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  1. Dex was awesome! The amazing thing about his character was that he got along with everybody. Even though he was Alexis's business partner and her husband for a while, it's not like he was feuding with the Carringtons. He didn't feud with anybody (except, sometimes, Alexis!). He was the Sweden of Dynasty, he was neutral, which would seem impossible on a show like that, but somehow he pulled it off. And looked great doing so! I wonder what the reboot would do with his character?
  2. Awww, the Raymond/Rosa pairing is so adorable! Holt is such a good friend. Loved Charles and his G-rated version of the Master of Ceremonies! It's too bad about Debbie, I was already fond of her. Such a shame that she'll apparently be leaving in disgrace. We never even got to see her do cone duty!
  3. I liked at the end when Christy walked into the room in a different color track suit, and they're like, how many of those did you get??! I loved how unapologetically she wore them! I thought she looked pretty good in them, actually.
  4. Jake makes me uncomfortable. He has no boundaries, which can be dangerous and fun for some people, I suppose, but I just find him creepy. I don't think David and Patrick were going to go through with anything, I think they were just curious. They left that party pretty quickly; sure, seeing Stevie there hastened their departure, but they were leaving, anyway. I hope Alexis and Ted can figure things out. She sure has changed over the course of this show, she was at least considering giving up her budding career to join him in the Galapagos. That's not really a tough decision, though, when fire ants are involved.
  5. DXD526

    MLB Thread

    I've grown fond of the wild card, as a team still has to have a really good record to earn it. But one of the things I've always liked about baseball is that only the very best advance to the postseason, unlike the NHL, where a team can play .500 hockey during the regular season and still get a playoff berth. The MLB schedule is also already demanding enough, I can't see the players wanting it to be longer. A bad idea all-around.
  6. I have no interest in anything that bloated pussbag Bannon has to say, so I skipped the interview. I don't understand Bill's insistence in having these extreme right wingers on the show, all they do is lie and obfuscate and endlessly push their talking points. I can see that on Fox 'news', but choose not to subject myself to it. It's getting to the point where I won't want to subject myself to this show anymore. And I would miss it, because I've been watching Bill since PI in the 90s, but he's grown much too fond of these obnoxious guests who only show up to be trolls.
  7. I'm still weak from laughing at Stephen's monologue last night! The shots of 'Billie Eilish' in the audience were hilarious! It's pretty inspiring for John Oliver to become a citizen now, which he acknowledged is like falling in love with someone who's vomiting all over themselves. I trust there's something beautiful in there! I also liked his admission that his attraction to Eeyore is 90 percent non-sexual. I guess the other 10 percent would be doin' it donkey-style!
  8. Started the week 2/3 and was chugging right along! Unfortunately, Thursday and Friday halted the momentum. 2/5.
  9. Captain Kim was too good to be true, she must have had some deep, dark secret! The episode was reminiscent of S1's "The Party", only this time instead of being on the receiving end of the Nine-Nine's shenanigans, Holt was dishing it out. Oh Raymond, you've become one of the gang!
  10. 2/5, Thursday and Friday, so no *.
  11. I didn't get the impression that Audrey was kidding at all. If she was, she really needs to work on her delivery. I got a weird vibe from her during her interview when she flightily said that Alex reminded her that she wasn't getting paid at that trivia job she does. She just came across kind of strange. The guy reminded me of Ted Kaczynski. He didn't annoy me at all as a contestant (though he did have sort of an outdoor voice), and I would have been fine with it if he had won, but he looked like Ted Kaczynski, IMO. Other than that, it was a good game!
  12. Moira dropping in on Jocelyn in that ridiculous Crows headgear was awesome! Apparently she was just wearing it around town? Moira living exclusively in Moiraland, as usual! And I love that they always refer to it as "the Crows movie" instead of by its title!
  13. I had the same thought! Bring back Bobby Ewing and let's reboot this thing again!
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