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  1. A Duggar who actually respects nature? Considering the family's history of terrorizing animals and laughing about it, that's a pretty amazing, and welcome, development.
  2. The local radio station I listen to went silent for a minute at the top of every hour all day Tuesday, so I immediately knew what Stephen was doing. I was expecting him to say something, to mention why Jon Batiste wasn't there, but was glad he didn't and was just silent about it.
  3. Just caught the pilot episode, and Dorothy referred to Stan as 'a 65-year-old man with gout'. Aren't they supposed to be the same age? That would have made Dorothy 65 when the show started, which is highly unlikely. It also means Sophia had her when she was 15, because she's 80! And Dorothy also says she was married 38 years, which would mean they would have been broken up almost a decade by the time of the pilot. When the show became a hit, all this stuff evolved over the seven seasons. And, of course, they had no way of knowing that us fans would be here picking it all apart going on 40 years later!
  4. My first thought was Anne Murray! I'm old.
  5. Decades binges for June: 6/6-7 Love American Style; 6/13-14 The Monkees; 6/20-21 Car 54, Where Are You? and The Phil Silvers Show; 6/27-28 The Wild, Wild West.
  6. I enjoyed part 1. I know next to nothing about professional cycling, so much of the info was new to me. It's interesting that when Armstrong started competing in the early 90s, virtually everybody in the sport was doping. It was largely unregulated and so pervasive that any rider who didn't do it was at an automatic disadvantage. It was also telling when a rider at the Tour de France, when asked why so many riders would risk taking steroids, knowing what they could do to the body, replied that what riders put their bodies through to compete in the Tour is totally unnatural, so just by virtue of taking part, it's implied that they don't care all that much about their bodies. Yikes. Quite an assessment of the sport. And then there's an appearance by a young Keith Olbermann with a bad 90s pornstache! 😄 Looking forward to part 2.
  7. At least this 'pilot' has a few laughs in it and isn't a total waste of time, unlike the Empty Nest episode. That gets a hard pass from me every time it's on.
  8. Gah, I find those frocks awful. They look like something I'd use to dry the dishes.
  9. The new champ is kind of perplexing. He played a decent game, but some of his wrong answers were really bad. It also surprised me that two of them answered Connecticut for FJ. Yale never occurred to them? It did to me immediately and helped me get to Vermont.
  10. Started off the week a woeful 0/2, but recovered to reel off three straight! 3/5.
  11. DXD526


    Sam must have been a decent pitcher at some point, he had the nickname Mayday Malone, which is pretty complimentary. I think his drinking brought his baseball career to a premature end, but he apparently had some talent.
  12. Ugh, Anna's post. Can these people do or say ANYTHING that isn't related to religion? Those poor kids, being raised in such a toxic atmosphere.
  13. I wish Stephen would stop showing clips of 45. He can describe them, I shouldn't have to go through the agony of seeing them. I keep having to mute during the monologue.
  14. As soon as Sam started exhibiting that pampered diva-like behavior on the plane, I knew he was going to be the one to save the day. It made no sense, but it was fun to watch.
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