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  1. I wonder if they lost in when real estate tanked in 2008. That would be in synch with their age lines. Of course they probably were never really multi-millionaires except in terms of leveraged chimerical real estate holdings. Mike from Shahs purportedly was wealthy on Vegas commercial real estate until the 2008 recession. Of course he never actually succeeded in making money again except from a salary for his Shah casting unlike the Altman brothers who are genuinely successful active realtors. It is a reason that I appreciate the show versus some of the other reality shows where the only reason the cast members are wealthy is because they are making money from the show and other promotional opportunities derived from their association with the show.
  2. If you like the character of a neighborhood, living in an HPOZ zone is very desirable. You won’t have a horribly out of character McMansion built on your block. The area is very charming and people deliberately choose to live there. This particular guy was an idiot in terms of his choices. The realtors made it appear as if the entire location was problematic whereas it was the location of his lot which was less desirable than homes more in the middle and north of Hollywood. He then made expensive aesthetic choices which would be completely unappealing to a lot of people who want a Craftsman home. And aside from that the layout was weird with that useless hallway and the walnut slats which maybe would work in a mid century home.
  3. I was a bit amazed that the Sunset Square house even sold for $2,200.000 because of the location. I live in the neighborhood so I am quite familiar with it and this house was the first house above Sunset and abutted the large parking lot for an auction house. There are also a lot of plans to "densify" the area by greedy developers which would mean those closest to Sunset would be most impacted. For example who would want a hotel or a large supermarket right next door to their home. I also though the interior layout was very odd as it seemed like a railroad or shotgun flat. He just gutted the hell out of the interior and rebuilt in generic current style. I don't care what he spent on finishes - it could have been done so that the interior wasn't so out of synch aesthetically with Arts & Crafts architecture. As you get further north, the area becomes more solidly residential and desirable - especially the blocks just north of Hollywood Boulevard. Ozzy and Harriet lived there in a large Colonial style home which is still there. I think it was used for exterior shots in the series and some of the interior shots although the interior has been modified since they lived there.
  4. I don’t believe they set up outside Runyon Canyon as anything other than a stunt. I just meant that attempting to attract the demographics of those who visit Runyon is nit necessarily bad marketing because there are people who might want to purchase a house in that neighborhood. However, as a real promotion, it would be staffed by a low level person because these guys aren’t going to be wasting time shlepping and actually handing out promotional materials. It would have made sense to tie it in with an Open House On the same day to encourage people to drop in after hiking but someone hiking Runyon might be interested in either moving there or upgrading their home if they already do live close by. it was more targeted than the completely random visit to the Art Show which made zero promotional sense. They might as well just have handed out fliers on a random street corner
  5. Obviously the promotions in at the Art Show and at Runyon Canyon were staged for the show. However I think that was the Beverly Hills Art Show which is a fairly major event so it wasn't your standard neighborhood event. It still was not any kind of event a three real estate agents would visit to promote in that manner. I live within a few blocks of Runyon Canyon and it is not just frequented by actors and tourists :-). It's actually a pretty good way to showcase a home that is in the neighborhood because you get a lot of people who live in the neighborhood who might be looking for homes. Also you get lots of people who drive specifically to Runyon who would be interested in the home. Listings in my neighborhood will generally state that are close to Runyon as being an asset. The home itself was - at least in my opinion - over priced and not worth the money. It is exactly the kind of historic renovation I despise since it gutted every single aspect of a Craftsmen home and replaced it with generic current trendy. I realize that sometimes you can't preserve everything but you can. remodel so that it resembles the source. I just finished a remodel and gutted kitchen and baths and although they aren't slavish period recreations, they aren't the ubiquitous white cabinets with waterfall quartz island :-). You can't just set up a table at Runyon - even if you weren't bringing in a film crew. I know this because I know people on the Board and also have done some community organizing where we set up a table to hand out literature on over-development in the area.
