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  1. Folks, I'm concerned about Erika. She had to give up her Clubhouse! And she may need to use a kitchen island as a makeshift glam table! Should we start a GoFundMe for her?
  2. This is my first season watching this show (I just started marathoning it on Demand while my newborn was up all night) and I’m surprised by all of the posters saying it was boring/nothing happened. I thought it has a lot of action for an “unscripted” Bravo show. Firings! Conflicts! A guest jumping ship! Terrible James, ditzy Elizabeth, and my intense secondhand embarrassment for her! Rachel being Rachel! Is it usually more action-packed than this? Genuinely curious! Also, I’m sure this has been talked about but I find the gratuitous shots of everyone changing to be … creepy.
  3. That's beyond the scope of this episode, though within the episode itself someone mentioned defrauding widows and orphans, which is why I brought it up. I guess my point was that it's highly unlikely that he'd have that level of wealth just from being a good honest lawyer -- and I guess as a viewer I kind of knew that, yet I didn't immediately jump to the conclusion that he was doing anything unsavory. So I guess I can't fault Erika for not jumping to that conclusion either. (And, hey, maybe she knew all along? Who knows! But I can just as easily believe that she was in the dark... until
  4. It's funny because when Erika first came on the show I remember remarking to my husband, a lawyer, that while I know there are lawyers who do extremely well for themselves I didn't realize that any were in the "F.U. money," two-private-planes income bracket. And he said, "Because they aren't." But I too just thought it must be a result of good investments and/or family money on Tom's side and/or that they're living beyond their means (like everyone else on RHW). My mind didn't immediately go to "defrauding widows."
  5. Oh, I totally agree that she’s pushing that narrative now because it serves her! But, I’m just saying (and you seem to agree!) that it’s likely not a completely bullshit narrative. Edited to clarify that I specifically mean the narrative about Tom treating her poorly.
  6. Unpopular opinion time! 1) To me, the Erika situation is completely different from the LVP and Denise situations. In both the LVP and Denise situations, the women, rightly or wrongly (and I'm not looking to re-litigate this, believe me!) felt that something was being done to them. In LVP's case they felt she was manipulating storylines/the press/other HWs and in Denise's case they felt she was talking smack about them to Brandi/being a diva with production/calling them bad mothers (I honestly don't think they gave a shit who Denise did or did not sleep with). Of course, they s
  7. I’m so confused by Erika. I’ve never been a big Erika fan, but I always did suspect she was reasonably intelligent/“street smart.” And certainly very image-conscious. So, when this all went down all she had to say was, “I am appalled if Tom did this, and I am mortified that people think I had anything to do with it. If this is true, my heart goes out to those poor families who are the real victims.” It’s not an admission of culpability, but it puts her in a sympathetic position and shows she has a heart. And maybe it’s just the editing, but her constant focus on herself and her financial “woes
  8. Oh, Rinna, nooooooo. Have you learned nothing from the break-in at Kyle's house?! Also: whatever is happening with Delilah's lips on that video call is wild.
  9. Erika, drinking champagne by the pool at her lovely house, “All I have is my name.” 🤔
  10. I swear, if Erika calls her new house “small” one more freaking time…
  11. A whole episode, and not a single “Hocus Pocus” reference? What even is this show?
  12. Oh man, I’m so torn. On one hand, I appreciate what Eboni’s trying to do - and I am on board with Ramona feeling uncomfortable about her privilege - but on the other hand, this is reality TV and this episode was boring as shit.
  13. What in the hell is wrong with Leah?! Who greets a high school admissions consultant by telling her how hot she is?!
  14. I think that, early on, the petty fights could be entertaining! Maybe they were all scripted but they seemed more organic. The Dinner from Hell was epic. Now it’s like the women will seize on any small thing for the express purpose of creating a storyline and other cast members (Kyle) will keep dredging it up just to prolong the “conflict” across the season. It’s exhausting, and maybe I’m in the minority but I’d rather watch the women gossip than see that.
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