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  1. What’s not fair is that Kody never specified what turned him off from Meri. He said that shortly after they married she showed herself not to be the person he thought she was and he was thus disillusioned. He didn’t say what she did. Did she cheat on him? Did she show herself to be a greedy narcissist and bitch to his other wives? Was she cruel to the children of his other wives? Knowing Meri I wouldn’t put that stuff beyond her. But it could also be that she didn’t fawn over him and tell him how wonderful he is every ten minutes. We don’t know because Kody wouldn’t back it up and say what he
  2. My son is a nurse without ppe. My daughter is a mail carrier in NYC. I haven’t laughed in a while. THANK YOU for making me snort morning coffee out of my nose! 😂😂😂😂
  3. No! It must be under! Or you waste too much tissue! I will die on this hill. As a freckled woman myself it bothers me when people here make fun of Katie because of her freckles. It’s unbecoming and unkind. There’s lots of other reasons to dislike her. The only time I ever made an issue of the toilet seat was when an abandoned kitten joined the family, I was afraid that he would fall in and drown. Some people just feel the need to have the upper hand at all times. Jessica is the type to, after her husband spent all day planning something nice for her, roll her eyes, sigh, and list all th
  4. Hahaha ❤️Your hubby! I’d love to watch tv with him!
  5. what exactly IS that? It looks like a sausage 🤢 Come on, guys. You’ve never seen an uncircumcised one before? 😂
  6. Hahaha! I love anyone who can nail a Whatever Happened to Baby Jane reference! I flove Extra Salty Dr Now. “Do you mean to say that you’ve gained 60 pounds of water weight? On the ride here?” I was truly expecting the black screen of death on this one. (I’m 4’11” too and weigh about 109, which I think is a few too many. Curse you, delicious cheese!) When they showed her shoving a sausage omelette the size of Massachusetts down her throat that solved the mystery of “I don’t know whyyyyyy it’s not wooooorking! I’m trying soooooo hard!”
  7. I think the OP meant Simone? Jasmine is on 90 day fiancé. What they should have done is separate the bru crew. Have Brian come out first, then leave and maybe Tanner comes out, etc. These guys have a pack mentality and hype each other up. It would be interesting to watch them try to defend their odious behavior sitting alone against the other side without the other “brus” egging them on. They would hurt themselves trying to backpedal.
  8. I’m ace too, and my heart is broken over this. We need visibility. Maybe Todd can get his own spinoff.
  9. A gentle request. Please don’t use the words “asexual” and “prude” together. “Prude” is a rude, dismissive word. Asexuals don’t feel sexual attraction. It’s an orientation, like being straight or gay. And it has nothing to do with trauma. It just is and we’re born this way, it’s not a choice. The more you know. Anyway, based on the eleventy million kids that Kody made I don’t think that he was ever lacking in having sex. Ew.
  10. Additional entrances aren’t the problem, PRIVATE entrances are. A private entrance is proof of multiple dwellings, which would be illegal. And I don’t think Meri was joking when she suggested private elevators to each private suite. Holy crap. These people talk as if they just found out about polygamy yesterday instead of being in the lifestyle for THEIR WHOLE LIVES. “What if a wife sees another wife with the husband? OMG!!” Bitch you signed up for this, literally, so spare me the vapors.
  11. Meri could have moved into Christine’s house, you know, the house with the ginormous master suite? Throw one of the beds up there.
  12. I taught high school and believe me it was a lot easier than teaching elementary school. Just because your kid had a teacher you didn’t like does not give you the right to make a terrible sexist remark like that. In fact male teachers are rare and in high demand, especially in the early grades. It’s good for the kids to experience a man as a teaching/nurturing influence but a lot of men who have an aptitude for teaching are hesitant to go into the field because of this exact narrow mindedness.
  13. It wasn’t fair for everyone to jump all over Aladdin and treat him like an abusive controlling jerk. If my husband came home and I wasn’t there, and he didn’t know where I was and couldn’t contact me for hours, he’d be pissed too. And we’re a regular American couple. Now put us in a part of the world where women don’t go out unescorted without putting their safety at risk. All she had to do was tell his mother “I’m going to get a coffee down the block”. she meant to upset him and worry him and make him nuts. She needs constant attention.
  14. I think it’s fine that Lincoln and Issac are attached to Chris. It’s not unusual to want too hang out with an adult who you don’t see very often and pretty much is just a good time uncle. My four year old grandson is obsessed with my daughter’s fiancé. He loves his daddy but when Vince shows up it’s hero worship. It’s cute to see. Saying “if he doesn’t know we’re filming I just won’t tell him” is not a compromise. It’s a lie. He has made his wishes very clear, as the child’s father they need to be respected. You don’t get to dictate the terms. He’s going to pull the plug completely prett
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