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  1. He would have sued based on the false justification for needing surgery. The falsehoods were in the patient records so would be easily provable. Just getting Covid wouldn't be enough to sue because there wouldn't have been malpractice. The issue was twofold - most people (especially when the episode was theoretically happening) were avoiding any kind of elective surgery which did produce the paradox of hospitals losing money. So this patient would not have gone in for surgery unless Cain had lied to him. That's the basis of the suit. Also elective surgeries were prohibited at that time because theoretically they didn't want hospital resources being used when they were overflowing with Covid patients. Every bed - especially ICU bed - taken by someone who had elective surgery is less for Covid. And of course there are medical personnel who are especially needed for ICU - patient care is worse when non-ICU personnel were recruited to care for ICU patients.
  2. Dallas HH was a financial idiot as well as being annoying. You don't need a rental property to necessarily exhibit a *profit* based solely on mortgage and HOA fees - especially when you don't plan to rent it immediately. There are tax benefits, maintenance costs and also factoring in that some properties are more likely to appreciate in the future and/or command higher rents. Also I admit I am like my privacy but I don't understand why an adult would deliberately purchase a condo with a desire to rent to a random stranger. There might be living situations which make sense somewhat - i.e. planning to move in with an old friend or relative or having a set up in which there is some degree of privacy but for the most part you would be living with someone in fairly small quarters in which there would essentially be no privacy. As I recall Ian bought the unit where the kitchen cabinet door fell off when it was opened. That door appeared to be made of cardboard as it was incredibly thin and I would imagine the rest of the stuff was as cheap as possibly constructed - not even what is generally derogatorily called - builder grade. I wouldn't be surprised if it were originally constructed as apartments as buildings built for condos are generally better constructed unless the conversion is because the building has interesting architecture - e.g. the proverbial loft converted to condos in Soho.
  3. Most housewives marry during production because it is an important storyline for them AND because they can have a lavish wedding which will be comped in whole or part by the vendors in exchange for being shown on television. There may be others but the only wedding I can think of that was NOT shown on television was when Pandora got married on BH. Originally it was supposed to be completely off camera but because of something else major dropping out, Lisa V allowed them to use some video shot by the family. Cynthia's Atlanta wedding was supposed to be shot and be a major part of the Atlanta season but because Cynthia chose to defy mask regulations by having 250 people unmasked INDOORS the Bravo crew refused to shoot the wedding and include it as part of the show. BRAVO - for whatever reason - loves weddings as they seem to feel it attracts ratings. They even have whole spin offs devoted to weddings even for relatively minor characters like the NY real estate agent (Ryan) from Million Dollar Listing.
  4. I think there is a huge difference between the work required to be a housewife and the kind of work required to launch a successful venture of some kind independently. Essentially for housewives you just show up and everything is arranged by well paid production staff. All of the promotion is handled and all of the logistics and technical stuff. You have no responsibility except showing up and being of interest while being filmed. I am not saying it is impossible but the marketplace for what Monique is offering is saturated and the amount of money needed to duplicate what Bravo is providing is enormous. If it were easy more housewives would have successful side stuff going but almost nine of them do especially when they are no longer on the show. Of course some manage to eke out a living like Gretchen and Slade but their lifestyle is nit nearly as lavish as when they were on the show and receiving the salary as well as all the promotional benefits. As an aside, the law doesn’t like to enforce stuff that prevents people from earning a living so a negative injunction is strictly construed and limited to exactly the kind of work that the contract covers. For housewives that would be reality television and nit singing or live theater or even scripted shows although that might be a gray area for television. So you can have a television actor who can’t do a series but can cut a record or perform in Broadway. In this case, Monique could do a podcast because it’s nit the tyoe of services Bravo contracted for.
  5. Very briefly - there really is nothing they can realistically do to make a housewife continue to work. Tinsley quit and they let her go. I am pretty sure that Tonya (or Tanya) quit Atlanta mid-season of the current season. I would imagine that Monique stayed because she thought she would come out with a redemption since she started spinning Candiace as being the aggressor almost immediately - way before the season started.
