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  1. There is a new show on PBS Kids called Hero Elementary about superheroes in training. One of the characters AJ Sparks is autistic. His specialty is creating gadgets. He is sensitive to loud noises and has trouble understanding certain figures of speech. For example when a character says to him You're the man AJ responds I'm only seven. It's a cute show without being sappy.
  2. I think viewers are tougher on child actors than adults. Viewers understand that an adult can play a murderer or drug addict nobody assumes that that's who they are in real life. Kids are assumed to be brats and not reading from a script. I think this attitude in common in the Commercial forum.
  3. I watched every episode of the X-Files until the reveal that Samantha Mulder was dead all along. Mulder's search for his sister drew me to the show. I thought it would have been a nice reward to reunite them after putting Mulder and Scully through hell. It also would have been interesting to see two people who are related to each other but are strangers.
  4. kathyk2


    This is disgusting and scary. Someone put a noose in Bubba Wallace's garage stall. Bubba is currently the only black driver in Nascar. It was the top story on Sports Center.
  5. My hated Syfy character was Walter Bishop from Fringe. Walter experimented on children including Olivia and kidnapped Peter from his family. I think shows like Haven and Fringe got too complex for their own good.
  6. Final Jeopardy was a snap my nephew and his wife graduated from Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire
  7. FYI Boston Jeopardy fans the show will be on at 7:00 instead of 7:30 today.
  8. I loved the Netflix documentary Crip Camp. It's the story of a camp for disabled teens in upstate New York. The campers went on to lead the disability rights movement. This is history you won't learn in class.
  9. I disagree if you are reviewing a movie based on a book it's useful to compare and contrast them both. The book Forrest Gump is nothing like the movie while the movie version of Misery follows the book closely. I hated the movie Order of the Phoenix because it omitted so many scenes from the book that made me cry.
  10. I disagree there are many ways a sabotage a new show. First scheduling a new show against the most popular show at that time. For example putting my beloved Reaper in the same time slot as NCIS and American Idol. Reaper didn't stand a chance. Promoting one new show over another and inconsistent scheduling. ABC did this with the Muppets reboot. They took a two month break and then changed the time slot.
  11. I've always thought of the Iron Curtain as a political term so I had no clue about the geography. I couldn't believe they missed David Bowie and Madonna. I was inspired to hear Mr Blue Sky.
  12. I loved Brenda and hated Fritz. I thought his behavior was passive aggressive and not telling her about his alcoholism would have been a deal breaker for me. Brenda's parents showing up at crime scenes was stupid and would never be tolerated in real life. I thought the segments about Brenda's personal life were the weakest part of the closer.
  13. kathyk2


    I hope you are able to go. It was so nice to hear Mike Joy and Jeff Gordon again. Victory Lane was strange without fans. There seemed to be more ads during the race than usual.
  14. kathyk2

    S10: Palau

    I never understood why they didn't switch up the up the tribes. Did they really want Tom to win that much? Stephenie didn't stand a chance with her tribe members eliminated.
  15. I'm tired of the poor people can never get ahead trope. It doesn't matter if it's the Connors from Roseanne the Evans family from Good times or the Dimaio family from Speechless. Every time something good happens to them another shoe drops. Also I think viewers blame characters for bad decisions when the writers are to blame.
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