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  1. Wow, that sofa. Fan-cee. Looks like something my grandparents had in the 60s, and it was dated then.
  2. Heads up for anyone interested, it looks like they talk about the Smuggar case on the Dr. Oz show today. I'm not an Oz fan, but will have to check this out.
  3. 2/5. Wednesday was an instaget, Thursday not quite, but close. The rest of the week, not so much.
  4. DXD526

    MLB Thread

    Smoltz is a tool. I'd bitch about the fact that every team I rooted for in the postseason has been eliminated, but it's already been covered here. I'll still watch at least some of the NL/ALCS and WS, because it's baseball and I so *miss it* come November, but it will be more like hate watching this year. I guess I least want to see Houston go all the way, because they're cheating cheaters, but the other three options are nasty, as well. First another epic Mets collapse, and now these virtually unwatchable playoffs. The baseball gods have not been kind in '21. How long until pitc
  5. The whole Shane/Tess drama left me cold because, like many here have pointed out, all the angst is unnecessary, since LA and Vegas aren't very far apart. It's a three-hour jaunt through the desert on 15. A lovely drive. So, stop stressing, ladies. I hope they don't make Tom turn all loopy. Can there be one man on this show who's just a decent guy, FFS? So many 'L' men through the franchise, from Tim to Mark to Angus, even freaking Ivan, all were either always jerks, or became jerky before leaving the show. There's even been a Tom previously, who seemed great and we were supposed to like,
  6. Dulce's horrible interrupting bit was the least funny thing on the show ever, but she only held that record for a day. Ronny last night was worse. Did they really think that was funny? Really? It was so annoying, I had to tune away for a few minutes, a first with this show. Let's hope that doesn't become a habit, but I have my doubts. It's kind of shocking how much the quality has slipped since the return to the studio.
  7. I love how casually Bette said she had a drawer full of cuff links. Of course she does! Like, doesn't everyone? Agree with the puzzlement about Alice. She's been bi since the original show's inception, and has always been 'out' about it. I don't know why it should be a drawback. If anything, it should add to her whole 'Alice' mystique that she dates whoever catches her eye. I'm so done with Carrie. Her showing up at the party unexpectedly and trying to force Bette to hang with her was insufferable. Bette basically said it's nice to see you, but I have plans for the evening, in about
  8. Good finale! Loved all the homages to the original show. Alexis being walked to her cell with catcalls from the other prisoners! She was even wearing a ridiculous dress with a big shoulder bow! And someone dressing up as her to commit murder is also a throwback. In the original, to get revenge on Alexis, Neal McVane put on a cape and fright wig and pushed Mark Jennings from a balcony. She spent the first few episodes of S5 in jail. If Adam didn't do the deed himself, he at least knows who did. It will be interesting to see how they manage to keep him on the show, if they plan to. In the
  9. It is kind of disappointing. There were so many things about the 'home' edition that worked, and when they took all that time off, it seemed like they were really going to brainstorm and try to rebuild the show. But apparently they just wanted a summer vacation.
  10. Ditto. Thought for a moment I was going to get a * for Friday, but that damn Matt messed me up 😁
  11. Same. Another at the 3/5 table. Barely. Lusitania didn't come to me until the think music was almost over. Had I been on the show, there wouldn't have been enough time to write it down, but since I was at home, it totally counts!
  12. October Decades binges - 10/2-3: Time Tunnel; 10/9-10: The Adventures of Superman; 10/16-17: Wonder Woman; 10/23-24: The Twilight Zone (the 80s series); 10/30: One Step Beyond; 10/31: Hammer House of Horror.
  13. Is Lenny Dykstra physically capable of speaking more than three words consecutively without dropping an f-bomb?
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