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  1. She has some expensive legal representation - Wowza. Graduated Yale Law School and a partner at one of the heavy duty firms in the LA area. He is probably billing at more than $500 per hour - that would be a low estimate and I would suspect closer to $750 per billable hour if not more. She must have some secret stash or someone is funding her because her *legitimate* income - i.e. BRAVO salary and social media income doesn't support that kind of expenditure. I was involved in a relatively simple lawsuit almost 20 years ago which settled after a relatively small number of
  2. Tom driving off the cliff was about three years ago. Theoretically that is where he sustained the ankle and brain injuries. Although at time he didn't show any signs of major injury when he was filmed for the show nor did any co-workers state that he had those kinds of extensive injuries. Like many of Erika's lies, it is completely bizarre in terms of why she is telling lies that are so easily disproved. When she is deposed, she will be asked about what hospital he was taken to etc. and if necessary they will call in co-workers or even the housekeeper to testify as to his medical conditio
  3. The accident involving brain surgery occurred about three years ago when Erika was still married. FWIW, The detective who handled the burglary said there was no injury. The burglary itself was suspicious since it would have been a perfect way to smuggle out high value items like jewelry.
  4. I have a good friend who sees no reason to divorce her husband of 35 years because it would not significantly improve the quality of her life and would just make the rest of her life horrendous. And for what - she doesn't want to remarry and has a separate fulfilling existence. She is extremely wealthy so she travels and enjoys the good life - she is not a trophy wife or buying to hide her sadness but just extremely realistic in terms of the cost benefits of a divorce. Very little benefit.
  5. There is a TJ Maxx a few blocks from Beverly Hills across from the Beverly Center which is close to her current residence and one in Santa Monica also in an upscale location. I don’t think anyone needs to drive 1.5 hours each way to go to one in Pasadena. If you need cheap crap, there are far better sources in Los Angeles for legitimate sales. She has two rooms filled with expensive clothing. When would she decide to wear a fugly $9.99 outfit instead of one of her expensive outfits.
  6. This was obviously a ridiculous staged attempt to look *humble*. For starters evidently she was shopping in Pasadena - no reason anyone would go from West Hollywood to Pasadena to shop at Marshalls. It's really a long haul especially because of the weird connection you have to make in order to get on the 134 East from Hollywood/West Hollywood as there is no direct connection so you have to get off the freeway and then drive to get to the nearest on-ramp going east. There is only a direct connection if you are going west on the 134. And apropos of turning over five times because of sn
  7. He is invoking his Fifth Amendment privileges against self incrimination and refusing to testify or cooperate with the Bankruptcy Trustee. According to the Memorandum filed by Kamon's criminal defense attorneys, there is a criminal investigation being conducted by the Feds in the Northern District of Illinois. This is the court where the real shit hit the fan
  8. I have had experience (unfortunately) with a few sociopaths who are lie as naturally as breathing. My observation is that they are able to get away with it for a variety of reasons - they surround themselves with paid employees/sycophants who have no interest in refuting the lies; many people don't really listen to people carefully so any inconsistencies aren't noticed; people don't generally bother to correct people who are lying unless it impacts them so they get used to being able to lie and assume they are getting away with it. I was involved in a lawsuit with a socio
  9. It really depends. You have to reach a really high level of deliberate tax evasion for it to rise to the level of it being criminal rather than just being assessed a penalty and interest. The tax Code has such a number of gray areas and it is a fine line between being very aggressive in terms of deductions and other ways to lower your liability and complete criminal evasion. There is always going to be an argument that you merely interpreted the Code in a certain manner and the IRS interpreted it in a different manner. I could be wrong but in general the people charged wi
  10. They are missing the larger issue as Erika is on the hook for the money that was transferred as well as needing to return all of the valuable personal possessions, art etc. which are owed to the creditors. I don’t think she will be held criminally liable because that is a strong standard of proof. I think what Erika fears is being on the hook for all of the money that is owed. I think Andy is enthralled with Erika because he is such a retro gay guy and Erika looks like a drag Queen which used to be the kind of iconic woman gays idolized and made iconic. Teresa is another of his favo
  11. Beyond Ashley's mothering being performative, am I the only person who was appalled that she was bringing her infant into public spaces during the pandemic. I mean it isn't generally recommended even in non-plague times but why the fuck would anyone bring an infant to a restaurant - I don't go to restaurants and expose myself to whatever is floating around in the air - and this was filmed pre-vaccination when many places still didn't allow indoor restaurant dining at all because of the health risks. She doesn't even have the excuse of needing child care like working woman might since she
  12. I think it might explain Erika's sudden statements about how Kyle is two faced. The episodes are released to the housewives a bit before they are aired and they have seen all of the episodes by the time the reunion is filmed. So it in the the last week or so that Erika has seen what is going on in the confessionals - and at that dinner.
  13. That was the amount for the contents of the office. Nothing of real value with office furniture and old computers basically.
  14. The house in La Quinta just sold for about $1,250,000. The Trustee managed the sale and after payment of fees and costs, the Ruigomez burn victim will receive $584,000
  15. The sale is being handled by the Bankruptcy Trustee and any proceeds for the sale would go to the Trustee and used to pay off creditors. I think there is a lien on the property so that amount would be paid off before any unsecured creditors. Erika is claiming her share of the homestead exemption which I think is $600,000. So she is doing everything possible to retain as much money 💰 as she can. That would be in addition to the fight she is waging by claiming all expensive jewelry is her separate property and that the $25 million given to her LLC is not a personal liability which sh
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