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  1. DXD526

    MLB Thread

    I really had my fill of seeing Dusty pulling down his mask and spitting. Bye, stros, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
  2. Unfortunately, this is the last week for the marathons, and everything else. Starting this Friday, 10/23, Lifetime is going all-Christmas-all-the-time. There are R&I marathons on Monday and Tuesday, three episodes each on Wednesday and Thursday, then nothing but Christmas until next year.
  3. Korsak also had a dog he called Barney Miller!
  4. Some upcoming Decades binges: Hammer House of Horror on 10/24, along with One Step Beyond on 10/25; Dark Shadows on 10/31-11/1; Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts on 11/7-8; The Streets of San Francisco on 11/14-15.
  5. A horrible, unfunny episode pretty much all the way through, with the awful monologue setting the tone. As 'comics' go, Burr reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay, who also was plenty offensive, but never insightful or funny. He was popular, briefly, but flamed out quickly, and hopefully Burr will do the same.
  6. 2/5, Monday and Friday. Neither was an instaget, but thought of each with enough time to write them down.
  7. That was a picture of O'Toole as LoA, wasn't it? Looked like it to me. If LoA is the answer, show a picture of him. That confused me for a moment.
  8. DXD526

    MLB Thread

    I think this illustrates the ridiculousness of this season pretty well: before their last game, the Mets' announcers were talking about how the team's postseason hopes were still alive; it was a long shot, many things had to happen, but a win that day would give them a chance. When they lost (badly), it meant not only that they wouldn't make the playoffs, but that they'd finish tied for last place! How can a baseball team go into its final game of the year still having postseason hopes, then lose and finish last? Only in infamous 2020. I very much remember watching when the '89 quake happened. I couldn't stand the A's of that era, with the roided-out Canseco and McGwire, and still don't much like them to this day. Only playing the nasty 'stros could make me root for them, which I am. Go, Oakland!
  9. Ugh, Bieber. Is there really a significant portion of the SNL audience who wants to watch him? If I have to see something Bieb-related on the show, I'd much rather it be Kate's impression.
  10. Lifetime continues to tinker with its R&I schedule, but it will be doing the marathon Mondays and Tuesdays, running the show for 17 hours, from 11 a.m.- 4 a.m., for at least the next three weeks.
  11. 2/5, again. Was 0-for until Thursday, which I guess is a better way of going 2/5 than getting Monday and Tuesday right and getting all charged up for a big week, then tanking Wed-Fri!
  12. I was also too young at the time to remember those $100 government checks. Though I do still have a WIN button my grandma gave me.
  13. I'm finding Hoyt really annoying upon this rewatch, I'm glad his story was wrapped up relatively quickly. Though the episode which saw his end was totally ridiculous, with Jane being forced into a life-or-death battle with him, followed by her going to a silly birthday party. She probably should have been in the hospital under observation after an ordeal like that, but everyone basically treated it like it was no big thing, including her. So she's literally fighting for her life and kills her adversary with her bare hands, then 10 minutes later is yukking it up at a silly party. Ooook... While Hoyt is irritating, I love the whole Paddy Doyle angle. He's a great character. Any episode gets better if Paddy shows up.
  14. 2/5. An improvement over last week 😐
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