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  1. But... I mean...this describes all of the RHW franchises.
  2. "Do not attack Vicki on her looks... Let's attack her character, 'cause that sucks!" Emily, you speak for so many of us.
  3. I would love to know the politics behind how these women's accommodations get decided. While those hotel rooms would have been totally fine for me, they are a FAR cry from the opulence of the other franchises.
  4. The issue is that this show now rests on the backs of a bunch of kids who were only meant to be tertiary characters. Fiona as a character was annoying as shit, but at least Emmy Rossum can act.
  5. Or at least "spew on it," as Melissa said. Ah, the median IQ on this show...
  6. I will never, EVER forgive this show for planting in my brain the image of Joe Gorga in a specimen room.
  7. Oh, right, I forgot about Emily... Her IQ's probably over 100, but Tamra's been honing her interpersonal-conflict skills on this show for years and would likely mop the floor with her. Plus I doubt Emily would go up against Tamra unless she had a personal reason to do so. Pity.
  8. I’m more included to believe the theory that they’re both bisexual swingers/lifestyle. And if they are, who gives a shit? I *will* judge them for being thirsty, thirsty famewhores, however.
  9. Ummmm is it just me, or is Gina doing an offensive racialized accent in the TH where she calls Brawny “a little bougie”??
  10. Argh, it’s frustrating because Kelly is right about Tamra but she’s also bananas. They need to bring somebody with an IQ over 100 onto this show to finally take Tammy Sue down.
  11. Shannon referring to Instagram as “the Instagram” is the realest thing about this show.
  12. Also, when did Kelly start pronouncing Jolie's name with the accent on the second syllable? *eyebrow raise* I agree it sounds better that way, but she used to consistently say JOE-lee, so this is just odd.
  13. I never thought I'd say this about this show but... it's just become too complicated. The mental gymnastics required to follow the plot are just not worth it.
  14. (However, I will fully judge Kary for other reasons, because she is awful.)
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