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  1. As someone who hated the Pink Pestilence and thought she'd never be able to watch Kristin Kreuk in another role: I've been pleasantly surprised by how much I've enjoyed her since her Lana Lang days. Between different showrunners and a more seasoned actor, I wouldn't run screaming away from the crossover now like I would have done then if they ever announce KK's involvement.
  2. Thanks for this comment (and my sympathies for going through something like this yourself). I'm intrigued by your last paragraph. I sometimes read Ken Levine's blog - he was a writer/head writer for a lot of big shows, like MASH, Cheers, Frasier and The Simpsons - and by all accounts he is, as he himself might put it, a mensch and has had several women writers attest to his character and support of them over the years. Yet he is a big advocate of "no holds barred" writers' rooms, where literally anything goes in terms of what's said, on the grounds that stifling thoughts is what prohibits free thinking and creativity. I don't doubt he's sincere. But for me that is pretty much a first-class ticket to facilitating racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and all kinds of stereotypes and prejudices. It echoes your last point, that the creative arts are probably the last industry to deliberately cultivate and champion these attitudes -the other industries at least have to pay lip service to the idea that they are attempting to weed this stuff out. This is where PrimeTimer needs an "😠" option in its responses. That fucking rat bastard got off too easily. I normally don't proscribe to conspiracy theories, and I really hope this is a case of him taking himself out and not people silencing him because they have a hope of getting away with it if he dies before naming names. But as it appears a number of right-wing politicians, left-wing politicians, royal family members, and prominent businesspeople (and probably a few religious leaders too) apparently raped and violated powerless underaged kids and women (probably a few boys/men too for the Kevin Spacey types) for years and years thanks to a coalition of putrid fucktard procurers, with only a few rumours floating around to rain on their parade: I don't have an issue thinking someone had enough clout to silence him before he started naming names. I just hope Epstein was enough of a rat bastard to have an "in the event of my death" final whistle blow that would bring everything to light, to bring the entire structure down with him if he were struck down. Not out of some sense of justice, mind - no one with even a smidgen of moral conscience would have done what he did - but just a desire to ensure the other fucking rat bastards don't get away with their crimes at his expense.
  3. I was happy with M&C, but I gotta tell ya: I was waaaay more into Pete this go around. I'd have followed Jon Favreau around like a puppy.
  4. I am watching Friends episodes on Netflix before going to sleep. Just rewatched the Season 3 finale, and: 1) Rachel was an asshole for manipulating Bonnie into shaving her head, but 2) she still did Bonnie a favour because Ross was an asshole about it too.
  5. Maybe they've rethought their stance after what happened with Glenn Frey, and figured if the person could livestream or otherwise record their participation from elsewhere that's a lot better than waiting and having them die unexpectedly in the meantime.
  6. Picard's brother and nephew died in a fire on the vineyard, so I think having a different Picard home fits right in.
  7. LaMonica Garrett is truly a breathtakingly beautiful man. I'd be casting him as every god or celestial being I could think of.
  8. You are correct. I am on vacation and have lost track of the days....
  9. Saw a tweet saying Lotz, Routh and Purcell will be interviewed for SDCC Friday morning. ETA: I'm on vacation and got my days turned around, LOL.
  10. Anne with an E' season 3 adds Kiawenti:io Tarbell as indigenous character Ka’kwet and stays true to its diverse storyline From the article (not sure how to put it in quotes): The story has been reworked heavily to adapt to the current times and talk about the timelessly relevant issues such as racism, bullying, and homophobia. Despite being set in a predominantly white neighborhood, season 2 saw the CBS/Netflix show introducing fleshed out black characters, who had their own story arcs much to the thrill of the fans. Unlike many timeless classics, the story of Anne was always progressive – progressive for its time. When it was published, in 1908, the series was considered feminist; it challenged the social norms of the time, especially since it was the story of a girl who was an outcast but was ambitious and caring and persevered to further herself personally and professionally before pining after a boy. Both television versions have done justice to this theme, with ‘Anne with an E’ furthering it by incorporating LGBT+ rights and racial equality, by introducing a gay classmate for Anne (Amybeth McNulty) and a Trinidadian sailor friend for Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann). In season 3, the show is going to further its mission by adding an Indigenous storyline which will see an actor of Indigenous origin playing a role. After an extensive, open-call search across Canada, the show creator Moira Walley-Beckett and executive producer Miranda de Pencier cast 12-year-old Kiawenti:io Tarbell, a Mohawk from Akwesasne, as Ka’kwet, Anne’s new friend. The actress’ Instagram bio reads: “Ka’kwet on Anne with an E. I am a Mohawk indigenous youth and proud of it. Artist and singer-songwriter, and now actor.” * * * * * Re. the bolded: I'd like to know from other fans if they felt the black characters introduced had the agency and focus the showrunner claims to have given. I think she's white (although I could be wrong). This show should be available to both Canadian and US viewers through Netflix, BTW.
  11. I absolutely love that the current generation of late-night talk show hosts seem bound and determined not to let network rivalries get out of hand like they did during the Leno years.
  12. It'd be interesting to see a remake of Gone With the Wind in a "sliding doors" style - half with the "romantic chivalry" overtones from the book and the other half critiquing that for the lie it was. Or maybe film The Wind Done Gone instead.
  13. *small voice* I just wanna go live on the Waverider. Especially in the current climate.
  14. KIDS SHOULD BE OFF LIMITS. It doesn't matter what dumb celebrity parents try to do with them for publicity; the general public shouldn't take the fucking bait. How is bullying ever going to be solved as a problem when grown adults can't stop themselves from snarking on a kid?? I get that parents need to take this into account and not trot their children out for public display because some general population members are just pieces of suck. But the pieces of suck are still the problem.
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