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Season 35 Final Jeopardy Contest

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Here are FJs for week two:

7. Animal Characters. Items bought by this predator: iron bird seed, an iron carrot, earthquake pills & dehydrated boulders.
8. 18th Century Americans. In a famous 1775 speech, he said, “Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston!”
9. Folklore. In legend, he called all the animals together but only 12 came, including a rat & a dragon.


We have 24 contestants so far but people can still get in to play. Just post your total for each week here and I'll get you logged in. I've updated everyone who has posted week two results above but am missing these players:

Brookside, DXD, Fex, GoodQueen, lb60, JeezumCrow, Kathira, M.Darcy, Sharpie, TheWildSow and WhineWithWine.

It's still early and all players haven't posted but two are in contention for top score. Four and five are the most popular totals; those players are in contention for those two additional surprise prizes!

ETA: Totals posted in the Season 35 thread won't be acknowledged. Post them here please.

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This week: 2 for 5.

Overall: 2 for 10.

5 hours ago, DXD526 said:

Not a good season for me so far. 1/5 week 1, 0/5 week 2. Proudly bringing up the rear!


That booby prize has my name on it, dammit.  Mine, I tell ya!

<makes plans to become more stoopid>

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4/5 for the week!

Pulled Buddha & Turquoise out at the last second (hope I would've had time to write them.)

For the speech I was fixated by Boston and figured it was either John or Samuel Adams.  I just associate Patrick Henry so much with Virginia that he wasn't even on my radar.

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18 minutes ago, BuckeyeLou said:

I was out of town visiting the Grandkids, so this week (9/24) is the 1st full week I have seen

Weeks one and two FJs are posted here so you can play w/o seeing the episode. I did not post the answers but I have them if you need to verify/check. Only total corrects per week are recorded for the prizes. Four prizes right now ... maybe more will be added?

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3 hours ago, Sharpie66 said:

2 for 2 so far this week! 

You are too smart for your pants, Smartie Pants.

I am tied with GenerationX for this week.

Driad, it took me a minute (or two) but you made me laugh. Now I need to make YOU a "gold" meme. Asterisk is now my favorite word.

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I've become one of the Doublemint Twins: "Two, two, two mints (correct answers) in one." Two correct answers every week.

I need Week 2 totals for @Kathira and @whinewithwine. Then Week 3 totals from everyone when you are ready. New players are welcome! I'll post Week 3 FJ questions tomorrow. I "like" your post when I have recorded your totals, just so you know you're in.

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OK, not to be too cocky.....but 4/4 so far this week!  I know & love my Brit Royals!  George IV was actually a good guess; he was waited 59 years to become King compared to Edward's 60.  Both only reigned for about 9 years.  Of course, George was the Regent from 1811 till his father's death in 1820, due to George III's incapacity!  I am not sure if he was still considered the Prince of Wales during the Regency.  Side note:  he and his wife Caroline of Brunswick despised each other and lived together only long enough to get one heir (not even a spare!)  That daughter, Charlotte of Wales, predeceased both her grandfather George III and her father.  She died at 21, delivering a stillborn son.  Leaving George to be succeeded by his brother William IV.  With no surviving legitimate children (but 8 with his mistress!), William left the throne to his 18 year old niece.  Victoria!

I remember reading a historical novel about the life of George and Caroline, told from Caroline's point of view.  It was hilarious!

Charles is actually older than either George or Edward (almost 70!), but he wasn't officially invested as  "Prince of Wales" until 1958, when he was 9 years old.

Pygamlion/'Enry 'Iggins was an instaget.  I wondered if anyone would say "My Fair Lady" when they asked for the play, not the musical.

I am a huge Sue Grafton fan.  I was shocked and saddened by her death since she kept her illness private.  "Y is for Yesterday" was great, but I'm sad we won't get to learn her take on Z.  I think "S is for Silence" will always be my favorite, though, and I think of it every time I look at a beautiful blue hydrangea! ;-)

Alamo?  Yeah, "Catholic/Property (real estate?  a mission?)/Texas" = Alamo!  And just don't pee on it (I love Ozzy but that was just ridiculous!)

I won't get to see tonight's show till late tonight or tomorrow (I record it.)  Now that I've done my brag for the day, look for me to miss FJ's for the foreseeable future. <g>

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48 minutes ago, BuckeyeLou said:

I am 3 for 5 this week :)

Buckeye, I am missing your scores for Weeks 1 and 2. Help!

19 minutes ago, Driad said:

After 3 weeks I am 9*/15.

Driad, I am missing your Weeks 1 and 2 also, although I do have your three-week total of 9 asterisk so you're good. Just not if we award weekly prizes. Help!

30 minutes ago, Brookside said:

Can there be a prize for fair to middling? 

There are two prizes (so far) for fair to middling. No one loses in this game. (Well, some of you will.)

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2 minutes ago, saber5055 said:
24 minutes ago, Driad said:

After 3 weeks I am 9*/15.

Driad, I am missing your Weeks 1 and 2 also, although I do have your three-week total of 9 asterisk so you're good. Just not if we award weekly prizes. Help!

For the 3 weeks: 2, 2, 5*.

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Final Jeopardy Questions: WEEK 3
11. British Royalty. In September 2017 Prince Charles became the longest-serving Prince of Wales, passing the man who became this king.
12. 20th Century Plays. From its preface: “It is impossible for an Englishman to open his mouth without making some other Englishman hate…him.”
13, Authors. After this woman’s death, her daughter wrote, “As far as we in the family are concerned, the alphabet now ends at Y.”
14. U.S. Landmarks. In 1883 a Catholic diocese sold this to the state of Texas for $20,000.
15. Classic Films. In this ’70s Oscar-winning film, the title character’s 1st words are “Why did you go to the police? Why didn’t you come to me first?”

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1 hour ago, saber5055 said:

No one loses in this game. (Well, some of you will.)


50 minutes ago, peeayebee said:

I got today's, but I'd like to see a list of this week's FJ's so I can make sure of my week's total. I'm too drunk -- GENRE! -- to figure it out myself.

<directs peeaybee's gaze upward>

This week: 3 for 5.

Overall: 5 for 15.

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