to defy that and insisted on sinking or swimming entirely on her own (and thankfully had her immediate family's backing). Also, she'd seen for herself how the promise of inherited monies had kept Laurie from truly striving for independence and how that had hampered his creativity so I don't think she'd have wanted to be a part of that. Lastly, with Jo having nothing more than platonic feelings for him, Laurie would have grown very frustrated very quickly and likely taken it out on both of them had they gone through with a marriage. Yes, Jo eventually wed Professor Bauer, but with the spelt out understanding that she'd ALWAYS be fiscally independent. Also, in the end, Jo and Laurie DID resume their friendship and I think he respected her by maintaining her independence while he was happy to be married to Amy (who DID value riches and seemed to at least be able to learn to love him romantically enough to satisfy both of them).