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S13.E18: Femme Finale

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Season Finale

Emily plans a Femme Fatale party for the ladies, as her mother, Susan, visits Orange County for the first time in five years; Shannon has a very adult conversation with her 16-year-old daughter, Sophie; Tamra and Gina try to hash out their issues.  

Airs 11/19/18 at 9:00 PM Eastern

Note: Next week, Reunion Part 1 will air on Sunday, 11/25/18 – check your TV schedules

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If Shannon didn't react in such an over the top way almost all the time, perhaps people wouldn't go after her so much. OTOH, Gina is shit stirring so hard in the three way conversation with Tamra, Shannon and Gina, I kind of don't blame Shannon for taking her to task. Perhaps Shannon could quit with all the hand movement though - it kind of does make her look like a loon.  Gina tells Person A something and then turns around and denies it with Person B - all the time.  All the while telling us how truthful she is.  

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Gina's filter 'you got rid of your gobble wobble' to Vicki? A little earlier, they'd flashed back to Vicki earlier in the season and she had a very pronounced double chin/wattle, whatever, 'gobble wobble' works. It looked like one.  I remember thinking 'how the hell, with so much plastic surgery, does Vicki still manage to grow this?'. I bet there's a painting in an anteroom behind the grotto that is ageing on the daily

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3 minutes ago, mbaywife123 said:

Loved Shannon calling people out on gaslighting her.

Hope at the reunion she also calls out the ulimate gaslighter Tamra

Much as I live for finally seeing Tamra and her beady rat eyes get called on her life long pot stirring, it's been KELLY that a. first said 'abuse' and b. told Shannon that Tamra was constantly bringing up the 'mental health' issue. There was a montage early in the piece and Kelly, who is swinging between the abuelos and sequins, is always the one receiving some tidbit from one ho or the other. I dont think she asks for this role, but she's certainly running with it this season. 

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Do none of these women know what femme fatale actually means?

I was expecting to see more Mr. & Mrs. Smith Angelina Jolie and less screwing around in a sex store.

Emily and Kelly came closest. Gina kinda looked like Erika Jayne and Vicki looked like she just came from a business meeting.

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Emily saying she’d be in a condo driving a car so nondescript I can’t recall the name if her mil wasn’t happy with her was pretty telling. I no longer think Shane’s mom is his redeeming feature.

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