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  1. Passions started in 1999, after the Possession Storyline. My guess would be that James E Reilly was given the opportunity to create a new show due to the ratings that were generated by Marlena’s possession. The DougDemon said, “It’s been over 25 years, Marlena,” but you’re correct about the years (late ‘94- mid ‘95) of the original storyline.
  2. He’s behaving like a shameless asshole at the moment. But when he first came back to Salem he was trying to make amends with Sami and repair their broken relationship. He was making a genuine effort at being a “good” person. So, I like that his rage at Sami having sex with Lucas is just bleeding into every aspect of his life. It’s like he can’t help but torch everything around him that could be a source of support at this time. His fight with Xander was such a necessary outlet for his inner turmoil that he’s refusing to deal with.
  3. I was so mad that John wouldn’t move his hand out of the way. I was able to read the first paragraph of the article and I was intrigued about the rest. LOL! Love that! But Kristin going on and on about The Signs from The Scrolls was one of my favorite parts of the cheesy-ness.
  4. How is it the same footage? There are plenty of differences from the original levitation scene. The bedroom, her pajamas, her foot positioning, and her hand right hand was clearly resting on her stomach in the original. Why would they bother reusing old footage when it could be easily computer-generated with today’s technology? Wow, EJ and Nicole. I didn’t think they’d actually be smart enough to go there. At least that’s one thing to look forward to. I should probably stop reading this thread again.
  5. At least they could have made reference to the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. That was the Big Moment the Demon was waiting for in his plot to take Marlena’s soul, kill Father John Black and destroy Salem, USA. Perhaps the Demon has become more efficient and no longer relies on the signs from The Scrolls? Doug saying he locked that bitch in the freezer on purpose was hilarious. I don’t hate the idea of the Demon coming back for Marlena. It was determined to destroy her and everyone around her. But while there was a campiness to the original story, there were plenty of strong character
  6. Lindsay Arnold’s boobs looked HUGE in the tight white shirt. I thought maybe she had something done but then I found some old pics where they looked almost as big. Oh Doug, how wicked thou art! I wonder what’s gotten into him. Did Alyson Sweeney’s exit cause a funk in the Writer’s Room? The Show has felt about as boring as my own life since Sami’s kidnapping. And they’re paying people to write this snoozefest? Where did I go wrong?
  7. It appears as though it’s from this article about how Ben and Ciara are an “It” couple in some realm of our bizarre Universe. There are several pics of Ben and Ciara interspersed throughput the article. If you scroll down, you can find the pic of Ben and Ciara mimicking Doug and Julie, although without Doug and Julie’s pic in the frame. https://www.papermag.com/days-of-our-lives-cin-2654589242.html?rebelltitem=28#rebelltitem28
  8. The Writers tried to make it seem like Adrienne had come back from the dead during Calista’s first scene, so that was probably the only reason. As soon as Julie explained that Doug had locked her in the freezer, all I could think about was how loudly @boes was cheering. At least Xander knows that Bonnie was in his hotel room. His presence in this storyline is the only reason I’m not FF-ing this Calista/Bonnie StinkFest. If only Calista would shoot Bonnie and Xander would shoot Calista...but the Show doesn’t like us to have nice things.
  9. The commercials for the insurance companies are definitely more entertaining than the Ciara/Ben nonsense. Those two twits reading Shakespeare to each other is worse than nails on a chalkboard. Mixed feelings about the mess with Bonnie. I like the idea of someone’s troubled past coming back to haunt them when they’ve finally reached a sweet spot in life, but Bonnie is so annoying and Calista is suuuch a cartoon. And yet, Calista almost makes me chuckle at times, and I’m slightly intrigued by Bonnie trying to steal Xander’s money. Gwen keeping secrets was more interesting w
  10. Is the daily dialogue always so repetitive on the Show? I feel like most of the characters have been having the same conversation for 2 weeks now. If Sheila could manipulate her way into a job at the hospital, it could be a fun way for her to weasel her way into Finn’s life. Sheila faking fainting is mildly amusing but this story seems pretty basic, so far. Other than giving Sheila a “Forrester” grandchild, the Writers haven’t done anything surprising or clever.
  11. Right? I remember watching that before they made us all stay indoors. Another reason when taping the show so far in advance isn’t their friend. Off-topic but did you enjoy The White Lotus? I saw you mention it in a Survivor thread.
  12. Johnny asking for money at least makes some sense. He’s probably been given most of what he’s ever wanted at this point in his life. EJ being such an ass about makes less sense to me. The only thing I can think of is that EJ is taking his rage at Sami out on Johnny. Did Stefano make EJ quit being a race car driver? What the hell is a Calista Lockhart? I was surprised when I Googled her and was informed that the actress is a Tony Award winner. I thought her first couple scenes were awful, although it didn’t help that they involved Bonnie. I think I was able to watch her last s
  13. Perhaps this explains why Eric is so devastated by his erectile dysfunction. He's losing his identity, lol. Does anyone know who was the first person to be slapped by Stephanie? I've seen quite a few Stephanie slaps while I've been watching all of the old Sheila scenes. The earliest one I could find claimed to be from January of 1988, when she slaps Ridge. This one says May of 1988 for Brooke...
  14. While I understand all of Steffy's concerns about Sheila, and her vitriol was warranted, I was really hoping Finn would stand up for himself a little more than he did. He just stood there and took all of her ranting. Perhaps it was a smart move on his part. It was funny to hear Steffy foam at the mouth about how well she knows the How and Why of Sheila's machinations, which is exactly how you challenge Sheila to a duel, if you really know who you're dealing with. Lauren and Stephanie have both come at Sheila in a similar manner, and it didn't go well for either of them.
  15. The weird thing about Gabi is that she had become a mostly fun character, and it seemed Camila Banus had grown as an actress. Then they sent her off, and she’s been mostly annoying since her return. The scenes with Abigail and kidnapping Gwen were fun but the rest of it...not so much. I hate that this plot to take over Titan makes her look like a moron. I appreciated Steve being kind to Ava. I don’t see how holding a grudge against someone is beneficial in any way, shape or form. It does feel like it came out of nowhere but I can fill in the blanks and say that Ava and Tripp ha
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