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  1. No, but all meals there have definitely resulted in poop happening(with the possible exceptions of those that have been vomited) but it's puzzling that a restaurant chain would want to remind folks of that inevitable outcome when trying to pitch themselves.
  2. Blergh

    The Royals

    OK, but has anyone seen the former Queen Beatrix in recent years? I know she's abdicated (and retired) but one would think she might want to do things and visit with with her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters from time to time.
  3. While monies can't buy happiness, one would hope that being the parent of two healthy children would bring joy to her life! Of course, I haven't seen any recent interviews with her so maybe it has by this point.
  4. IIRC, the whole business of the now-deceased Willard Scott getting dressed up like Carmen Miranda on The Today Show happened when The Addams Family star Carolyn Jones died in 1983- and he claimed that when they were kids they used to dress up like the late Brazilian star (which seemed an odd claim because he was born in Alexandra, Virginia while she four years his senior- and a native of Amarillo, Texas[!]). Anyway, rather than just let this claim go and move onto other things , a number of viewers said they wanted him to dress up that way on camera and he said he'd only do it if someone w
  5. OK, since I brought up Arlene Francis (1907-2001) hosting something called The Home Show (1954-1957) in the Gender topic, I thought I'd share one of (at least IMO) funniest behind the scenes stories she shared in her 1978 autobio. Towards the end of the show's run, they had an episode featuring an Amish festival. Now, how they got permission from that community's elders to get it broadcast, I'm not sure (since some of the orders expressly forbid photography). But in any case, they discovered that while the Amish women had prepared loads of sumptuous, home made goodies, there wasn't that much t
  6. Oddly enough the Original Patty AND Peppermint Patty appear together in Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown (1977) in which the whole gang somehow gets roped into a raft race against summer camp bullies! While Original Patty gets seen (and I think even a scene or two with her more recently arrived namesake), she doesn't have any lines in this.
  7. Blergh

    The Royals

    It sounds as though that movie could wind up getting rather. .. heady!
  8. Yep, too bad Maya Angelou was too unknown back then for that character to have heeded the iconic author's advice of 'If someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them!' This somewhat reminds me of a Bonanza episode in which this bogus 'faith healer' attempted to con one of the Cartwrights' neighbors who had been crippled. The whole show built up the fact that he was nothing but a con HOWEVER he somehow did allow himself to get emotionally (and it was hinted possibly romantic) involved with her. Anyway, in the climatic scene he attempted to 'lay hands' on her and get her to
  9. IMO, this was Miss Martin's most likable character and most believable role (sorry, IMO but her starring role in Christy (1994) was such a fail it made the 1974 Little House on the Prairie series a documentary by comparison after the promising TV movie pilot) so why not? And, yes, I would be interested in how her character's now-middle aged Down's Syndrome older brother (played by the performer Chris Burke with the same challenge) would be faring. I only hope Miss Martin can somehow persuade her Patti Lupone and Bill Smitrovich to at least make cameos as their aging parents ( and, perhaps
  10. That's GREAT news! This gives me something to look forward to make it through the next four months of holiday disruptions,etc. at work!
  11. Agree re it being foul about Mr. O'Connell having a larger salary than his more experienced co-hosts. Disagree about him (and any other potential male) being disqualified to participate in that show solely due to gender- as emphatically as I would were folks attempting bringing forth arguments to justify excluding females participating in shows,etc. That is all.
  12. It looks great (and I hope this means 'January, 2022' instead of 'December,2022').
  13. @debraran I agree with all the above re that episode- but what was perplexing is that at the tail end, Laura did a Rare Late Season Narration and dropped the baby name bombshell that had happened two years after that two or three day visit to the unhappy couple and offspring. I mean, how much of all this was Charles supposed to have shared with Laura after the fact? It's hard to imagine any convo like" How was your trip, Pa?" Charles:"Oh, same old ,same old. The horse seller was a big ole drunk and his wife was itching to leave him but I gave them both big guilt trips (
  14. When Quiet Riot's cover of " Cum on Feel the Noize" (1983) was played on MTV, I was a bit surprised that none of the VJ's attempted to joke about what lazy and bad spellers that they had to have been to have misspelled the first and last words the way they did because why ELSE would they have spelled those words that way.
  15. That's even worse than when the late Governor George Wallace pulled his African-American assistant from off-camera to proclaim the man to be his 'best friend' when confronted over his not having always been fair-minded!
  16. Well, as far back as the 1950's there WERE women in prominent hosting positions on daytime TV (the late Arlene Francis hosting a Today-type show called The Home Show and Betty White [yes, that Betty White] hosting a similar themed show called The Betty White Show). Granted, these were the sole regular women on their respective shows but they WERE the queen bees clearly running things and keeping the male drones in line! As for The Talk? OK, I still am TOTALLY against Mr. O'Connell getting more monies than his more experienced co-hosts. However, wouldn't having a less toxic and grating i
  17. I guess they got their ideas from the Pocahontas movie which did all it could to avoid showing how the area was (and is) a flat and very buggy swamp!
  18. OK, if it's true that Mr. O'Connell is being paid more than than the women co-hosts of The Talk, I am TOTALLY against it. (a.) newbies to the table don't merit being paid MORE than experienced folks and (b.) his career before this by no means set the entertainment industry on fire. THIS part I agree with you all. However, The Talk isn't a convent or a sorority. It's hard to justify refusing to have men participate or co-host on that venue. In fact, if its ostensible purpose is to promote diverse viewpoints, it would seem that to refuse to allow someone to participate solely beca
  19. I guess the big wigs DID decide that all the flak surrounding him would ultimately hurt the production's bottom line. So does this mean that the search for a new Jeopardy host is going to start all over again?
  20. It beats being 'serenaded' by Rachael Ray shilling her stuff over stores' PA system but then so would a buzz saw! However, I can think of a time or so I've gone to a commercial establishment and they were playing 'rap' peppered with profanities. I just couldn't stand the selection so I went to the manager and told them to each one's own listening to whatever one wanted off the clock but customers (like me) didn't need to hear it when conducting business (and at a place where parents potentially could bring in small children at any time).
  21. Of course, it should be noted that 'Edward' wasn't his original and/or actual given name but he explained in a Tweet a few years back that his parents bestowed him the name of 'Eddie' while his Hebrew name was 'Itzak' His father had originated from Lithuania while his mother had been born in Russia and they were Jewish immigrants who'd settled in (of all places) Kansas City, Kansas where he was born in 1929. I imagine that he either formally changed it or just used 'Edward' as his stage name so he would be more likely to be cast in roles of dignity than he would have had he kept using just
  22. I recall him making a joke about how Tom Cruise and Katie Holme's child Suri was supposedly conceived. I couldn't care less about someone taking potshots at Mr. Cruise but I thought it was wrong for him to denigrate a baby this way- especially over something the baby had had no control whatsoever about (and one day may see a tape about said 'joke').
  23. Blergh


    Now it means, at least to some, a pot that one cooks rocks of crack cocaine within!
  24. Blergh


    Decades ago, whenever someone was talking about cooking something in their crock pot, I used to jokingly say that I'd cooked something in my 'crack pot' (meaning off-kilter person). I can't possibly do that any more due to the changing of the meaning of the latter term.
  25. Interesting that she actually took Mr. Kilmer into her own home and nursed him during his throat cancer battle (decades after their romance had played out). I hadn't heard of similar actions by his ex (and children's mother) Joanne Whalley during that time (and I wonder how his grown kids reacted to Cher having done so- grateful or resentful).
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