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  1. Monday was an instaget, and I started off batting 1.000 and put myself in great position to have a great week. Unfortunately, then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday happened. 1/5.
  2. I think Buzzy was in last place after the first day of the ToC and now he's best known for hoisting that championship belt, so you never know (though I can't quite visualize the laidback Francois parading around with WWE-type hardware!). When James lost, I remember there were those who thought he lost purposely for various reasons, the most popular of which was that he mentioned his kid often, and it was theorized he missed being at home. His memorable answer to that was, 'yes, I gave up a $150,000 an hour job so I could have toys thrown at my crotch!' Emma played a great game that day and she just came out on top. It looks like an UO here, but I'm really enjoying their rematch. Emma has played a great tournament, though it looks like James is going to win big.
  3. Like Stephen, I too have never seen The Shawshank Redemption. Just never got around to it. If I got the offer he did, a private screening with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, I'd take it! Robbins has quite the neckbeard. I found it strangely distracting.
  4. Everything about that JJ interview was strange. It looks like she basically came on to shill for Bloomberg, and Bill seemed to know that in advance. And she started with a story about how she only met Bloomberg once 20 years ago and he probably doesn't remember, and the gist of their interaction was that she told him to STFU. The she went on non-stop about what a great president he'd be. It was just a weird watch, all around.
  5. I'm pretty sure he was, and I still say that wasn't a confusing clue and he got it wrong, and he shouldn't have been brought back. But he was and now we have to look at that smug, arrogant twit in the ToC. Hope he flames out spectacularly tonight. It was strange to watch James not amass huge amounts of cash, but all he needed to do was win last night, and did. Looking forward to a James/Emma rematch!
  6. Some upcoming weekend binges on Decades: 11/9-10 The Adventures of Superman; 11/16-17 Batman; 11/23-24 The Greatest American Hero, The Green Hornet; 11/30-12/1 The Powers of Matthew Star, Wonder Woman; 12/7-8 The Facts of Life; 12/14-15 Diff'rent Strokes.
  7. IIRC, Mary wouldn't drop the issue and wound up getting her raise at the end of the episode. True, she had kind of a weird hybrid job, but that may have been due more to it being a small station rather than her gender. Associate producers at WJM may have worn many hats. The only exception to that is Lou asking her to shop for him. I very much doubt he would have asked the same of a man.
  8. I knew Hal Blaine because he was the drummer on the Carpenters albums my parents had that I used to look at as a kid. How can Lincoln Logs be made of plastic?? That makes the title a lie! Lincoln was raised in a log cabin, not a plastic cabin!!
  9. It's a total waste of time to try to have a conversation with someone who insists the sky is green, and that's Prager. He's the kind of person who would make excuses for 45 if he gunned someone down in the street. He can ridicule the prospect all he wants, but he's a cult member.
  10. All I can say is, with the way they've been breathlessly promoting his return for the past couple of weeks, James better not flame out in the ToC! It sure would be embarrassing for J!
  11. I don't understand Jack and Estefan, either. Seems very random, which is strange, after all we saw Jack go through romance/dating-wise, in the show's original run. When I was a kid, my grandparents lived in a building in NYC where every floor had a chute to throw the garbage that led to an incinerator. That's what I thought of in the scene with the Cher doll. When Jack jumped in after it, I thought, wow, this episode just took a dark turn...
  12. That Halloween special was funny, but a total mess. Is something like that really that hard to produce so that it runs smoothly? It wouldn't seem to be, but every sketch was weirdly edited. I was kind of disappointed the David S. Pumpkins animated special wasn't on last night. I figured that was going to be an annual thing.
  13. 2/5, again. Was in danger of 1/5, but an educated guess on Friday saved me from that fate!
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