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S14.E03: All Aboard The Rumor Train

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Kelly’s tear-filled exit from Tamra’s housewarming party prompts the other women to air their grievances; Gina confesses a painful secret to Emily; Shannon and Braunwyn bond over parenting challenges; a shocking new rumor comes to light.

Airs 8/20/19 at 9:00 PM Eastern

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What was Gina talking about with her parents? What’s really going on that she can’t talk about yet? Her DUI or something with the husband and divorce? Being it’s Gina I don’t really care I guess. 

Not defending Vicki at all but these ho’s have all talked shit about each other. They’re all guilty. 

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I don't believe Gina and her tears.

I think she knew about the affair a long time ago and chose to try to keep her husband by having more kids.

I think she is painting him this way on camera to try to get as much out of the divorce as possible.

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4 minutes ago, Straycat80 said:

Is anyone surprised Matt was having an affair? We all called it last season. 

Right, the minute she came on the show and explained the living situation we all knew something had to be going on.  Still, I do hate that all his shenanigans will forever  be on the internet for the kids to google when they are old enough.

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2 minutes ago, Mindthinkr said:

I’m sorry, but watching Gina’s marriage implode is not my idea of happy viewing. I do feel badly for her. Unfortunately some of us (sorry if I’m wrong here) have lived through this sh#t and it is not pleasurable to re-feel the pain. Dang. I still have heart for her pain. 

It’s not my idea of happy viewing but I find it so much more real and interesting than the manufactured drama of BH or the constant parties of NY. I have to say I have a soft spot for this franchise. 

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55 minutes ago, Grumpbump said:

Gina's dad is so young looking.  He looks like her contemporary.  And her talking heads....I don't recognize her at all.  

She looks like a totally different person in her talking heads. Who convinced these women that the bleached and dyed hair extensions look good? And must they always pul it over one shoulder and paw at it? So annoying. I have no idea what Gina is doing to her face but she looks terrible in her talking heads. It's a shame because she is pretty that is when she doesn't apply her makeup with a shovel. 

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It was weird how Gina was all secretive and emotional about telling, or not being able to tell, her parents and Emily about Matt’s affair but then gets in a car with Tamra and just calmly tells her like it’s not a big deal. 

And her extensions are awful but what is that big black thing in her one ear, it looks like a lariat. 

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48 minutes ago, KungFuBunny said:

Why would Emily plan a trip to Vegas for Shane?

Isn't it against the Mormon religion to gamble or drink alcohol?

Cuz she wants to scare him away for good?

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Okay, is choo choo train a weird code phrase for "coke"? Sorry, I'm tired. 

Either way, Vicki needs to stop bringing shit up and then clutching her pearls when everyone else wants to talk about it. 

Big surprise- Matt was cheating on Gina. I really have no sympathy. If she had just been honest from the beginning, I would have felt for her. But she LORDED her perfect divorce over the other ladies and lost all my respect. And it's interesting that she finally reveals the truth right after her DUI mess hit the fan.

Also, why does Gina need an office???

So now Shane's staying in a hotel for two weeks? This marriage is on thin ice. And all the sexy dances in the world can't save it. 

Braunwyn's laugh is annoying. But I did relate to the story she shared about her daughter. It's great that they were able to evaluate their parenting and make changes based on what she went through. I just hope the kid is okay with them sharing. 

I never want to see these women dance on a bar again. That is all.

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Matt was having an affair?? Color me shocked... not. I wish Gina would stop trying to convince us that he’s “not a bad guy.” Ummm he’s cheated and abused you. Pretty sure that’s the definition of a bad guy. 

Nor am I the least bit surprised to hear that Shane wasn’t into the idea of Emily doing a sexy dance in Vegas for him. And I love how she’s like “well he wasn’t rude about it.” Ma’am, stop the lies. I am 100% SURE he was a rude asshole about it. Ugh just dump the twerp.

13 hours ago, Straycat80 said:

What was Gina talking about with her parents? What’s really going on that she can’t talk about yet? Her DUI or something with the husband and divorce? Being it’s Gina I don’t really care I guess. 

I assume she’s alluding to the physical abuse she’s since accused him of. 

12 hours ago, KungFuBunny said:

Any ideas on what this "train" rumor is?

I thought it was the cocaine rumors. “Blowing rails” is a euphemism for snorting coke. ETA: But no, I was wrong, it is a sexual thing. Welp, I learn something new every day! 

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Someone get out the egg timer.  Is that the fastest a new HW has dragged the audience along to a marketing meeting.  I knew we were in trouble the minute Bronwyn explained about being a dance mom.  I wonder how pissed Bronwyn was that Shannon co-opted her parenting angst.

I think Gina tearfully confessed the cheating to do damage control on the DUI.

Haven't Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon been around long enough not to be quite so transparent in their viciousness and scheming.

Was Vicki demoted before, after, or during filming?

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