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  1. My husband and I just found this show on Netflix and we’re loving it! Starting the second season now, but I wanted to ask: we’re there no forum topics for the first season? I searched here and in the “Other Comedies” forum but couldn’t find anything. Thanks!
  2. One of the things I love most about Bob and Abishola is how they are not the typical hot 20/30-something romance that you usually see in comedy. There’s a reserve and dignity in Abishola that is unusual and refreshing and makes it even all the more wonderful when the actress gives you a glimpse beyond that exterior. I don’t wonder Bob is bowled over by her, I am too. And Billy E. usually plays loud brash characters, so it’s a treat to watch him play someone more quiet and refined. (Larger men usually get typecast in that role so I appreciate he gets to be a well-dressed and successful business
  3. The judge will throw it out, citing there was no character to defame.
  4. Not to mention lots of people with names that sound “strange“ to white ears are discriminated against in the workplace for it. That said: I’m probably giving you the side-eye if you name your poor child Car Battery or Stool Sample or something like that. But that’s not a case of names having sounds not familiar to white people, which we should really learn not to bat an eye at (way to go, young people in post ahead of me!). That is using very ordinary English terms in ways they were not meant to be used. (I do think “Daisy Dove” sounds very pretty, I know lots of Madonnas and think i
  5. Late to this party, but I love the show and I'm thrilled it's renewed!
  6. Well I for one am really glad we saw that shoulder-grab at the end, because hand to God otherwise I wouldn’t see how Randall and Kevin could come back from that. Those were some *brutal* words spoken. And it was so *quiet* - no real flying off the handle. That’s how you know they meant it. Damn. Still worried for Kate. For a minute there I thought she was going to die trying to have another baby and I was ready to condemn Toby up in heaps. I really, really need this show to make Miguel less of an afterthought. I liked how Random Doctor with the horse and child was the catalyst f
  7. And then they'd be the fired fire marshall once Cowell made a single phone call. Assholes are not above leaning on people to use their power against ordinary powerless folks, even if that "power" is convincing folks who should know better that you've still got the rainmaker magic. I can see why someone would shrug and decide he's not worth losing gainful employment.
  8. Yep, it's the one thing preventing Dicken's timeless Christmas classic from achieving perfection: the lack of gratutiously nude sex scenes.
  9. So create one! "Memorable Dialogue: The Good, The Bad and the Repetitious". Personally I love stylized dialogue. Want your characters to speak in iambic pentameter? Long beautifully emoted monologues? Bursts of staccato rhythm? Go for it! If I wanted to hear everyday speech I'd just go to a public forum and eavesdrop. If I'm watching comedy or drama or genre I want to experience the wonderful breadth and depth of the spoken word. Show me what you got, writers!
  10. I thought Bob and Abishola had some heat in that bench kiss. The last three episodes have gotten me really interested in this show and in their outcome.
  11. As someone who hated the Pink Pestilence and thought she'd never be able to watch Kristin Kreuk in another role: I've been pleasantly surprised by how much I've enjoyed her since her Lana Lang days. Between different showrunners and a more seasoned actor, I wouldn't run screaming away from the crossover now like I would have done then if they ever announce KK's involvement.
  12. Thanks for this comment (and my sympathies for going through something like this yourself). I'm intrigued by your last paragraph. I sometimes read Ken Levine's blog - he was a writer/head writer for a lot of big shows, like MASH, Cheers, Frasier and The Simpsons - and by all accounts he is, as he himself might put it, a mensch and has had several women writers attest to his character and support of them over the years. Yet he is a big advocate of "no holds barred" writers' rooms, where literally anything goes in terms of what's said, on the grounds that stifling thoughts is what proh
  13. I was happy with M&C, but I gotta tell ya: I was waaaay more into Pete this go around. I'd have followed Jon Favreau around like a puppy.
  14. I am watching Friends episodes on Netflix before going to sleep. Just rewatched the Season 3 finale, and: 1) Rachel was an asshole for manipulating Bonnie into shaving her head, but 2) she still did Bonnie a favour because Ross was an asshole about it too.
  15. Maybe they've rethought their stance after what happened with Glenn Frey, and figured if the person could livestream or otherwise record their participation from elsewhere that's a lot better than waiting and having them die unexpectedly in the meantime.
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