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  1. I wondered why Sylvia didn't consider telling Doc Baker, Reverend Alden or Mr. Oleson. Did she truly think none of them would have believed her much less tried to help her? You're quite right that it IS sad- and of course the fact that she was blamed by Mrs. Oleson and ALL the men [including father-of-four girls Charles] at the School Board meeting for HER getting spied on while she was changing her clothes made the thing rather infuriating!
  2. Is there no way for the sound engineers to edit out the squeaks on the stands and on the playing courts instead of just broadcasting them ? It sounds like a mice colony!
  3. If they regulate boxing to specify no hitting below the belt, why not put no hitting,pulling,etc. below the belt or above the knees in water polo?
  4. Although I don't think they're in any way being negligent re bathing their kids re that frequency, I do have to wonder why they felt the need to share this with the world. As others have said, as long as there's no abuse or neglect involved, how grown folks raise their kids is their own business. Of course, now that the Kutcher parents have put this out, it's likely the kids' peers will start sniffing around them (and I hope they realize that the rules will change when puberty hits their offspring).
  5. Blergh

    The Royals

    Well, as long as Lady Kitty herself accepts (and isn't miffed by) her father's absence due to the shoulder injury, then why else should this matter to others? If she chooses to keep her own counsel about this, we should respect that. It's also possible that the diving expedition may have exacerbated the injury to the point of the Earl of Spenser winding up being too immobile by the time of the wedding. Yeah, not the smartest thing to do if one knows one's offspring's about to be married.
  6. Interesting, but it seemed Miss Beadle had a small cottage with a yard- including a swing on a tree branch by the time of 'Here Come the Brides' (when she is courted and quickly married to Adam Sims). Although where her carriage horse Jack was supposed to be sheltered (and who tended to him when he wasn't pulling Miss Beadle's carriage) went unaddressed. As for 'The Troublemaker', the thing I loathed was when Willie destroyed Mr. Applewood's bag and Mr. Applewood was ready to wallop her and even THAT wasn't enough to keep Laura from freezing. This trait of Laura freezing in times of int
  7. OK, considering that online reviews of anything (from hotels to movies to books,etc) are supposed to be entirely random but honest opinions, I heartily dislike it when someone gets cronies to 'review bomb' something to try to artificially (and unfairly) get it to fail AND when someone urges cronies to put in as many 5-star, 10 points,A Plus, Thumbs Up,etc. reviews as possible to try to manipulate public opinion (and sales). IMO, everyone who has an interest in anything that's connected to online reviews should do nothing more than tell those in the know that the review sites exist- and let th
  8. Blergh

    The Royals

    As long as the late Princess of Wales's niece and her newlywed spouse love each other and are happy, age differences and monies won't derail things ( and I hope she gets along with her new stepchildren even if they're close to her age while her groom is older than her father) However, I have to wonder if the Earl of Spencer may have had the attitude of one French aristocratic mother-in-law whose son married the daughter of a wealthy industrialist and explained to her friends 'Even the most fertile of fields must be manured from time to time.'
  9. Somewhat on topic: Are there any parents/guardians with working brains in NYC (or any other city) who let their minor child's friends come and go at random at all hours of the day and night via said offspring's fire escape window instead of insisting that the friends enter and leave via the apartment's front door (and greet the parents/guardians) as was done in Girl Meets World?
  10. While I agree that that commenter was a total clod to dis Miss Kloots re her dating timing (as though she was Hamlet's mother remarrying ASAP after his father's murder), I like that she seemed to brush the clod's snipe off like a piece of lint instead of collapsing like an accordion.
  11. Agree but on the flip side I dislike it when performers, writers and/or producers attempt to claim that not only was their work flawlessly brilliant but that they had done it as a personal favor to the viewers so the viewers had better adore it!
  12. OK, I preface this by acknowledging that I understand that Japanese is NOT the same as English or any other language with its own alphabet and that, in fact, it has three systems of characters so I am no way making fun of the language itself or anyone who speaks it. However, last night (July 23,2021), I couldn't stop laughing at the 2021 Olympic Parade of Nations in which the Competing Nations paraded into the Opening Ceremonial Stadium by what was considered the Japanese alphabetical order- and it seemed almost as though someone had written down every single name of all competing
  13. Blergh

