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  1. AhFillAck

    S07.E29: Mixed Feelings

    ***DYING LAUGHING*** My 14 year old son yelled from the other room "Mom, what's so funny??"
  2. AhFillAck

    S07.E29: Mixed Feelings

    Not only a party, but she said she was "celebrating her birthday WEEK". This girl has some time on her hands. "The doctor told me to relax more." That was the funniest thing I have ever heard. I think the only way Amber can relax more is if she's dead. That was actually interesting to watch. Cate was desperately trying to insinuate that they would still BE together in order to even TAKE breaks. She was fishing so hard in that conversation, and you could see it in her face as she slightly turned her head and squinted at Tyler when she asked that. And then Tyler's exhausted "HUH? Whaa?" after that made me laugh. I actually forgot I was watching Teen Mom when her scenes were on, and found myself transported into a state of giving a shit about what was on my TV screen. Jayde talking at the dinner table was precious. Did anyone catch Bentley's remark when Maci said "Don't say that!" regarding his surgery? I couldn't quite make out what it was. Bristol and Dakota's littlest one, Antler or whatever her name is, is darling. Well, you see, in order to go out and talk to people in a support group she'd actually have to peel herself off the couch/bed. I believe Amber only ventures into the outside world to go on trips or get her "nells" done.
  3. AhFillAck

    S07.E28: Modern Families

    LOL!!! A uterus!!! I found it to be more reminiscent of an enormous Ring Pop.
  4. AhFillAck

    S07.E28: Modern Families

    LMFAO!!!!!! Oh hey, you mean THIS? This episode was particularly infuriating with people asking "Are you excited?" (or in the Maci segments, "Are you exotted?") It makes my head vibrate with rage hearing that eighty times per episode. What HomeGoods-inspired tacky-ass signs was Maci painting? Although HomeGoods probably wouldn't sell one that said "I like her butt" or whatever that was. I can't stand all that mainstream dime-a-dozen décor. I guess the highlight of the episode was Butch carving that watermelon into what looked to be a dodecahedron. I find my enjoyment where I can.
  5. AhFillAck

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Does anyone want to place bets on a middle name? It will likely have the "eign", "eigh" or "ynn" as in Braxlleigh or Addystynn or something similarly puke-inducing. Dreign, perhaps? A Y (or two) in place of an I would not be surprising. I suppose I shouldn't be so judgey. It could very well end in several E's.
  6. AhFillAck

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I guess Cate forgot about Trig Palin! If this baby was a boy he could have been Trigger, since it's one of Cate's favorite words. They can still call her Triggerlee.
  7. AhFillAck

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    UGH. I knew it would be something ridiculously tacky. It reminds me of Otezla, my husband's psoriatic arthritis meds!!
  8. AhFillAck

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Thanks!! DYING LAUGHING at "fresh vegetable motif". You are correct, with bars of soap strategically placed here and there.
  9. AhFillAck

    Leah Messer Simms Messer Calvert Messer...She's 23

    @Kazu (are you not Great anymore?? I don' beleef it!!!) @Rebecca @Calm81 @Mkay @monicageller I am back!!!!! I saw in my notifications that you noticed I've been gone and by golly I am flattered. I've missed reading (and sighing out) the snark for sure. Hi to everyone else as well!! How ever will I catch up?!? Since we are in the Witchnose Thread and I don't want to stray too far off topic, I don't have too much to say about Leah at the moment since she is less of a mess than before, but we will always have Cate.
  10. AhFillAck

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I see a lot of Southwest-type decor in Nova's new room. Tyler tried to make it look like Sedona so Cate will actually go in there and be in the same room with her daughter. (I haven't been on these boards in eons! I think I have some catching up to do in the snark department! )
  11. AhFillAck

    S08.E03: Low Key

    Kail: "I havent told Javi yet because I'm afraid he'll try and sell it." Jo: "Sell the baby??" I was DYING laughing at that.
  12. AhFillAck

    Teen Mom OG: Visual Snark

    Holy Lord!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, @Tatum!
  13. AhFillAck

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    DYYYYYY-ING LAUGHING. This needs immediate attention in the Visual Snark thread. Off I go!
  14. AhFillAck

    S06.E23: Making Waves

    It amused me when Gary said to Leah "You know...Mexico...Costa Rica." Then Kristina nodded and said "Costa Rica, Mexico!" as if she was relieved that Gary answered Leah's question of where it was, so that she didn't have to. I smiled and thought of Alexis Bellino.
  15. AhFillAck

    S06.E22: Viva Las Vegas

    It was funny that Tyler said Baltierra is "my" last name and not "ours". It's interesting how loud and fast-talking he gets when he has these ideas. "it's not gonna be easy!!" Then Cate says "No, it won't be easy." Then Tyler says "It's gonna be hard!" Then Cate says: "Yeah, it'll be hard." etc. As she picks things from her eyes, looks at whatever it is and then puts her fingers in her mouth, like in the car. Thought of you, @GreatKazu. And regarding ReignOverYourDreams, what exactly are these "dreams"?? Churning out more cut-rate clothes for ass-kissing fans? Making money from doing very little? Will this make Carly proud of them? I have never heard anything about their dreams. I guess they just thought the phrase sounds like it means something, and everything has to have the word dream in it these days. Puke. I laughed when Tyler said "Research research research!!" because all that means is that he will be spending more time looking at his phone. Was Simon crying?! That segment included the fewest smiles from Simon I've ever seen. I was hoping he'd put on his big happy-go-lucky grin while Farrah "broke up" with him but he actually seemed morose. Maci, please. So she will be the one to swoop in and "save" Ryan to try to make herself look good in the process? I didn't buy that last scene. Ryan seemed off more than ever in this episode. The way he was just staring at the venue. He's just not there. "His porch light is burned out." as my grandma used to say. Maverick was so cute looking sour while sitting in his little car. He looked like a mad old man stuck in traffic. I have nothing to say about Amber that everyone else hasn't already said. I only saw the first couple minutes of the after show. I was disappointed that she started making excuses for him ("I understood, I embarrassed him on TV!") but not surprised at all.