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  1. She looks like I expected her to look, but she looks really happy and the pictures are much better without the awkward 'gently touch the mannequin' poses of their courtship.
  2. I was unfamiliar with that term, and then the day after I read your post I heard it in an audiobook. It probably would have just slipped by had I not just seen it here.
  3. I keep imagining Nathan walking around all day humming Rod Stewart: Tonight's the night It's gonna be alright 'Cause I love you girl Ain't nobody gonna stop us now
  4. Please let's NOT have one of those pictures of the bride and groom and both sets of parents kissing on the altar.
  5. I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and am subscribed to one that focuses almost exclusively on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. The host prefaced this week's episode with the following, and the contrast between her approach and Snowflake's is just so stark:
  6. She looks like her brother there, around the eyes.
  7. I'm really conflicted. I detest the thought of her actually getting any money out of it, but, like you, I'm so frikkin' curious (and the mocking potential is off the charts) that I'm almost willing to throw someone $5 to offset the cost.
  8. The one that stands out to me is ass(bleep). Because "hole" is the offensive part.
  9. Those reservations go fast. Mr. Ox tried to get them for us this year, and the best we could do was counter service if we got there around 5 pm. I told him to try again (earlier) next year.
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