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  1. I have no idea what might have 'really' happened with Miss Spears, her employee or her dog. However, whichever way the dust settles on what may have happened, it seems obvious to me that keeping Mr. Spears as her 'executor' has been completely counterproductive for every aspect of her life including her mental state so he needs to be dumped ASAP even if it turns out that she does need someone else to keep watch over her.
  2. Rather than either Seinfeld's whacked neighbor or the 1950's ghosts' living straight man, my mind went to George Jetson's pint-sized terror tyrant Cosmo Spacely a man who was completely fearless- except of his huge wife Petunia! So, one can't deny that few folks won't forget the baby's rather unusual name!
  3. Well, ML knew that the RL Ingallses DID have their lastborn daughter named Grace so I'm wondering if the original plan might have been for the show Ingallses to have had her after X number of seasons- with the fictional Grace Snyder Edwards being her godmother (but that got totally scuttled via Victor French's departure).
  4. Interesting about your nephew and brother's parental insights re what's the challenging condition and what's deliberate brattiness. Crosby was tough to like but I liked that he was willing to become more responsible after his son came back into life (and then would marry the son's mother and have another child with her). FWIW, I liked Mr. Shepherd on this show more than I do now mainly because he wasn't so TMI re letting it all hang out back then.
  5. Something just occurred to me: the Ingallses named their youngest daughter Grace- yet they never said that they'd named her for their former bestie's wife! Yes, I know that the RL Ingallses did indeed have their youngest daughter named that but the show's Ingallses never said where they got the name from. Was ML still so sore over Victor French's (as it turned out temporary) departure that he refused to acknowledge any possible link via the youngest daughter's name? Let's not forget that the Ingallses and Edwardses left 'Gold Country' together but then the next season not a trace o
  6. I agree that there were times the show was excellent and I thought it was intriguing the initial arc of having Julia's husband being the stay-at-home parent to their daughter while she worked AND him at times chomping at the bit while being the only stay-at-home dad in a neighborhood of stay-at-home moms who weren't entirely above trying to flirt with him. I also initially liked Crosby evolving from a self-important drifter flake to becoming a (somewhat) responsible husband and father of two after his son and son's mother came back into his life (and yes, I thought it interesting addressing t
  7. I definitely believe that Miss Winger's Dottie would have just let her kid sister Kit stew in her own and whine until the cows came home instead of dropping the ball (literally and figuratively).
  8. I have to agree with you on that (and, even at her worst, she wound up being FAR more likable than either Rebecca or Carla became). The big irony is that both Frazier and Lilith each started out as mere comic foils who were just supposed to be near one-shots that Diane and Sam were supposed to blow out of the water but first Frazier proved so popular that they made him a regular to the end then Lilith herself was too clever and had too much comic gold for them just to toss aside. Yes, I know that Lilith would be gone as a Cheers regular before the show was over but even after she was suppose
  9. IMUO, I know they likely entitled it for clickbait but IMUO, I think they REALLY jumped the gun re saying that young Emme Muñiz was taking 'her future stepdad' Mr. Affeck out to dinner. As far as the public knows, there have been no proposals.etc. so whether he and her mother Miss Lopez decide to get married in the future, stay non-marital companions. .. or break up tomorrow is anyone's guess (including that website's) .Hence, I think it would have been more accurate to have just said 'Miss Emme Muñiz/ J Lo's Daughter Emme Takes Mr. Affleck( a Current Friend of the Family) Out to Dinner'
  10. But the sad thing is that from interviews,etc., it seems that Mr. Danson showed that he had the capacity to believably play a relatively smart, troubled person with dimmer moments while Miss Alley seemed to be unable to sustain that initial characterization but WAS completely believable as a whiny, crass, greedy crybaby airhead (who wound up being one of the least likable of the increasingly annoying regulars by the show's cancellation).
  11. Mr. Benson still does because, as his autobio was titled he's 'not dead yet' despite having to have dealt with serious heart issues for decades.
  12. Maybe it's a case of casting him to ensure movies will be losses to counterbalance any gains for tax purposes .Still, I totally agree- and in addition to ALL the above, he was barely passable as comic relief when he was a teen before his ego exploded and he bought every shilly hype claimed about him and seems to have infinite entitlement and zero sense of humor about himself. Truly did they even TRY to see if someone might have been interested in the role among the countless performers desperate to resume performing now that there are less health restrictions in place?
  13. I'd agree but it seems that at least some of them (e.g. Laila) have been willfully ignorant/in denial about the possibility of boxing having been at least a contributing factor to his condition doing their best to only focus on how it brought the family fame and fortune.
