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  1. New episodes of Cold Justice start tonight. Next Friday Oxygen is airing a special Murdered and Missing in Montana about crimes on an Indian reservation. I read the news daily and haven't heard about these cases,
  2. You can watch tonight's game on YouTube. I like Ken but I'll miss Mayim.
  3. I also thought Copernicus for Final Jeopardy I ran Tony Award Winners and knew serpentine. Someone must have watched Schoolhouse Rock when they were younger because I squealed when I saw Unpack your Adjectives.
  4. There is a difference between a quick hug and someone who won't let go. The kids are fine at first then they are clearly uncomfortable.
  5. Jerry Remy Red Sox player and broadcaster died today due to cancer. He also played for the Angels.
  6. I think people usually forget the cameras are there. I saw the worst example of making a criminal more attractive than they are. in a show called Love Kills a woman named Judy was an attractive redhead the real Judy was obese with short dark hair.
  7. Why would you pick the 800 clue when you missed the 600 dollar clue? I was surprised they didn't mention the Mayfair Witch books in the Ann Rice category.
  8. How do you sell someone a knife and a machete and not call the police? If someone had Tabatha might be alive today.
  9. Lady Marmalade is in regular rotation on 70's 0n 7 so I have your back. I'm impressed that Mayim doesn't use her acting skills to influence the questions.
  10. I thought the answer was Lady Marmalade too. I thought Roxanne was an 1980's song
  11. There are other books with characters Simon in them. Piggy would have been obvious. I think Mayim has no filter which is different from being rude. Pat Sajack is often rude to contestants on Wheel of Fortune.
  12. ITA She's taking her own kids it's not like Michael Jackson taking children he isn't related to award shows. Her kids are old enough to like Marvel movies they aren't props.
  13. Tammy is huge! Amy may have gained some weight but she's mobile. I'm glad to see Amy moving away from Tammy. I'm worried for Chris.
  14. I loved the latest Signed Sealed Delivered movie. I think it's the last one based on the flashbacks through the series. They had a time skip from the last movie to this one.
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