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  1. OK, I've eaten indoors in socially distanced restaurants but I keep my mask on at the table except for when I'm actually consuming food/beverages but I know that I'm taking a chance in even doing that. My question is for all the patrons who take off their masks the instant they sit down with NO food or drink in sight. Do they think that via being seated at a restaurant table will somehow provide them with an invisible protection bubble by the mere virtue of being seated and/or being at a magic table?
  2. Well, I doubt many watching would have ever considered Brad to have been the sharpest tool in the shed- much less have had the most original thoughts. In all seriousness, though, I hope Mr. Bryan somehow treated his now estranged wife down the years better than how he allegedly treated his girlfriend. Oh, the date of the separation announcement was October 1st and, just 15 days later, he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend. So either he 'bounced back' into the dating scene REALLY fast and things went sour straight away or they were dating before the announcement.
  3. No list of these critters would be complete without mentioning the Benji franchise. This started in 1974 with the movie entitled Benji about a scruffy homeless dog who soon befriends a doctor's young son and daughter as well as their housekeeper Mary (played by Patsy Garrett who did the Chow-Chow-Chow dance in Purina Cat Chow commercials in the 1970's through 1980's) but must stay out of the doctor's way since the doctor dislikes dogs. Anyway, after Benji does a heroic deed, the doctor changes his tune. Oh, and Benji was played by a performer named Higgins who had been featured as the nameless dog seen chasing the Cannonball on the tracks in the credits and having misadventures with Uncle Joe in Petticoat Junction but, by the time of this movie, Higgins was already getting old though still remarkably agile and attentive despite his age. Oh, it should be noted that this movie reunited Higgins with his Petticoat Junction co-star Edgar Buchanan as well as featuring a cameo by Frances Bavier (TAGS Aunt Bee) as a the owner of a cat (just ONE cat as opposed to her real life fate) in what would be all three performers' last movie roles. Alas the next year Higgins would soon go to that great kennel in the sky at age 17 and for the first few sequels, the role would be taken over by Higgins's daughter Benjean. The series would be revived several times- most recently in 2018 but what's interesting is that, from Higgins's death onward, Benji's always been played by female dogs despite the character being male. This is the exact opposite of the Lassie movie and TV series (plural) in which the character was female yet always portrayed by a male dog!
  4. Good question re the accent. If one goes to a certain site rhyming with Blue Cube, one can hear contemporary inhabitants speaking in a tone that sounds close to contemporary French but one must keep in mind that when Napoleon was born in 1769, it had enjoyed having been its own independent state for 18 months just two years earlier but by Napoleon's birth, it had been recently acquired by France - having previously been ruled by Italian states in one form or another for centuries. Long-short is that in Napoleon and his contemporary islanders spoke a variety of dialects that were much closer to Italian than mainstream French and its likely that his accent would have sounded closer to an Italian one to modern ears (especially in his youth). I'm not sure Mr. Phoenix will attempt to make that historic figure speak as close as scholars believe Napoleon may have sounded like but I wouldn't put it past him.
  5. She was married six times (the last two marriages ended in her being widowed) and had one child by her first marriage who eventually would make her a great-great-grandmother. Yet, she'd end her career relatively early so that it's hard to imagine that she made it to 97! RIP, Miss Fleming!
  6. It needs to be kept in mind that when Mr. Bieber first became famous, his mother Pattie Mallette, had HER praises sung as having done an exemplary job of parenting him solo so that he would forever avoid the pitfalls of fame. Time will tell if the senior Tremblays' upbringing of young Jacob will prove their praises to be merited as well.
  7. Evidently, Miss Bertinelli and their son Wolfgang were able to help Mr. Van Halen's Janie wife help tend to and be with Ed while the pater familias's fight with cancer was coming to an end. It's great they all were able to set aside their differences to help make the last part of his life as comfortable as possible. However, I can't help but think of the irony that were the world not under its affliction, it's likely the rags would have done their best to stir teapot tempests re both sets of past and current spouses during that trying time so that's one blessing but, instead they all got left alone by those who didn't need to mind stuff that was none of their business .
  8. Blergh

    Internet Pet Peeves

    Re too many YouTubers to even start listing: If you've set up your channel to have lots of pranks to get as many subscribers as possible, don't be surprised if, after X amount of pranks, a large portion of your viewers won't take you seriously after you've had an actual crisis or meltdown. The Boy Who Cried Wolf fable hasn't been passed down for centuries for no reason! Either accept that you've trashed your own integrity via the pranks (and that you won't be able to rely on any of the viewership for support or sympathy in serious times) OR renounce and atone for the pranks and 'go and sin no more' if you want viewers to consider supporting you through serious times.
  9. It could have been worse. In 1963, his grandmother Queen Juliana had calls for her Abdication- for allowing her 2nd daughter Princess Irene to marry Prince Carlo Hugo of Bourbon, Duke of Parma - due to the groom being Catholic and of Spanish heritage. The Dutch government talked the Queen from flying to Madrid to try to talk her daughter out of it as well but insisted the princess had to renounce her claims to the succession and, ultimately, no member of the House of Orange attended the wedding in Rome. Of course, after all that angst and four children being born, the two wound up divorcing in 1981.
  10. Has anyone on TV who was a jury holdout ever said that that was the last time they got selected for a jury? Long-short is that I used to get notice every three years until I got put on a jury and it wound up that I was the lone dissenter though I did ultimately vote with the rest. Still, it's been about eight years since the city has sent me any summonses to participate.
  11. OK, I Early Voted today at my neighborhood library. Irony was that they had our very long line of voters snake through the stacks in a zig-zag fashion once we entered the building- yet our city's libraries are all still officially closed thanks to this affliction! Since we voters were all wearing the required masks and practiced social distancing (even outside where there were no markings on the winding paths), why not re-open the libraries to patrons willing to do the same ?
  12. Alas, I've learned the hard way that those are the folks that one must feel sorry for from a distance- otherwise they'll do everything they can to drag one into their messes (and they're by no means as cute, funny or worth dealing with as depicted on TV or movies). Hopefully, your daughter will wake up and smell the skunk cabbage and draw that conclusion before she gets scorched!
  13. To each one's own but Necco wafers are so awful IMO, they make St. Joseph's Chewable Aspirin taste like fresh oranges! Still, I guess they have their fans.
  14. And one should be aware that they changed some key points re converting it from the book to the movie- including the existence of the protagonist's bullying paternal grandfather while in the movie the loving but timid paternal grandmother was a widow from Sybil's earliest childhood. I think it's safe to say that at the very least Dr. Wilbur and the author Miss Schreiber changed certain autobiographical details of her patient to try to prevent others from identifying her so she could have the best chance of a contented, autonomous life after having gone through a horrific childhood.
  15. While I liked candy corn, I agree that those wax bottle thingies and the wrapped in black and orange thingies were always a no go for me as a kid. The latter because this was associated with this odd neighbor who no one ever seemed to see- except when he'd open his door to give those out on Halloween!
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