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  1. Rosiejuliemom

    Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl

    Skinny Bitch is a series of diet books/plans. I believe that Ramona was the first Housewife to sell wine outside of Vanderpump. I'm not counting Vanderpump as RHOBH didn't premiere until after Ramona Pinot was available. My problem with her is that she's a hypocrite when it comes to things like this. She'll jump down the throat of anyone that she perceives as riding on her coattails and offer her unsolicited opinion on what everyone else is doing while rabidly defending her own scatter-shot branding.
  2. Rosiejuliemom

    Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl

    I can see her point, although I think she was completely out of line for screaming at Sonja in front of Skinnygirl employees. I wonder how she would have felt if one of the founders of Skinny Cow or Skinny Bitch had spoken to her that way? Or Ramona, seeing as how B had to jump on Ramona's bandwagon and release a Skinnygirl pinot and the skincare line?
  3. Rosiejuliemom

    Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl

    I'm just glad she isn't doing stark white with Skinnygirl red accents. Again. I hope the renovations aren't on RHONY. I don't want to watch her strip all the charm out of a place and replace it with another cold, bland, modern design. *disclaimer* I have nothing against modern design or minimalism. I just don't like the way Bethenny executes it.
  4. Sonja is such a fucking brat. Tinsley doesn't owe her ANYTHING.
  5. I think that a FOH is invited to the reunion if they are involved in any of the major drama of the season.
  6. It's common for friends of to be at the reunion at least for awhile, though. Sonja, Eva, Marlo, Brandi Glanville, Camille all appeared at reunions when they weren't full-time. Lu was at the season 6 reunion the entire time and had more screen time than Aviva without holding an apple.
  7. Neither he nor his wife have made any moves toward divorce as far as I can tell. Apparently, Tinsley's living situation matters because Beth decided it did. Funny how it didn't matter when she lived in the Hamptons her first season back (until she had to be "homeless" in the city for the show) or that Luann's primary residence has been out of the city since season 3! But, if she had tampons on hand, how would she be able to make a point of asking for one to set up her oh-so-hilarious quip about how she's the only one who needs them anymore (ignoring the 5 years younger Tinsley). Now how can we expect her to know that? She's only a cook. Or a chef. Can't remember which. Wow, I apparently had some opinions on Bethenny. I feel like I have to shade some of the others to balance it out. Sonja and Dorinda need to keep their noses out of Tinsley's life. I don't care if Scott is footing the bill for every facet of her life, it ain't their business. Ms. "Ya don't touch the fucking Morgan...LETTERS!!" is just jealous that her ex won't keep her in the lifestyle that she frittered away playing businesswoman. Barbara and a hot mic go together like peanut butter and jelly. Ramona...I got nothin'. I have accepted the Ramonen (Ramonan Ramonaen?) Noodle into my heart and there she shall stay. I liked Luann's s'more "costume" in theory. The hat was a big no from me, but I liked the rest. Noel needs a razor and Victoria needs a deep conditioning.
  8. Dorinda? If so, I concur. John is very obviously head over heels for her and she treats him like he is convenient. Or an embarrassment. It's clear that she is still mourning Richard. John will never measure up to him in her eyes and he knows it. But he'll stay as long as she allows it. It seems really unfair. I could be clouded by the fact that I like John. He seems like a decent enough guy. The type that you meet once and if he runs into you in a restaurant, he still remembers your name and buys you a drink.
  9. I believe filming started earlier than in the past few seasons. Bravo wanted to get cameras up as soon as possible after Dennis died. It seems like they usually film from mid-late October to early March.
  10. The official story was that Tinsley was coming off her Palm Beach arrest and wanted to re-establish herself in NY. There was never any mention that Tins couldn't afford her own place, just that she hadn't found one yet and was staying with Sonja until she did. Meta-wise, producers needed a way to "organically" introduce Tinsley to the show and Sonja needed a storyline for the first half of the season and got paid extra when they filmed in the townhouse.
  11. She did. She had a Mexico-themed party after the original Tequila trip got cancelled and the pinata was filled with costume and (I believe) one real piece for each of the women.
  12. You might be on to something. Especially considering the repeated occurrences and the plane story that started falling apart under the slightest scrutiny.
  13. I currently have Bill Murray, Freddie Mercury, Bea Arthur, Prince, and Florence Welch gracing my bookcase. The Beetlejuice ones are packed away with the Halloween stuff.
  14. Not the exact ones, but you can get the whole set!
  15. That's true. I feel like my mantra with Lu this season has been "She's not wrong, she's just an asshole." Ramona telling Bethenny that she looks good for someone who was almost dead is the reason I cannot ever fully hate her. Meanwhile, Bethenny telling Sonja to suck off an oyster is why I'll never fully like her. She can't help but say the crassest thing possible.