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  1. Woody - "The Chinese are taking over everything. My wife is Asian, my daughters are Asian. I can say this because I'm Asian - Caucasian!" Bawahaha !
  2. Another good article. https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/arts-and-culture/a27057116/ruth-wilson-mrs-wilson-pbs-episode-three-interview/
  3. I thought the ending was beautiful. Sad and bittersweet but lovely. The blue coloring of everything was distracting. Here's an interview with Ruth Wilson. It explains the families' relationship today. There are 55 family members now. Apparently Alison only knew about Gladys. The fact that she knew about Dorothy and Elizabeth was fictionalized to reveal more about Alec's deception and to include his entire family. https://www.indiewire.com/2019/04/mrs-wilson-ruth-wilson-bigamy-spy-grandfather-legacy-pbs-1202056526/
  4. Thanks! I could tell it was a business card, but couldn't read it. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford a 60" TV. Ha!
  5. Fascinating! I can't wait to see how this plays out. Can anyone tell me what was written on the card Allison found in Alec's wallet? I couldn't see it. Thanks.
  6. And have Ernst move to England and be in most scenes so we can enjoy David Oakes. Hey, that's as believable as the Feo storyline. Her doctor apparently told her to stop having babies and she protested because she didn't want to stop having fun in bed. When she died, it was discovered that she had a prolapsed uterus, but who knows when that happened because, unbelievably, she'd never had an "intimate" physical examination because she was the Queen and it wasn't allowed .
  7. and miss Julia's Ohhhhh Ho Ho Ho Hoooooo or ooooooohs!? Ten thousand times this! I used to really like Julia, but it's getting to the point, because of her constant inane ridiculous comments and especially the chorus of bizarre noises she makes, I can hardly stand her. Whenever someone else is cooking and trying to explain the recipe, the grunting and other sounds emanating from her flapping piehole are so distracting I find myself yelling, "STFU!" at the TV.
  8. I should have gotten Churchill. A few years ago I bought his books about WWII when they were on sale for Kindle. He was a very prolific writer - The books of Winston Churchill.
  9. Congrats to Alex again. We had two GFY. ?? Like y'all I was extremely annoyed with the addition of "video clues of famous people" on top of the Gaddafi picture. Unfortunately, I'm so out of touch, that I only recognized Pink. I get Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera confused so I said Christina and I've never heard tell of that Shawn Mendes kid. (That's how he spells it? Not Sean? Damn, get off my lawn.) I got redwood, Mary Leakey (no one ever seems to know her ?), and dear wife. I wracked my brain for FJ and just threw JFK out there, although I knew it was wrong. I was
  10. Congrats to Alex! I would have been happy with Lee, too. See ya, Adam, you arrogant buzzer masher. Two GFY! Drink, drink! ?? Tonight's famous person's picture - Emma Watson. Drink! ? I got no TS. FJ was an instaget, basically because Moses was the only Biblical lawgiver I could think of.
  11. Week 4 - a lousy 1 out of 5. Boo hiss.
  12. Last night's joy was short lived. Another day, another annoying champ flailing the buzzer and randomly picking clues in the middle for no good reason. Plus, he should have not gotten credit for Blue Danube. It's The Blue Danube Waltz. Putz. I got no TS and was a slack-jawed moron for FJ. I've never heard of D Day being called the Cossack Plan. The Russians planned it?
  13. I love Sara! She's nice, normal, smart, and a gutsy wagerer. I so want to see the musical version of Silence of the Lambs. Plus, she got rid of Doug, whose pandering for a boyfriend on a TV game show grossed me out. I was surprised Kian had so much money going into FJ since I only remember him as "guy wildly waving his buzzer, staring at it when he didn't ring in, and pointing at the board if he did". Oh! And he got a GFY. Drink! ? The pictures of Hubert Humphrey and George Wallace were as bad as yesterday's Khrushchev photo. Gimme a break, writers. I got Raymond Chandler,
  14. I almost turned off the game. Doug the Eunuch (I'm talking about his singing parts written for castrated males, not him personally) can't get off my screen soon enough. I loved Susan's jacket. I got decoy, The Walking Dead, The Thing, veneer, and bundling. For FJ I guessed Zurich. At least I was in the correct country. It was Seth Meyers. I forgot to mention it, although I laughed and thought of y'all when he said Trebek liked to "fancify" words.
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