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  1. Not to mention that both characters seemed as though they'd be complete disasters as a romantic partner but would have been better off just staying single and concentrating on the work tasks. Let the union with the late Mrs. Stabler be considered a one-time fluke of him getting incredibly lucky. Seriously, let both of them stay single trainwrecks. I can't say I'm not happy I've long since quit watching the show.
  2. I have to admit having mixed feelings about Chet in Emergency. On the one hand, I always thought the lame 'off task' banter dragged the whole thing down and took away from then cutting-edge drama about how paramedics were saving lives on disaster sites and working with doctors and nurses. However, I actually thought Chet could have been an entertaining character on his own if they'd had him on an entirely different show. Perhaps a comedic one about firefighters in which actual fires and tragedy were totally ignored (as had been the case for actual crimes re the cop comedy show Car
  3. [small voice]- I actually like those ads with Goldilocks with a 'tude pitching those mattresses (though I'm not in the market for a new one by any means).
  4. Why would I not be surprised if she considers Miss Hough and her own brother's child victim to be WORSE for actually reporting the rapes than her husband and brother are for being convicted rapists?
  5. I understand that Danny de Vito and Arnold Schwarzenegger are making a sequel to Twins (1988) called Triplets with Tracy Morgan but has anyone heard whether Bonnie Bartlett is on board playing their mother? I know she's now 92 but she still seems sharp witted and active enough to possibly do a cameo.
  6. Any word on whether that character had had her growth stunted via childhood java consumption? That's what I was always told WHY I couldn't drink coffee until I became an adult.
  7. Entertaining interview with Anderson Cooper (Wednesday, September 23,2021). Yes, Mr. Colbert definitely showed how he'd honed his improv skills during the Pandemic ZOOM Months by somewhat bailing out Mr. Cooper from having dead (and dull) air when the Central Park concert had washed out. Yes, I knew that the late Miss Vanderbilt had somewhat epitomized being an eccentric (if not entirely via her own monies) but I'd never imagined that she'd have actually attempted to pressure Mr. Cooper into having her be a surrogate to her own grandchild by him- at age 85! I don't know via what medical p
  8. Blergh

    The Royals

    I saw the documentary with all four of the Duke of Edinburgh's children and most of his grandchildren participating in it. Of course, they evidently had planned it in the hopes of being a capstone to help celebrate his 100th Birthday but that was not to be so it wound up as a tribute. The Prince of Wales shared that one of his last times with the Duke was when everyone was discussing plans for the 100th Birthday celebration and after the Duke asked his eldest son to repeat himself (since he'd gotten quite deaf) , the Duke remarked that he'd have to be alive to be participate in it!
  9. Of course, it was ironic that the one character who Dr. Craig held the most contempt for was a 'Dr. London' but never once was that character actually SEEN by the viewers.
  10. One thing that was emphasized in The Books was that the ONLY luxury item the Ingallses owned was a porcelain 'china shepardess' doll which they would pack VERY carefully when making all their journeys and set on the mantles of their dwellings to commemorate that they'd arrived AND survived intact. Somehow, they'd drilled it into their four daughters from very early ages that this was NOT a toy and that that were not to attempt to play with it under any circumstances. I recall it on the show but it didn't seem to have had the same kind of import as it had in The Books. BTW, does anyone
  11. Yes, he played a somewhat unsympathetic character (a married person always trying to sneak off to have trysts with a would- be co-adulterer) but his schemes would always end in hilarious failure so that (somewhat ) redeemed him. The irony is that Mr. Fyfe died just weeks after his real-life wife of over 60 years had died so one might give him the benefit of the doubt that he was a more dedicated spouse than the character he played. RIP, Mr. Fyfe.
  12. True but it seemed that Nellie FORGOT she was married to Percival when Harriet gleefully exclaimed that 'Laura and Almanzo are getting a divorce' and Nellie had the most evil, gleeful smile to a haunting score! OK, it was funny and harkened back to the premarital and pre-tamed Nellie Oleson. However, considering how happily married Nellie was (before and after that episode), one would have thought she'd have done nothing more than shrug 'So?'.
  13. The only reason I can think of that the Ingallses stayed in those cramped quarters for eight seasons (even with all those extra folks) was that ML didn't want to have to build a bigger permanent set for them (or spend extra monies) and perhaps, he just felt comfortable keeping their set 'as was'. Ironic that the Olesons got a much bigger and fancier permanent set (and ML seemed to add to it) and three out of the four were the villains!
  14. Blergh

