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  1. While I was fully aboard the “Brooks - yikes!” train last season, now I … kind of feel bad for him. Yes, he can be…a LOT. And, yes, he was being ridiculous about the alleged vagina sighting last season. And, sure, his debut “collection” was really just one track suit. But I teach students his age and while they are technically “adults” they’re still so young! It must suck to have so much vitriol directed at you on the internet, especially if you’re only 20.
  2. Ugh. I'm not going to lie -- it was difficult to make it through this episode. I just don't care about any of these women, except maaaaybe Heather. Is it worth continuing to watch so that I can see Jen get her comeuppance? The eternal question.
  3. The fact that, knowing Crystal has body image issues, Rinna convinced her to wear a bathing suit by saying she’d wear one too, but then reneged without telling Crystal, to me says more about what kind of person Rinna is than the shadiest thing Rinna has ever done.
  4. They probably don’t appreciate the whole “pat the puss” thing.
  5. I like them as a duo too but it’s an interesting alliance given Sutton’s “being stereotyped as a Southerner is the same as being a person of color in America” rant earlier in the season. I wonder if this will come up at the reunion?
  6. The co-dependency between Kathy, Kyle, and Kim is the stuff of doctoral dissertations.
  7. Catching up on the season now and wow... Of all the negative things that could be said about Erika, I never particularly thought "stupid" was among them. But maybe if you're a pathological liar, it's not a great idea to go on a reality show? Yikes.
  8. I’m not going to lie: I’m enjoying this season immensely. BUT, the “However did this lovely dinner party go off the rails?” trope is pretty stale when they’re in season one zillion of the show.
  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I dislike them separately yet I find them charming and watchable together! It’s like the riddle of the Sphinx…
  10. The scene where she shows Kyle her renovations and they discuss potentially eating crow.
  11. Totally minor point, but cutoff denim shorts with the pockets hanging out the bottoms seemed like an …incongruous?… fashion choice for Sutton.
  12. Omg when they’re all talking about how long they’ve known Erika and how close they are to her and Kathy says, deadpan: “I don’t know her at all.” Hee!
  13. In the midst of all of this, LOL at them not reading the entire LA Times article because it was “too long.”
  14. Erika: “I’ve been very open.” Garcelle: “Yes you have.” Erika: “And very honest.” Garcelle: *looks at the floor awkwardly* Hee.
  15. ladle


    Oh it was totally on the nose! But I thought the love interest part just made it worse. (To clarify, I wasn’t listing that as an unrealistic aspect of the show - just an aspect I found unsatisfying.)
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