  6. FWIW, closed captions wrote “sniffles” while Bryan was reacting to the soulless comment.
  7. Drama is fine when it is organic. The problem with BH is that the drama is about nothing that anyone with half a brain would drag out - so it is completely stupid and boring. The dog-gate last season was the worst. As far as I was concerned, Dorit violated her contract for the dog and was given a HUGE pass by Lisa who chose not to penalize her for the $5000 that was contractually owed. Why would anyone - except someone who had a shady purpose - deliberately NOT return a dog to the animal rescue organization as one agrees to. It's easy and dogs are returned frequently when they don't work out. It's especially easy for someone with young children to say that the dog really didn't work out with young children as that is not uncommon.
  8. It's not friendship - it's strategist alliances in terms of screen time and supporting each other's planned storylines and not outing anything embarrassing.
  9. She also completely inflated Sutton's innocent whispered aside as somehow being Sutton screaming that she was going to engage in hysterical behavior at the show. I thought the use of the term "melt down" was just descriptive of how she would be upset if she had to do with seeing the guy. Lots of people would rather not be faced with people in social situations and might voice that they are "nervous" but that doesn't mean they do anything overt as opposed to just being uncomfortable. It was the most ridiculous inflation of an innocent remark said in passing to some kind of threat to hijack the event.
  10. I could discount the old guy remembering that the vet had eaten steak on a specific night many years prior to his testimony. That kind of testimony is notoriously unreliable. However, per my original post, I think he was guilty but I don't think is was proven beyond a reasonable doubt - he was legally not guilty but he wasn't innocent.
  11. The stalking boyfriend murdered the vet logically. However, if I were on the jury I would have acquitted, albeit reluctantly, since the standard of proof was beyond a reasonable doubt. I actually didn't think the lack of steak was dispositive since I think it likely that a guy would have made a late easy meal of eggs. However, the prosecution (at least from what was aired) failed to provide a reasonable explanation for the lack of dog feces. That would have been dispositive for me unless some kind of egress from the trailer was shown.
  12. I think she was heavily Botoxed because her forehead didn't move. The overly arched eyebrows are a telltale sign of a bad Botox job. There has got to be some unspoken reason for why they chose to live inland for starters. I am not a beach person but if I were moving to a tropical location, the only reason I could think of would be because I wanted to live in a beach town.
  13. A lot of forms ask demographics and have Hispanic as one of the choices. I was wondering how Mauricio self identifies since he doesn’t appear to identify culturally versus having minimal identification with Judaism. Not that the Umansku family practices Judaism but as I recall Kyle converted just as Elizabeth Taylor did. 😂 It was just an idle though since a poster said he was a representative of the Brown Community and I have never thought of him in that way.
  14. The Hadid sisters at least had the physical attributes of being a model - or at least Gigi did and Bella was able to after extensive plastic surgery :-). They were lucky to be in a time when celebrity models were a viable business model because of the whole intersection of social media/influencers and the fashion world. Just like Kendall Jenner in terms of combining passable/ordinary model physical requirements with their status as influencers. They wouldn't have succeeded to the extent they did if they entered the modeling world at a different time. The Hamlin girls aren't model material and probably aren't acting material either. They are more like the Bruce Willis/Demi Moore spawn who exist on the fringes of the entertainment business solely because of their parents. Luckily they have no need to earn money. The Hamlin spawn probably aren't going to inherit as much as the Willis kids although by "ordinary" standards they are obviously going to be quite well off living off their parents money.
  15. It could have been the listing for the original owner before it was sold. California property taxes are about 1.5% of assessed value which in California is the purchase price. However because of Proposition 13 property taxes can't be raised so you have people who have been living in their homes for a long time and have low property tax since they are paying on the original purchase price. Originally it was intended to help homeowners from being forced out of their home when their relatively modest homes became more and more valuable. It's a mixed "blessing" because it does protect people from being priced out of their homes, it also prevents government - especially city government - from being able to fund properly. Also while I think it's great for home owners to be protected, it is also in effect for commercial property and I don't think that a commercial owner needs the same kind of protection from increased property values as a homeowner does because it's not the same - elderly homeowner with limited income should be able to stay in their home - owner of office building should be assessed at current property value.
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