    The Royals

    Considering the fact that said jewels have been used by the Windsors ever since, a will on his behalf specifying that he'd left them to his mistress would complicate things even a century later. I wonder if they'd have to compensate her survivors if it got found and proved that the jewels DID indeed belong to the countess.
  15. Jimmy Garrett who'd played Lucy's son Jerry Carmichael on The Lucy Show (1962-1965), died September 17,2021 evidently due to complications of diabetes and a fall. He was 66. He married somewhat late in life and had two minor children before he and his ex one Laura Johansen split. On a somewhat lighter note, when he was on the show, Vivian Vance told him that he got all the 'Fred' lines and did them better 'than that old poop' . Roughly a year after his last appearance on the sitcom, Lucy received a letter from her son in boarding school ('Lucy Gets Caught Up in the Draft'). F
  16. Will third time for her and 2nd for him prove the charm for newly engaged couple Christina Haack (formerly Mrs. El Mousa and Mrs. Antstead) and Joshua Hall? Only time will tell. .. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/who-is-christina-haacks-new-fiance-what-to-know-about-realtor-joshua-hall/ar-AALYrp5
  17. The Emmys didn't bother to honor Norman Lloyd in their Memoriam segment! Yes, the Norman Lloyd who had lived to 106 (!) until May,2021 and had been a television performer, director and producer from as early as 1952 to 2010 (to say nothing of his earlier stage, radio and movie contributions). For shame!
  18. The moment Uno Wutt [Flo] showed up like a gnat buzzing in one's ear to deliberately spoil what had been a pleasant picnic, I had to flee the room and shut off the TV so the WHOLE commercial became nothing but white noise to me! Anyway, for the few viewers who were able to stick around to hear the lyrics: I admire your tolerance and endurance. I guess they're wearing white aprons to supposedly be able to be ready to clean up customers' messes. BTW, I recall in Spring,2020 when the pandemic had them do Empty Apron commercials with Uno Wutt and her crew NO WHERE in sight! The Emp
  19. Agree but the writers wanted the viewers to think they did- even when they were dumping side characters and offshoot storylines the viewers largely loathed. Still, considering its IMO awful end, I have ZERO regrets in having said 'never again' after dumping it shortly after Season Three got underway (and that's why I will NEVER trust J.J. Abrams not to turn any kind of television or movie enterprise he's been given into a meanspirited, taunting and complete bummer).
  20. Progressive having an Addams' Family cartoon (drawn in the same style as Charles Addams had drawn the original panels) looked like it was going to be fun- until they had to stick Uno Wutt (AKA Flo) in it! ARGGHH!!!! !! Really, that was like putting an Elmo decal on the Mona Lisa! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Actually, many never-married, separated, widowed and, ahem, divorced women of that time and place either pooled what few resources they had and lived with other unmarried women in one spot OR they 'visited' different relatives for sometimes years at a stretch. I had an ancestress around that era who did just that with her daughters after they were all grown and married while the family let everyone think she'd informally separated from her husband but, in reality, she'd secretly gotten a legal divorce! Yes, I know we had Amy Hearn having lived with a woman roomie before the latter di
  22. On a trivial note: IMO, it's interesting how Mr. Daniels picked up the Boston Brahmin accent via having done a stage show of Life With Father in his teens (despite being a Brooklyn native) while Miss Bartlett has kept HER Midwestern accent through 70 years of marriage !
  23. Agree! Of course, there was NO real justification (other than sheer stupidity) for Thelma to have sung like a canary about the monies to the virtual stranger Brad Pitt's character JUST because they'd rolled in the sheets! Yes, I know that Mr. Pitt's character drifter, grifting character was wrong and would have deserved to have been punished for having stolen the monies but she was just STUPID to have done so and I REALLY wish Louise had eviscerated Thelma for having done so and BLOWN it for the two of them! Of course, Louise herself would have been better off had she told Thelma that i
  24. Blergh

    The Royals

    So could the monies have been to Miss Miles's long- deceased great-grandmother ? As I said, Prince Francis of Teck had died unmarried at age 40 back in 1910. Hence, one would imagine with after his big sis's May's death in 1953, few folks in Hanoverian, Cambridge or Windsor lines would have viewed the possibility of a lifelong bachelor having had a mistress (and/or a nonmarital child) with more than a nudge and wink so I don't see why they're still keeping such a tight lid on this!
  25. Re The Eyes of Tammy Faye: I know that Jessica Chastain wanted to avoid making the late Tammy Faye Bakker Messner a caricature (and had her children's blessing) but I recall how eagerly the then- Mrs. Bakker joined her 1st husband Jim in urging struggling folks to part with major parts of their income and reaping the rewards for themselves. Yes, I grant that the late Mrs. Messner was nicer than the late Rev. Fallwell was towards gays and the AIDS- afflicted folks but alone that doesn't erase how greedy, hammy and insincere she was back in the day when helping to fleece their viewers.
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