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  1. Could Abigail been one of those mean girls tormenting poor classmates. I can see it.
  2. I have to wonder about Belle defending Kristin when she dumped her sister at the last minute.
  3. If EJ was the father Allie would be screaming to high heaven because the only thing Allie care about is hurting her Mother. From what I understand EJ is not capable of having sex.
  4. Self righteous Lucas and newly ordained St. Nicole would fit better because neither of them can do no wrong now.
  5. Self righteous Lani was all about Gabi using her child to get her way, but Kristin is a saint when she does the same thing,.
  6. Both Gabi and Kristin are criminal yet the corrupt cop force only want justice for Gabi and not Kristin. They want Kristin on a pedestal.
  7. Town busy body Julie should be on Lani's case about how she is mistreating Eli.
  8. Eli should have arrested Lani as well as Kristin.
  9. Yep but in the end Belle was the one who hurt Shawn the most when she cheated on him over and over again.
  10. John knows it too and that is reason the went after Sami so vicious.
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