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  1. Way too rich for my blood too, but I'd totally get a Target knockoff for $30, if one existed.
  2. The zoom-interview talking heads!! So distracting. I'm not sure if I can continue with the season... LOL at Leah talking about getting "authentic" Chinese food and then ordering lo mein and chicken with broccoli. Hannah's annoying, but I did like her candy apple blouse.
  3. Not that I know of. I just meant it's the place where sad Pier One signage goes to die.
  4. Yeah, this show was basically Masterpiece Theatre before Leah came along. I recall in an early season, Ramona made out with a female friend in a swimming pool while a young Avery looked on in disgust and called them "lesbos." That must be the kind of dignified content to which she is referring.
  5. Wtf is a "goldsheep"? And this cast! Ugh. Another season of Gina's sad Pier One graveyard casita, Shannon crying about how wronged she is, and Emily and Shane's stilted interactions? How will this be any more interesting than watching paint dry? What the hell is Andy thinking? I really wish they had gone completely in the other direction and brought back just the OGs.
  6. Fascinating! I had always assumed that they just had a massive interview with each cast member toward the end of each season -- makes sense that they interview them sporadically throughout but require them to wear the same outfit/makeup each time.
  7. I don't think it's an either/or proposition. No way would I want to be married to Bethenny, but Jason was a gaslighter and just the worst.
  8. Ramona's a narcissist but it was rude of Dorinda and Sonja to ask her to share her birthday party and then harangue her when she declined. Who does that?
  9. I'm disappointed that they didn't replay the "It looks like Bethenny crying" line from Bluestone Manor, but that was nearly remedied by Tinsley's line about how the cackling twins from the haunted house looked like Ramona and Sonja.
  10. God, this is so true. I want this knitted on a little pillow.
  11. I wondered about this too, and I hope Andy asks her about it at the reunion! The only thing I can think of is... consider the other two options? I'd choose Bethenny too, and I get why it's the "classic" response (though I'd like to know more about this guy's data collection techniques...). I don't like any of these women, but it would be annoying as fuck to be married to either Sonja or Ramona. Bethenny would be annoying too, but at least she has her financial house in order, and she'd likely be away a lot for work. And she was supposedly there for Luann in one of her lowest moments, even if she ruined that by crowing about it after the fact on national TV. *Shrug* Just saying. I can sort of see it.
  12. Oh man, and then Dorinda's weird ultimatum, "Either you tell them, or I will." WHAT? WHO. THE. FUCK. CARES???
  13. I'm frankly shocked that she correctly used the word "demeanor" in that sentence and not "diameter" or something...
  14. I find it so odd that Sonja and Ramona have brushed off Leah's behavior a couple of times now by stating that she's "young." Yes, Leah is younger than some of the other cast members and, hey, I'm around her age, and I'm thrilled if that qualifies me as "young." (I work with college kids, so I feel old constantly.) But she's 37, runs a business, and has a preteen daughter. She's not exactly a wide-eyed NYU freshman experiencing life for the first time.
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