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  1. Here’s where I am right now: I think Rinna, Erika, Camille, and maybe Denise are somewhat interesting in their own right. Kyle, Dorit, and Teddi are boring. Any one of them could be ok maybe as a filler housewife (most likely Kyle, because at least she has history with the cast) but when they’re half the cast, the show becomes profoundly boring.
  2. ladle

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Thankfully she’s still wearing her “CHA” and “NEL” earrings in her talking heads though. Phew!
  3. ladle

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    When Dorit made that crack about the elephant in the room really being a bunny, and everyone cackled like it was the funniest thing ever said, I came to a sad realization: these women just aren't witty or entertaining enough, as a group, to carry a show.
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you shouldn't need a tampon if you're that self-absorbed.
  5. Yeah, that's pretty much where I am on Luann.
  6. Oh, I get what you're saying for sure, and Luann's clearly a narcissist, and I agree they have every right to be frustrated with her, for all of the reasons you mention. But I still felt that their response was just way over the top. Like, don't we all have that friend/co-worker who is good for superficial conversations and to have fun with occasionally, but who is completely self-absorbed so we all just accept that it'll never be anything more than surface?
  7. I'm not a Bethenny fan, but I kind of enjoy the low-key Bethenny/Tinsley friendship.
  8. If the roles had been reversed, nobody would have faulted Sonja for taking a swim and everyone would have accused Luann of having a fake meltdown and making everything all about herself.
  9. I'm not sure which is more nauseating: that flashback to Ramona and Mario's sexy foot massage scene, which I honestly thought I had emotionally moved past, or their weird flirting now. It is truly a toss up.
  10. I think the women are annoyed with Luann not because she's found "success" but because she's being insufferable. That said, I think she's correct that they'd take delight in her failure. tl;dr Everybody's awful.
  11. Drink every time Dorit wears something with the designer's name visible.
  12. Dorit's athleisure looks... fine. Which is to say, it looks like every other boring sports bra and pair of workout pants that you'd find at Target. So at least it's a huge stride forward from her swimwear, which looks ill-fitting and uncomfortable even on the most chiseled bodies.
  13. ladle

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    Why does Rinna creepily resemble a young Kirstie Alley in her Erika Jayne getup?
  14. You know, this was my initial reaction to that too, but then I was like, eh, if I knew I were going to be on camera and hair/makeup people came with the house, I would probably avail myself too. (I say this as someone who is not a Bethenny fan.)
  15. The women have really good points about Luann, but if Drunk Sonja were screaming at me I'd get up and leave the table too.