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  1. Some upcoming Decades binges: Carol Burnett and Friends on 8/15-16; The Jeffersons on 8/22-23; and Cheyenne on 8/29-30.
  2. DXD526

    MLB Thread

    I've been having two contradictory thoughts for the past week, during which I've watched every Mets game: 1) It's so great to have baseball back; and 2) This is nuts, they should shut the season down.
  3. The Queen Latifah episode was spotty, but worth it for the Profiles in Jazz sketch. Latifah's bubbly portrayal of a singer oblivious to the discomfort of her audience was hilarious! I love how she just kept getting dirtier, despite their reaction. A shame she died young of 'a perfect storm of venereal diseases'!
  4. Did I understand correctly, when Lawless hosted, only the writers and actors who were in the episode got paid each week? Is it still done that way? That really sucks for whoever is hosting to feel like they're taking an opportunity away from a cast member. I had no idea that was ever the case.
  5. Mary also looked kind of uptight with Rachel, IMO. She was a lot looser with Colbert and their conversation flowed much better. Not sure why.
  6. Looks like 17-hour all-day-and-night marathons of R&I for at least the next two Tuesdays.
  7. That was a lot of fun. So much more game-showy, with the fast pace and audience reactions. I'm glad it's settled into the more studious show it is, but fun to see how it started. Interesting that they allowed the contestants to buzz in before Alex was done reading the clues. I remember when watching the Art Fleming daytime version with my mom as a little kid how contestants buzzing in as soon as the answer was revealed confused me. I asked mom why anyone would buzz in without knowing what they're being asked, and she said they want to be first bad enough to take the chance that they'll get it right. It didn't bother her, she seemed to regard it as part of the strategy of the game. To barely-past-toddler me, it made no sense. When I think of where I was and what I was doing in September of '84. Yikes. That was a looong time ago. Hard to believe Alex has been at this all that time.
  8. DXD526

    MLB Thread

    Even though bad Met moments have been plentiful over the team's history, one that really sticks out to me was "K-Rod" WALKING Mariano Rivera in the '09 season. It was only the third at-bat of Rivera's major league career, and it was with the bases loaded! Rodriguez was known to me as BB-Rod ever after. I think it was in that game that Rivera got his 500th save. A lovely night all-around for Mets fans.
  9. Something my DVR will be set for: The Decades binge for 8/8-9 will be Rhoda. They'll start with the pilot and show the first few episodes in order, then start jumping around. Looks like there will be a number of eps from all five seasons.
  10. I remember when Mad Magazine parodied the show, they zeroed in on the fact that Mary Richards had such an extensive wardrobe. They called it Mary Tailor-Made! Before now, my mom was the only one I'd ever heard use the expression 'painfully thin'! And yes, she did apply it to MTM back in the 70s.
  11. They need better writers on this show. Too many of the clues have no definitive answer, IMO, and then there are others that are really obvious. I'd say it makes the game unfair at times, but considering how often these contestants whiff on the really easy ones, it usually makes no difference.
  12. Some upcoming reruns - 7/22: Chuck Forrest record-breaking win; 7/23: Frank Spangenberg record-breaking win; 7/24: 10th anniversary final. Then there's a week of classic Celebrity Jeopardy (don't know the years on these, just contestants) - 7/27: Carol Burnett, Regis Philbin, Donna Mills; 7/28: Jodi Foster, Harry Connick Jr., Nathan Lane; 7/29: Jeff Probst, Charles Barkley, Martha Stewart; 7/30: Wayne Brady, Dana Delany, Eric Idle; 7/31: Michael McKean, Cheech Marin, Jane Curtin.
  13. That was a really good game. I'd forgotten how well the third player did. The first round was the James and Emma show, but the third guy really made it a match in DJ. A fun watch.
  14. As per the binges, Early Edition will be on 7/18-19, followed by The Cisco Kid on 7/25-26, and The Odd Couple on 8/1-2.
  15. I liked the opposing lawyer at the end, telling Jack that the next time he can get reduced charges, he should go for it. Like he was telling the DA something he didn't already know! He was apparently the only one in the room who hadn't figured out that Jack was tanking the case.
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