  6. I don't want to digress since it's not on topic but as a general rule there aren't liquidated damages clauses in most contracts because the ability to tie up a performer's ability to work is pretty much of a big stick. For the most part where else are these women on reality shows going to go - and for the most part I suspect BRAVO is fine with having any members leave. I can't think of any *star* housewife who wasn't allowed to depart if they wanted to because the shows just go on with cast changes and I also think BRAVO likes or liked to show that no cast member is indispensable - that everyone is replaceable because it holds down wages and demands. In terms of other spheres of performers there have been a few notorious cases like Farrah Fawcett, David Caruso, Valerie Harper and Katherine Heigl but all of those get negotiated out in one way or another because the cliche of it being a small town is very true.
  7. I am now a bit confused - did she sign a contract or not? Was she fired? I actually am an entertainment lawyer and did talent agreements (among other things). You can't enforce a contract for personal service - e.g. you can't make somebody work. What you can do is enforce a negative injunction - i.e. you can prevent them from performing the same services for somebody else for the duration of the contract. In California, you can't have a contract for more than 7 years - that used to be relevant in the old days of the studios when studios would sign exclusive agreements for their stars but now is only relevant for recording artists. But I digress - I think people underestimate how valuable it is to be a housewife on Bravo. The job is really ridiculously easy as long as you are the kind of person who doesn't mind your life exposed and since many people seem to live their lives on social media, I suspect that kind of exposure is a positive instead of a negative. The base salary for housewives is excellent - there are incredible promotional benefits since all of them use their social media to promote various products and are paid well for that. All kinds of goods and services are free even when not filming. If they show up at a restaurant, they are comped because they will have a picture on social medial. Their vacations can be comped. Their plastic surgery - hair and makeup - clothing - weddings, parties are all either comped or significantly discounted. Does anyone think Wendy actually paid going rate for the Sip and See or that Robyn paid anything for her Christmas party?
  8. I don't follow social media unless it somehow reaches regular media. However, my understanding is that Monique's social media campaign went beyond bitchy tweets but they were also harassing friends and family of Chris and Candiace including actual threats - not just burning in hell type of hyperbole. When it reaches that level of harassment - especially to people who are completely uninvolved in the show - it has gone way too far. That was what Chris B was alluding to when he mentioned that "they" were coming after his children And I do think that Monique could have called off her dogs of war but instead chose to escalate the proxy war. I am just amazed that anyone thinks that Monique's physical attack on Candiace could be justified or explained or rationalized in any way. It was not tit for tat. From what I saw, if there had not been people actually physically restraining Monique she would have inflicted serious physical harm on Candiace. The only thing that stopped her was that she was physically held back but otherwise I saw a person who was trying to pummel Candiace - not merely just slap her or poke her - objectionable as those might be - but trying to get her on the ground and slam her head down repeatedly.
  9. While many housewives have gone down in flames, there are some who have enough social intelligence and skills to navigate without it ruining their lives. Many of them get out when they sense that it is turning into a toxic environment for themselves and their families. I suspect that Wendy is smart enough to be able to navigate without damage. Heather Dubrow left and her family and marriage are intact. Eileen Davidson left BH. Carole Radziwill and Heather Thompson left. Jeanna Keogh from OC There are no doubt a few others who I can't think of in the moment. The ones who are destroyed either need the money and/or are psychologically damaged so that they thrive on the toxicity - Tamra and VIcki from OC come to mind.
