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  1. Appearing publicly in a 12K jacket and full glam the same day you're accused of helping your husband steal money from the families of plane crash victims? Not a good look, hunty.
  2. I did theater, speech, and debate starting in grade school and continuing all the way through college. Wasn't too terrible at it and always loved it. I am also shy to a point that is pathetic (I'm even reluctant to post this because it feels like I'm interrupting). For some reason, public speaking was never a problem. It actually felt like I had a reason to have someone's attention and wasn't being a bother. I thought so, too.
  3. My grandmother always told me that if you meet assholes all the time, chances are good that you're the asshole. Bethy sure seems to meet a whole bunch of assholes... You two have given words to all the feelings I've been having ever since she returned to the show. I can only add that she is very often mean just for the sake of being mean. Her snark isn't funny, it isn't just self-deprecating, it isn't particularly original, it's fucking mean.
  4. Google isn't turning much information since July/August. Maybe the custody arrangement wasn't altered and they're both being smart and staying off social media about it?
  5. I won't either. My only hope is that she seemed to seriously torch her bridges by bailing right as filming started and leaving everybody in the lurch. Plus, the ratings didn't go up that much when she came back. Bravo and the other wives might not welcome her back with open arms next time.
  6. When she came back to the show crying about being homeless despite owning TWO properties was when I started side-eyeing her. The attitude she gave to Heather and Kristen didn't help. It was plainly obvious that she thought she was better than everybody when she jumped right back into the muck and started wallowing.
  7. Don't people know not to order fish when she is at the next table? Is this guy trying to kill her? I hope her development deal bears fruit if only to keep her busy enough that she isn't taking pictures of random people's dinners.
  8. Only if she and Bryn were flying private and the crew had earplugs. Otherwise, it's annoying. I hope the next dozen flights she books are all serving fish and she has a hell of a time changing her reservations.
  9. Bethy is at it again! https://twitter.com/Bethenny/status/1203408508839849984 https://twitter.com/Bethenny/status/1203411292666482688 'Tis the season to be a raging asshole.
  10. I wish them both all the happiness in the world. I never loathed Scott as much as some do, so I hope they work out.
  11. At least she (or somebody) fixed the pricing error on her website and plus sizes don't cost almost twice as much.
  12. Yup. She just tossed it out there like it was nothing. She sounded more invested when lecturing interns about which panties are to be worn at a San Tropez amusement park and imploring someone to bring her ice wrapped in one of her french towels instead of a regular dishcloth. Delusional heaux needs to not ever own another animal. She can pet the Morgan Letters instead.
  13. I think the new owner of the cat posted pictures and an update, at least. The cat was having some trouble socializing in the new home.
  14. Not sure which dog. She was talking to two of the interns and mentioned that people weren't allowed there when she wasn't home because, and I quote, "things get clogged, things get broken, the dog drowns in the pond".
  15. The bathroom was how I recognized it as her place. The townhouse might have brown ice and mold issues, but I do love that bathroom. When she says "full service options" does that mean she's going to restart her intern farm to staff the house? Is she going to disclose that one of her dogs drowned in the koi pond? Is she talking about the parking garage next door?
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