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  1. Let's see PLW put "annoying exuberance" on a t-shirt! That's what I think of the broccoli-at-every-meal host with her attitude of "I pretend to be happy to make you jealous!".
  2. It looks like floating bacteria to me. Not the right shoes to wear with it. Her feet look like hooves. LOL At first, I thought MB got mustard all over her shirt. The OAP got ketchup and mayo on his.
  3. I tend to like Carla, Jason, and Gesine. They know their baking. I think the producers are messing with the show. They wanted a different format and want the judges to be more animated to make this work. I don't care about the opinions and comments of the other bakers. Especially the nasty side glances and grunts from Michele. I'd rather see everyone baking in the last half of the show, rather than a couple of people. ITA. They know it's not going well. I usually catch re-runs of the baking shows. This one I will keep channel surfing past.
  4. That blazer is for the people who have an inner clown that's trying to get out. I laughed when Rachel brought up "tabletop dressing" in front of our computers. Yeah. All anyone else would see is the pin-stripe top half of that blazer. They wouldn't know your second job was creating balloon animals for kids parties. (not that balloon animals aren't a fun party talent)
  5. One thing is for sure, he looks really dirty rather than tanned.
  6. Just watched it. Poor Gary. Caro saying what she did was way out of line and inappropriate. And, it's on tv in front of millions of viewers. It's not like it was just between her and Gary. He doesn't deserve that.
  7. EWWW. Suzanne thought that was so hot she had to post it? News flash for desperate Suz- I am not jealous at all!
  8. That woman didn't act like an attorney. She acted like a stripper. Did they prove she went to law school and passed the bar exam? Otherwise, I think she lied. Her behavior on this show is highly questionable. It looked more likely that she was advertising an online stripper site. I'm glad they helped the woman with the extra boobage under her arms. She's exactly the type person who should be helped. She was so thankful to be able to live a more normal life. Good for her.
  9. It's amazing that the cicadas have a 17-year cycle. Scientists still don't know exactly how their internal clock works.
  10. Seeing pics of Antonella on the boat makes me think of being hot and tired. There's no air conditioning. It might be cool at night but during the day it's going to be muggy. I went on a weeklong cruise in my 20's. (It was a Barefoot Windjammer Cruise that looked like a pirate ship and had sails. No A/C) I remember feeling hot, sweaty, and grimy, even after having a shower twice a day. I don't want to imagine going through that plus Ant on chemo and not being able to get comfortable. I shake my head and some of the things she is doing but I wish her well.
  11. Sorry I missed the climactic pinnacle over-hyped moment of David eating the food. Here is a fortune cookie for him----- A fortune cookie for Caro----- Maybe this one for Jenn----
  12. I'm sure Isaac has a name for Jane it just isn't appropriate to say out loud.
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