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  1. Long-Haired Rat Declared Westminster Winner. Rioting Ensues.
  2. IF the "kids" are gonna screw up (and around) next season, may it mercifully be done offscreen. In the meantime, Geezer Bus Knock Knock Geezer Bus Knock Knock Geezer Bus Knock Knock
  3. Triangle - shriangle. The real big news of the night ... Ned invented the freakin' band-aid!!! And Nathan is gonna be just fine, especially if/when Fiona enters the picture. The man grows more of a personality any time he's near her.
  4. On the other hand ... Just before his wedding, Mary told Sheldon how proud his father would have been of him, and Sheldon admitted that he missed his father. And when Sheldon was reeling from the super-asymmetry theory apparently being discredited, it was a taped pep talk from George that got him back in the game, so to speak. Sheldon said, ”It’s interesting.I always thought that my father’s journey and mine were so different, but he also faced failure and setbacks. Maybe our lives mirrored each other more than I thought.” And he concluded by saying, "Thanks, Dad. We're g
  5. I can participate, Smart Ass. Good job, Lump. Father-son bonding at its finest. 🤣🤣🤣 So glad we were able to have dinner with the Coopers and Dr. Sturgis. Who knew talking science could be so awesome?
  6. So that's Modern Farmhouse over Haughty Derision for the win. 😉
  7. Think it's great having other familiar faces showing up to help with the renovations, but come on, HGTV. Jenny and Dave Marrs make comfortable TV. Christina in the Backwoods would be all kinds of awesome.
  8. Surely now that Rosemary has decided to become an investigative journalist she will discover the well-kept secret that since 1914 war has been raging in every corner of the world ... except Hope Valley.
  9. What I don't understand is that in a town with a full-time Mountie and the head of the flippin' WSB (General Hospital-ly speaking) in residence, only Rosemary seems concerned about potential nefarious shenanigans afoot. If Abigail returns, will officially be cheering for a large meteor to make a direct hit on Hope Valley - on a day Fiona, the Colters, and the new minister and family are all out of town, of course.
  10. And Eugene Barkley. (He adds a little Western flair.)
  11. Well, land developers have appeared in the area. Are they EEEEE-VILLLLLL, with nefarious schemes afoot to permanently damage the Hope Valley way of life ... ... thereby giving the citizens no choice but to blow up the town .... ... and leave the rubble behind, singing Onward Christian Soldiers as they head to their new homes?
  12. Missy and Georgie could make occasional appearances, too - maybe getting in their community service hours. 🤣
  13. REALLY old here - 'cause I called the Geezer Bus gentleman "that guy from LA Law." Geezer Bus - The Series ... Mee Maw and June become Geezer Bus activity directors and proceed to lead countless east Texas seniors astray. I'd watch. Better yet, be on the bus myself!
  14. Scandal in Hope Valley. Ned proposes to Florence. In bed.
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