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S10.E15: Sex, Lies and Text Messages

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Kyle and Dorit surprise Teddi with a baby shower, and Brandi has a few surprises of her own; Denise and Garcelle lament over how they think Lisa has changed; Erika jets off to Broadway.

Airdate: 08/19/2020

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“Denise and Garcelle lament over how they think Lisa has changed”

This could be interesting. Has Rinna really changed - or has her mask just slipped a bit? And, if she has really changed, why?

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These comments are from an Instagram account where gossipy things about the Housewives shows are posted. The discussion was about Rinna because it seems that tonight we will be seeing A discussion between her and her daughter Amelia about her eating disorder. 🙄🙄🥱🥱

the quoted tweets are from Lisa’s twitter account 
No wonder they needed to pile on Denise this season. Not much else happening




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I love Teddi acting like Dorit is co-hosting a baby shower for her meaning they are better friends than before.  Oh, wait, she did clue in at some point that it was just an excuse to show off the CAP-ri room at Buca.

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4 minutes ago, Emmeline said:

Didn’t Rhina and Denise just say they loved each other on last weeks episode.  In the end, either way, it’s none of their f-ing business.

But it wasn't in a text chain so it doesn't mean anything...

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I'm not Team Denise because I find something very annoying about her and Aaron. But I can't stand with the rest of them either because this whole thing is a big "who cares?!?" This is a Denise/Aaron issue. I don't think she's trying to lie or start some weird conspiracy. She just didn't want to share it on camera and that's FAIR. The only thing she did "wrong" is she talks a lot of shit in her confessionals that she would never say in person. That's annoying, but small potatoes compared to the other women's inability to let this boring nonsense go.


Edited to add: Annoyed that Denise is bringing Camille back on my screen, but again, small potatoes lol. 

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That scene in the kitchen with Kyle and Rinna and Kyle's testimonial makes it seem like Kyle has figured out which way the wind is blowing when it comes to how things are going to be perceived with the Denise storyline and is trying to get out of its way. The problem is she is too much a part of it, especially in getting on camera.

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Brandi is vulgar and trashy, but I still believe she and Denise had sex. Her texts didn't provide a smoking gun, but they do prove that she and Denise had a very close relationship at one point. Lisa--who has known Denise longer than the rest of the women--even said that Denise never talked to her in the intimate way she talked to Brandi.

I just hated that this season became another gang-up situation. Denise is a bold faced liar, and I believe she brought a lot of criticism on herself by not just being honest from the get-go, but I hate gang-ups. I wish the women had just accepted that Denise was never going to be honest about her relationship with Brandi and moved on. My thing with Denise is I no longer trust anything she says. She is a habitual liar.

I was LoL @ the previews for the season finale of Denise reaching out to Camille Wrong alley, Denise. Camille is more two faced and back biting than any of the rest of the women on the show.

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15 minutes ago, FlyingEgret said:

How many filters do they have to use on Brandi?

You really can’t filter shit.


34 minutes ago, tranquilidade said:

Giving a polite excuse for missing a party causes distrust?  Kyle sounds like an imbecile.  

If you look up imbecile in the dictionary Kyle’s picture is there.

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I like Garcelle, but I feel like she unnecessarily tries to start drama. First, she tried to beef with Kyle. But that beef went nowhere because Kyle wouldn't play into it. And then for some strange reason, she decided to go after Lisa and Amelia. When Lisa gave her a calm response that she didn't feel like her dancing IG videos caused Amelia to have anorexia, she then tried to start beef between Erika and Lisa by claiming Lisa made Erika's stint on Broadway all about her. I'm glad Erika didn't take the bait. After Teddi and Kyle, Lisa and Erika seemed like they have the closest friendship outside of the show. I'm sure if Erika felt Lisa was being self-absorbed and diminishing her light, Erika would have communicated that to Lisa.

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41 minutes ago, Emmeline said:

I commend Garcelle for bringing up Rhina’s body flaunting on Insta and how it might affect her daughters body image.  It’s something I was always questioning in my mind.  The daughter did actually say in tonight episode that she did blame her mother and even discussed it in her last therapy session. Then the epiphany, she realizes she can only blame herself. 

Amelia did not blame Lisa. She said she resented Lisa for being naturally thin. But Amelia said her choice to severely diet was hers. I respected Amelia for that. Anorexia is a psychological disorder. I don't think anything Lisa did or didn't do would have prevented Amelia from having it. I thought Garcelle's comments were completely out of line. God forbid her sons ever struggle with something when they reach adulthood. I'm sure Garcelle wouldn't want anyone questioning if her parenting had something to do with it.

2 minutes ago, snarts said:

Rinna & her daughter are purposely missing the point of Garcelle's comment. She's not saying that Rinna dancing around in her underwear on social media caused the eating disorder, she's asking why Rinna continues to do it knowing her daughter has an eating disorder. Isn't she concerned about her daughter's feelings or the affect focusing so much on physical attributes might have on her? 

Rinna might want to pay attention to the drawer full of pill bottles in her daughter's room. I guess she hasn't taught her the ziplock baggie trick yet., eh? Oh, and a $5700/month apartment for an unemployed teenager. Nice

While i typically refrain from talking about the children, Rinna's used her daughter's issues as a .storyline amd both are over 18 & willingly film scenes. So, fair fame. 

Why can't Lisa dance on IG in her lingerie if it makes her happy? Amelia's anorexia has nothing to do with Lisa's IG videos. And Amelia confirmed that during their conversation. I'm sure if Lisa believed that she was negatively impacting her daughter's mental health, she would stop posting the IG videos.

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46 minutes ago, tranquilidade said:

Giving a polite excuse for missing a party causes distrust?  Kyle sounds like an imbecile.  

Why couldn't Denise just say she didn't want to come? The whole "I'm sick" excuse was lame IMO because it was so obvious that she was lying.

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I hope Denise doesn't come back next season. It's not because I hate her; It's because I don't want to see another season of her vs. the rest of the women. Furthermore, I don't think Denise is cut out for reality TV. She's too protective over her image and cares too much about what people think. If she came back next season, it will be more scenes of her walking out anytime she was confronted about something she didn't want hear and her telling Bravo to cut footage that showed her in an unflattering light.

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