    The Royals

    If I didn't know better that it's the King of the Netherlands, I would have thought it was Chip Gaines launching a European game show for his streaming service!
  14. Not to mention, despite the fact that Charles had given Laura Bunny as a present, since Laura was a minor child living under his roof (and he was the family property owner), I don't think Laura could have truly been legally entitled to give or trade the horse to another person (not even Nellie) without Charles's express permission. Hence, I think Nels at the very least should have insisted to Laura that he'd have to clear any possible trade with Charles before he could to allow it (and Charles could have [and, in fact, SHOULD have ] vetoed it especially since he knew that Laura loved Bunny AN
  15. IMO, Miss Spears ,having been caught driving while operating a cellphone should be dealt with just as any other adult driver should be- nothing less but nothing more. IOW, if the California law says to fine her X$ and/ or suspend her license for X number of months, then that's what's needed to be done. Period. P.S. Despite the grotesque conditions(which I have consistently expressed my belief she needs to extracted from ASAP ) that she's been under for the past baker's dozen years, IMO I do not consider her to be any more or any less ignorant than any other typical adult driver of wha
  16. But what about all those who don't read disclaimers and/or don't think rules should apply to them? What the ads also don't show is that there's a strong likelihood that their vehicles would get a flat, break an axle,etc. zooming through hiking trails. .. and even if they were able to get a signal. . .. the towing fees alone would wipe out the budgets of smaller nations.
  17. Or maybe just have had her die from an ailment but the death NOT be depicted- only Doc Baker telling Jonathan 'I'm sorry, Jonathan' then the aftermath. Also, one can't help but wonder how dangerous it had to have been to film that whole burning school sequence. One question that never got cleared up was where was Hester-Sue supposed to be sleeping in the weeks after the fire. Adam and Mary got to stay in Nellie's Hotel and the students seemed to have been boarded out to local families (though none were at Casa Ingalls) but they never said exactly where Hester-Sue was during that time
  18. Of course the sad irony is that I have to wonder if the rest of the family might have become so focused on the older Mr. Williams's downward spiral that the younger one's angst might not have been addressed or even noticed. Please understand that I am NOT blaming any member of the Williams family for what happened with the younger Mr. Williams but it's not uncommon for families who witness major catastrophes from one family member to not even think that others within could also have their own anguish.
  19. Blergh

    The Royals

    Good question! It should be interesting to see how tall he might be as an adult. He's already gotten older than the previous direct heir great-grandchild of a British monarch before the monarch's passing (which was the future Duke of Windsor who was almost six years and six months old when Queen Victoria died). Anyway, Happy Birthday, Your Highness and I hope you and your family are having fun today!
  20. Blergh

    The Royals

    Yes, they lived on and off for two years while he was stationed in Malta where, aside for a few ceremonies and ribbon cuttings, they more or less were able to live the life of a Naval officer couple (and it seems they had their first two children being raised by others in England at that time). Until the pandemic, this likely was the most time the two of them got to spend with each other more or less alone (granted with a good number of retainers). Of course, this is somewhat different than having lived together before marriage which would have been completely impossible for the Hei
  21. As a background kid who behaved well. Of course, the fact this episode was directed by the performer's father Leo may have been a contributing factor to him not being a jerk onscreen-a rare episode NOT directed by ML himself.
  22. I agree that it seemed to make little sense for Charles to side with Harriet on this one. However, since she WAS the storekeeper and he may not have thought it was worth them getting all their supplies in Mankato, it could be that (for once) Charles thought it was more practical to side with Harriet on this. Also, perhaps he may have thought if the Olesons' donated the bell outright, he and the other struggling farmers would have been off the hook to raise funds for it- and a plaque would have been a small price for it. Of course, the only positive reason to have possibly sided with Mr. K
  23. I've never heard of anyone commenting on the late Mr. Barry's views of other ethnicities ,and, oddly enough, none of the surviving LHOTP cast have commented about how it was to have worked with him. However, in retrospect, I have to wonder if ML might have cast him in the role knowing how difficult and troubled he was and believing he could somehow believably channel that into such a self-destructive, hateful role.
  24. Regardless of which subspecies he's voiced, it's past time to just give Gottfried the bird!
  25. I agree and I'd like to know why that school didn't EXPEL him and send him to reform school instead of letting him graduate! Horrible!
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