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  1. This says to me "crack whore". Not a good image for that brand.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I'll browse their site on the weekend.
  3. Valerie's TSV lantern is really pretty. I considered getting it but the price stopped me. I might find something I like just as well later.
  4. I loved Horchow in the 90's! Beautiful home decor. I've still got a spaniel oil painting and 2 venetian glass mirrors from there. Some of Valerie's items remind me of Horchow.
  5. @BenchWarmer, good for you! Congratulations! I remember Mr. Christmas making a tabletop wooden music box. Fascinating and gorgeous. It was a well crafted, cherry finish with see-through glass top. Looking inside, there was a metal disk that rotated and played. It came with 25 metal song disks in either Christmas songs or Nostalgic songs. I couldn't afford it at the time. Now they don't sell it on QVC. (I have seen them on Ebay or Amazon, but don't trust buying that kind of item that way.) I saw that Halloween tree presentation. Copying the Christmas tree was a turn off to me. Years
  6. OMGosh! For 3 pounds, that's $24 a pound! For chicken nuggets. Am I missing something? Does Ryan Reynolds deliver it to my door personally? (After he lets Guy Fieri out of that room, of course.)
  7. Why is David trying to say as many words as he can in one breath? Is he not allowed to breathe now?
  8. Are there people in the world pretending to be Valerie Parr Hill? I'm really worried about this. Rick has told us several times in the last 20 minutes that he has the one-and-only Valerie Parr Hill with him tonight. My fears subsided though when I saw how many pumpkin offerings were in the show. Yep, that's really her. Valerie the pumpkin whore. Pumpkin lights, illuminated wax pumpkins, pumpkin garlands. It's a pumpkinpalooza! Help me, I might buy something. Rick (and Val too) are having a good time working together. Rick tells us "it's Decorating with Rick". He puts an autumn candle hol
  9. @String Theory Glad you had a giggle. Hope you got some sleep. ::wink::
  10. Gotta have some champagne bubbles to go with Janie.
  11. IMO, Kathy Levine left too early. I started watching about 2000. I don't remember seeing Kathy, but I knew everyone else on the Q. I started seeing parodies of home shopping, so I know it was becoming more popular. More sales. Higher salaries. Bonuses. She could have stayed until 2007. /ymmv/
  12. I guess I got lucky that day. I tried on 3 pairs of sandals. ITA, much cuter than what QVC shows us.
  13. My first experience with Clarks shoes was buying them from QVC years ago. The lower prices and a few cute styles got me to buy. I've had to send most of them back b/c they didn't fit right. I ordered my regular size. They'd be too big, or too narrow, or way too wide, or whatever. I swore off getting them. Well. Recently I tried on a few pairs in a store. No fit problem at all. Was the Clarks brand sending all of their "seconds" to QVC to get rid of them? Foisting their problems on us? I don't know, but I had NO trouble with the sandals at the store.
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