  14. Of course one odd thing about 'Werewolf' was that they had a one-shot kid whose ONLY purpose was to explain how to make paper mache items. I mean, it wasn't rocket science for them to have soaked paper in wet paste then put the saturated, pasty paper on the objects so I didn't see why Eliza Jane herself couldn't have explained that to the class when assigning them to do so for an art project (though I didn't buy that a 19th century Midwesterner one-room school would have taken so much time with art work besides the occasional drawing).
  15. Even the latter part of Season Five in which Drew gets cheated on by his self-justifying classmate and expresses his woes to Amber who- encourages them both to get high f to 'cope' even with him missing classes for weeks on end- and no one ever calls out Amber or Drew for having done this (nor does Drew ever confront Amber over this even after he wakes up from his stupor). ALL that happens is that, after they show up to an extended family dinner high, is that the aunts and uncles cattily dump on SARAH for them being her offspring! Oh, and let's not forget not only Amber's previous near-de
  16. It could be that do that because dumbed down, simplistic dolts are easier to write for than nuanced, layered intelligent characters who get themselves in humorous if not absurd scenarios. Even as far back as The Lucy Show (1962-1968), Lucy Carmichael started out as a somewhat responsible middle aged mother of two who got herself into scrapes out of trying to help out the family but wound up being a Dumb Dora (who completely forgot about her offspring's existence) who was Mr. Mooney's totally incompetent employee who'd do dumb things just to have him blow his hair-trigger fuse for laughs and
  17. I disagree! Producers are the BOSSES of the sets and responsible for the shows' wellbeing which includes every single cast member and employee. Hence, if one employee is being harassed by any other employee, the boss is supposed to step in and tell the harasser to knock it off or it's curtains for them!
  18. Although it would have been a nice gesture had Jeopardy chosen a female and/or a person of a minority ethnicity to have been the permanent day-to-day host, my main objections to them choosing Mike Richards are that a. him being the executive producer somewhat tilted the scales rather than having the choice having been from an even playing field and b. while he was sympathetic expressing his sincere mourning for Mr. Trebeck, overall he has the personality of a turnip.
  19. Wait! The Spears parents are DIVORCED so why is he paying her expenses- especially with their elder daughter's actual earnings ? If Miss Spears herself had wanted to pay her evidently perfectly able-bodied, competent mother's expenses herself I think she would have done so. Could it be that the former Mrs. Spears's belated 'jumping ship' from her ex after his unsavory dealings got revealed possibly be a case of her hoping their elder daughter will do just that?
  20. Not to mention in The Blues Brothers (1980) having one male NAZI tell his compatriot that he loved him when they were about to die! I mean, these characters thus far had been bestowed ZERO redeeming features so it seemed that for the one to tell the other that he was attracted to him just seemed to attempt to show how worthless and subhuman they were instead of it being a case of showing that one adult could love another even in an unconventional way! Even the Rancor's keeper mourning the beast Luke killed in self-defense in Return of the Jedi(1983) seemed more sympathetic- despite loving
  21. So far, IMO it seems every claim Miss Spears has made has been corroborated by the courts while every claim Mr. Spears has made has been proven to have been false- and why hasn't anyone wondered why HE isn't attempted to earn a living on his own besides just taking the lion's share of the quarry his cub's been bringing in? It sure doesn't sound as though he believes he has much of a leg to stand on if he's considering stepping down.
  22. Maybe Half-Pint SAT on Miss Hartley's china as a child the way she would on the Ingallses' intended picture window as a so-called adult but didn't want to admit it 'for the books'.
  23. Oh, I totally agree with you how infuriating it was how Adam and, especially, Kristina seemed to think that there was nothing more they could have done to have attempted to teach Max to be the best person he COULD have been even factoring the high-functioning autistic diagnosis. Instead, they just threw up their hands and expected everyone else (including their older daughter and possibly their baby [though this was unclear]) to cater to his every whim- and rant. And despite all the show's claims to the contrary, it seemed to me that Max knew EXACTLY what he was doing- and he knew that his ra
  24. As of 2017 in Closer Magazine, here is where Mr. Sheen terms Charlie 'his hero': https://www.closerweekly.com/posts/martin-sheen-son-charlie-sheen-147868/
  25. Alas, Mr. Sheen has somewhat (albeit unintentionally) spelled it out that he's treated his youngest son Charlie as though he could do no wrong his whole life and THAT seems to have been a significant contributing factor in the latter's downfall -yet, despite the latter's notorious history, he insists that his son is 'his hero'. AFAIK, there doesn't seem to be any evidence that the Hanks parents have done so re their elder son Chet but it seems probable that he wound up becoming a jerk despite their efforts.
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