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  1. He did. The car flew in the first episode, when they were escaping from the big JSA/ISA fight.
  2. Some CW news trickling out; Katy Keene cancelled, Stargirl renewed for a second season exclusive to CW. Maybe we’ll hear some news one way or the other on GA&tC this week.
  3. Was just coming here to post that. 😄 It’s a bit frustrating to me personally. I hate streaming through the CW app. And I continue to wonder what this means for DC Universe and Young Justice in particular, the only show other than Stargirl that I care about on there. 😕
  4. I got them a little confused at first too. I agree with this. I don’t think Rick would look as old as he does except for the receding hairline thing though. 😂 I’ll have to go back and watch it again, but I kinda read that scene not so much as sadness, but as kind of a “huh, what’s going on with you?” perplexity. Not alarm, just kind of a mild confusion. Like...this is not normal behavior for their clingy daughter.
  5. So did I understand that right that Cindy accidentally killed her mom at age four? Or no, wait, Beth said 4th Grade, not age 4, I think. Yikes. Cindy’s had a pretty messed up life. Even her relationship with Henry is apparently on orders from her dad. And ok, there’s no way Cindy and Courtney didn’t recognize each other, right? Courtney really acted like a total brat when Pat was trying to train the team. I don’t blame the other kids for being mad at her. Hopefully this will finally knock some sense into her head. Mike is jealous of Courtney spending so much time with Pat, not surprising. And Barbara’s starting to get a hint that Pat and Courtney are keeping secrets. Wonder how long they’ll drag that one out. On another show, I’d think they were setting up for Barbara and Jordan to have an affair, but I don’t think they’ll go there on this show. I’m not sure they’re not going to have Jordan fall in love with Barbara though. And so the janitor is a good guy, not an ISA member. If he recognizes Pat, maybe even a former JSA member. His speech to Cindy that even bad books have a bit of good in them (or something like that)...are we supposed to take that as a hint that Cindy can be redeemed possibly?
  6. I know. 😄 I kept waiting for the penny to drop, but she just kept going and going, and I was cracking up at all of Pat’s responses.
  7. Reading up some more on the comics background, apparently Courtney’s father was a guy named Sam Kurtis. I was thinking, if he ends up appearing on the show, he could be played by Jason Priestley? I thought the picture in the locket looked like it could be him. Or is that just me? Also, apparently Rick Tyler and Beth Chapel dated, before she was killed. I wonder if they’ll go that direction on the show? (Dating, I mean, not killing Beth. 😳)
  8. Now that was the episode I’ve been waiting for. 😄 Pat is furious at Courtney (rightfully), but finally realizes he’s not going to be able to stop the kids, so training is the only option. Courtney realizes Pat’s point, and the rest of the team gets to find out there really is more to Pat than they’d first thought. ETA: Also, that was the scene from the crossover, wasn’t it? The scene in the parking lot with S.T.R.I.P.E. backing them up? There’s intense sports parents, and then there’s murdering your kid’s coaches. Artemis’s parents are complete psychopaths. I kind hope Artemis gets to break away from them, just because YJ!Artemis is one of my favorite characters (although I know this Artemis is very different). It was nice to see some bonding between Barbara and Mike. And on another note, I’m guessing the ISA’s plan involves some sort of widespread mind control? That’s not a spoiler - I’m just speculating. They have a satellite and they need Brainwave. That’s the only thing I can think of.
  9. Is that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex doing the voiceover? Ugh. Automatic 👎🏻 from me. Seriously. Hate that character. Even with all its flaws, I’d be inclined to be much more charitable toward BvS if it weren’t for him.
  10. No surprise: Legends Promotes Shayan Sobhian to Series Regular for Season 6 (TVLine)
  11. Lol yeah. That was stunningly obvious. So why did the lantern start glowing? Other than as a plot device to help Pat figure out what Courtney’s been up to, I mean. I felt bad for both Rick and Beth. Wendy apparently had no idea what an ass her brother was, and Rick’s life has apparently been awful since they were killed. I thought there was a hint of physical abuse as well, when Rick confronted him about the carburetor and he said something like “do you need me to put you on your ass, again?”. (Is it me though, or does the actor that plays Rick have a bit too much of a receding hairline to take seriously as a teenager?) Beth on the other hand....I don’t totally get what’s going on with her. She’s clinging to her parents so desperately that it seems like she’s actually driving them away. I don’t know if that’s her way of coping with being ostracized by her peers, or what. I get the girls’ annoyance at her constant talking, but on the other hand, it was hard to watch her hurt at being not so subtly excluded. Most of this episode and the last one has felt like setup though, and I’m feeling like I’m ready to get back to the main story. Hopefully we get more progress on that next episode, now that Pat finally knows what’s going on.
  12. That makes more sense, actually. I can see that.
  13. Yes, when they did the closeup on the eyes, they had a little flicky thing in the corners that made them look more reptilian than feline. Yeah, I was a little taken aback by how quickly she jumped straight to killing him (though she didn’t go through with it). I suppose you could say all the pent-up rage of the last four months combined with the power of the suit flipped a switch in her head, but she didn’t strike me as the kind of girl who would jump straight to killing someone, even someone she hates as much as him.
  14. Yes, this was what I thought happened. He shouldn’t have been showing the pic to his friends anyway so I am not inclined to give him a great deal of credit (especially with how he was harassing Yolanda in the premiere), but I really don’t think he gave it to Cindy intentionally.
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