  10. As others have pointed out all of the ladies had their feet held to the fire. The difference is that none of the others including Candiace did anything that wasn't standard operating procedure. The housewives are PAID to be annoying and shady to each other and have feuds and alliances. However physical violence is outside of what is permitted especially when it is prolonged as Monique's was - this wasn't just some kind of reflexive action like when Cynthia kicked Porsha off her on the boat. The closest was Porsha attacking Kenya and she did suffer repercussions and did a MAJOR mea culpa including anger management. She didn't spend time making matters worse or offering a thousand different justifications for why she snapped. At any rate, I am probably in a minority as I thought Andy asked the questions I wanted asked of Monique and was just pointing out what was obvious to a non-biased viewer - that there was no "plot" and that even if there had been a "plot", Candiace wasn't involved as well as pointing out that Monique didn't seem to regret what she had done in any kind of meaningful manner.
  11. I assume Monique was fired and allowed the usual face saving ability to say she is moving on because yada yada yada. The reality was that four women would not shoot with her and Bravo would have a difficult time justifying her return based on her actions - the fight; the lack of remorse and the social media bullying. Nothing Candiace did this season justified the insane demon that race around the grounds wanting to attack her again - and then was shown to be lucid enough to give a blow by blow description in the limo. Candiace had spent several episodes deliberately not responding to provocative remarks and removing herself from tense situations with Monique. Porsha was remorseful and was made to go through anger management before she was slowly let back on the show. I think the ladies were genuinely (and rightfully) afraid to film with Monique since part of the show is to have the ladies shade each other and engage in verbal blowups. How can you do that if one of the cast member is going to possibly physically attack you AND have an army of social media followers go after you. Evidently there were threats against Candiace's family members which in this era of lunatics is not something to be taken lightly. I don't mind Gizelle - she has a shade to do it and she does it with sass. She is amusing and not psychotic or unpleasant to watch. I don't care if she has a fake storyline with Jamal - I don't care if she doesn't have a storyline as she is fun to watch including wondering what terrible outfit she will show up in
  12. The issue isn't race specific as there were similar studies done regarding white professional women who theoretically also faced the same small pool of eligible men since many men did not want and/or need to marry someone on their same educational or professional level. Years ago there was a study which claimed that your odds were the same as being killed by a meteor - although I suspect that was a bit of hyperbole. It seems far better to be single than to attach yourself to some of the extreme losers these women marry. Serial cheaters - controlling verging on abusive like Drew's husband.
  13. The reason Cynthia was hell bent on having the wedding despite Covid restrictions was because it was supposed to be her main storyline. Weddings typically are highlighted on the BRAVO shows. Also by having the wedding being filmed for broadcast, she was able to get significant discounts or free stuff for the wedding. I mean seriously - how much business has that venue done during the pandemic even in a state like Atlanta which wasn't as locked down as others. The venue would probably have PAID CYNTHIA to be featured and host the wedding.
  14. All I can say is Porsha should get an aware for the housewife who grew the most and became a genuinely admirable person. Sure she has still got normal human flaws but I NEVER would have thought that the woman who didn't know anything about the Underground Railroad has morphed into a woman her grandfather could be genuinely proud as carrying on his legacy. Looking back maybe she was being smart the first few seasons and deliberately adopting an airhead persona. Now all she needs to do is get rid of 175 pounds of ugly fat - aka Dennis. Why do these women seem to get into relationships with really awful men. With the exception of Todd they are uniformly terrible. Good for Kandi that she was able to look past the superficials in terms of marrying someone who was just an ordinary hardworking good guy - not flashy and he seems to have stepped up to the plate and really become her partner both professionally and personally.
  15. Obviously none of us have all the facts in terms of how Tom paid Erika. It is alleged that he made a $20 million payment into her corporation but that isn't enough to make Erika CRIMINALLY liable if Tom acquired the money unlawfully. Based on their marriage he has paid a lot of money to her over the years - the Pat The Pussy Road Show was never a money making affair. I would imagine that Tom took generous tax write-offs every year since theoretically she was doing it as a business and not as a hobby. They might also have structured payments to her glam squad so that a lot of the money was also a tax write-off. The laws regarding clothing and makeup/styling are a bit of a gray area. You can't write off standard clothing even if you use it when you make a professional appearance. However, you would most likely be able to write off makeup/hair services and so many people just allocate a lot of payments towards the tax write-off services.
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