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  1. Hallmark showed the movie "Store In Love" earlier. "Sparks fly between a home shopping host and her rival when they compete for a promotion." It caught me by surprise when I saw the selling graphics on the left of the screen and it was a Hallmark movie.
  2. In my area the fresh and frozen meats section was mostly empty. Fresh fruits and veggies and frozen veggies were all gone. Sunday was the first day that some foods have reappeared on the shelves. Signs are now on most shelves limiting how many of that item can be purchased. Bread was back. Milk, butter, and eggs were on the shelf. Some fresh fruit and veggies. All frozen veggies still gone. I'm looking forward to egg salad sandwiches. Fortunately, my hair spray was available. wink wink Count me in the group that likes not having the OAPs in studio. The hosts are presenting the items to the viewers again, rather than the host and OAP selling it to themselves. There's less noise in studio. More focus on the products.
  3. YES. It seems like Clinton is spending a lot of time talking to Arin over the other bakers. I was waiting for Clinton to ask him out. BWAH! Arin might win and they will bring him back as a judge for years to come. Critiquing someone's dessert... "your garden cake didn't have enough dirt on it, so here's some... your cake looks like Minnie Pearl's old hat!"
  4. ITA. I came across a couple of old NFL games a few days ago while channel surfing. (Another game on tonight.) I'm appreciating the sports channels coming up with this idea. Sports commentator Joe Buck asked for people to send him their videos during the pandemic so he could voice over the play-by-play of their activities. They are called "Quarantine Calls with Joe Buck". It's been humorous. I read today that he's requested people to now stop sending him their sex tapes. BWAH!
  5. I'm sorry that you are experiencing that. It's normal. I'm a positive person, too, and try to find the good things quickly so I don't become overwhelmed. I've learned that (for me and hopefully you) feelings can be temporary. Today isn't that great. Look to tomorrow. Also, I choose things that will perk me up. I'm looking forward to a good dinner tonight and I might eat everything. I'm going to find something I like on tv. I've got a creative project I'm working on. Mental stimulus of my favorite things helps get me out of my depression. Mostly I want you to know I understand. I've been watching Hallmark movies more. It's strange that many of the lead actresses resemble Jen Coffey. Hallmark needs to mix it up a bit.
  6. To me this looks like insect wings. Dennis is desperate. These images are from Paris Fashion Week. Might we be seeing this soon on the Q.
  7. That explains why I didn't see it. I thought it would be easily understood it should be on our local news every night so everyone will probably see it.
  8. I feel more hopeful after seeing this video. Parts of this should be shown on tv during the news. Wash your hands and don't touch your face. I can do that. I wash my hands first thing I do when I come home from being out in the world. I feel good about that part. I need to work on not touching my face. I probably should wash my face when I come home too, after washing my hands.
  9. When you feel like carpet surfing but only have a flip flop.
  10. I've been cooking and baking a bit more. I usually don't have the time. I made a Strawberry Jam Cake earlier.
  11. The news is telling us almost 24/7 that we need to shelter in place to contain the virus. Well, the last couple of days the news additionally tells us that Amazon has created 100,000 new jobs. Oh great... but wait a minute. I have a job. They aren't open b/c of the virus. I'm getting mixed messages here.
  12. @DownTheShore it's good to see you again! ITA with @lovemesomejoolery about FB. You can participate as much or as little as you want. Also, I use FB to play lots of games. Bingo, Sudoku, Cribbage, MahJong, Crosswords, Cards, tons more. I've been playing more since having to stay at home.
  13. David will probably get QVC to make a Chia head now so he can sell those, too. "cha-cha-cha-happydance" David resembles Richard Simmons wearing that flower sphere.
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