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  1. Miss Dee

    LSSC: Season Four Talk

    I absolutely love that the current generation of late-night talk show hosts seem bound and determined not to let network rivalries get out of hand like they did during the Leno years.
  2. Miss Dee

    Gone With the Wind (1939)

    It'd be interesting to see a remake of Gone With the Wind in a "sliding doors" style - half with the "romantic chivalry" overtones from the book and the other half critiquing that for the lie it was. Or maybe film The Wind Done Gone instead.
  3. *small voice* I just wanna go live on the Waverider. Especially in the current climate.
  4. KIDS SHOULD BE OFF LIMITS. It doesn't matter what dumb celebrity parents try to do with them for publicity; the general public shouldn't take the fucking bait. How is bullying ever going to be solved as a problem when grown adults can't stop themselves from snarking on a kid?? I get that parents need to take this into account and not trot their children out for public display because some general population members are just pieces of suck. But the pieces of suck are still the problem.
  5. Wow, that's a beautiful way to handle it. Kudos to you.
  6. Miss Dee

    S02.10 The Growing Good of the World

    I'd LOVE to see the Redmond years! Have we ever seen that televised? I see Phil as looking like Anne Hathaway.
  7. Miss Dee

    S04.E13: Egg MacGuffin

    Well, other than I'm not a fan of DharkAtom, I share all your unpopular opinions so come sit by me. It's been lonely on the board!
  8. A triangle that works without making anyone look like a jerk is Tahani, Jason and Janet on The Good Place. Just in case you're interested. my personal favourite romance trope is the friends-to-lovers one. Probably because the writers can keep everything low-key until they're ready to start.
  9. The Legends might - not sure what their shooting schedule will be but with a mid-season debut this time the cast might be free to swap out from their own schedule here and there, or even have the whole team shoot an "Arrow" episode. Who knows?
  10. Miss Dee

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I'm a successful 44 year old woman in quality assurance/business systems...and I love the CW. Like, unironically love it. I watch more shows on that channel than any other network. I do not apologize. Legends of Tomorrow's Season 4, while not as good as Seasons 2 & 3 (because god-tier status can't last forever), is still very good and highly enjoyable, and definitely not worth all the bitching and complaining going on about it. I do not apologize. I'm thrilled Sansa got Queen of the North as she wanted. And anyone who's weeping over Dany's end (and I loved Dany) as the kind of travesty that happens when people do not notice how antifeminist their interpretation of a story is... while at the same time reinterpreting Sansa's story as that of a cold manipulative bitch who lucked her way into her ending... well, let's just say they don't have much self-awareness. I do not apologize.
  11. I said on Reddit that he's probably tweeting too. "These fools are needed to deal with the crisis? Someone's playing a cosmic joke. #DemLegends"
  12. Miss Dee

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I do wonder if GRRM intends to use Jon's heritage very much at all. He may be going for some kind of "destiny because family = bullshit", that basically finding out he's a Targ is not going to change who Jon is or alter the trajectory of his life, any more than finding out she's not actually the heir is going to change Dany's. But of course it will be fleshed out a lot more if that's what GRRM is going for.
  13. Miss Dee

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I've decided in my headcanon that a drunken Pod comforts a drunken Brienne one cold lonely night in Winterfell and they hook up; next morning she's all, "...Jaime who??"
  14. Miss Dee

    LSSC: Season Four Talk

    I especially loved that Batiste played it in a minor key, as befitting the joke. That was amazingly quick and subtle.
  15. Miss Dee

    S04.E14: Nip/Stuck

    I'm out of lockstep with the general fandom these days on several things. First of all, while I'm not terribly into either Nate/Zari or Mona, the over-the-top handwringing about it in the fandom is so fucking out there compared to their actual offensiveness, I'm now rooting for both out of sheer orneriness. To me Nate/Zari are two people who are lonely and horny and latched on to one another. It isn't twu wuv and is not played as such. They have not forgotten about Zari's future-past. I did think most of my issues with Mona were not present in this episode and I liked her fine. I for one do not want Ray to conquer Hell with his peppiness. I want him to come out, but be completely broken. This is not because I hate the character - he's my second favourite - but because I think it's better story-telling. Logically, Hell is not an experience that a Ray Palmer should be equipped to deal with. And it creates a better story when he comes out if he's broken, torn between rage and despair - how does he deal with that? How does he overcome that? How does he find his way back to some semblance of the man he used to be? That's better than simply being so impervious it turned out the Devil got locked in with him instead of the other way around. My biggest fear with this one was of Mick fired because he didn't give a shit. I was relieved that Purcell played it as Mick grieving for Ray's loss and trying not to show it, even if it was mostly subtext.