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  1. Loved to see how happy Stephen was! His exuberance at being back onstage was fun to watch, even if I will miss the intimacy of the broom closet. But, wow, did Jon Stewart morph into Dennis Miller right before my eyes?
  2. I thought it was fascinating to watch. Stephen was pinging off the walls from the start, he clearly was extremely rattled by the uncertainty of the whole thing. An extended disturbed, but still funny, monologue, followed by Sanjay Gupta discussing things that were strange at the time, but have become very familiar. An episode for the time capsule, for sure. I'd like to see the show from his bathtub again sometime, but as for tonight, I'm ready to return to the Ed! I expect Stephen will be pinging again, only this time from happiness!
  3. DXD526

    This Is CNN

    I've also noticed another recent change at CNN, with the noon show Inside Politics being switched to Inside Politics with John King. So he's got his name in the title now, too 🙄
  4. One more for the T41. Saved from a shutout by Otis, which was an instaget. I'm all or nothing.
  5. Good lord, does Kasich ever shut his pie hole? I would have liked to hear more from Matthews, but JK wouldn't close his fat maw. Whenever he started pontificating, which seemed like at least 10 times, I had to hit the FF. He's like nails on a blackboard. Insufferable.
  6. Might the stuff finally be hitting the fan with this cult? https://www.lamag.com/citythinkblog/scientology-secrets-rape/
  7. DXD526

    MLB Thread

    I was wondering recently if anything became of the Callaway situation, and was dismayed to learn when I looked it up that he was still employed by the Angels. Looks like they were finally forced to fire him. Nice clueless statement he issued. The guy whose bad behavior was so notorious that he was nicknamed 'dick pic Mick' said that he "never intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable and didn't understand that these interactions might do that". Uh huh. Good riddance, idiot.
  8. Just wanted to mention that I really love Triple V's voice. I like when she answers several questions in a row just so I can listen to her speak!
  9. It looked like she was crying, and Ryan was standing next to her with his head down looking crushed. It was quite the camera shot. This tournament is getting a little intense...
  10. I've known people like Evie, who laugh at anything that's the slightest bit amusing. It doesn't bother me, it doesn't appear to be a put-on in her case, I think she genuinely finds her husband amusing. Even after all these years! It's kind of sweet 😪 Agreed. I know Stephen can't wait to be in front of a live audience again, but I'm going to find it to be quite a readjustment. I really like how the show has settled in and adapted to the new conditions. I feel the same way about Trevor Noah and The Daily Show. I'm apprehensive about the two guys returning to their respective studios, to
  11. Table for One, saved from the zero by the armored pig!
  12. DXD526

    MLB Thread

    Indeed. I once spent all afternoon watching a doubleheader at the local college, then turned on the Mets at 7 that night. Didn't even realize until about an hour in that I'd watched 18 innings of baseball already that day, and just signed up for nine more. A sickness! If only every sickness could be so much fun, though 😊
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