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S08.E05: Gina's Story LIVE CHAT

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Gina and wife Beth live with Gina's mom but don't have her support.  She and Gina's sister blame Beth for Gina's spiraling weight problem.  Now it will take all of Gina's will to leave home for Houston to get Dr. Now's help to save her life and her marriage. 

Gina and Beth sittin' in a tree or, more likely, Gina laying in a bed or on a recliner and Beth leaning over her, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.  Will she be successful?  Is Beth encouraging Gina's weight gain or was Gina already 500 lbs. and the family is blaming Beth for the last 100 lbs.? Let's watch and see.

This is the LIVE CHAT thread.  It will be open during the US East Coast showing and again during the US West Coast showing.  Snark along!

Orignal air date 2020.01.29.

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Nice little warm-up to tonight, watching last week's J.T. take his lymphedema out for a walk again.

Will this be the week that the show turns me off my feed? I certainly hope not because it's pizza night again but buffalo chicken pizza with triple sauce this time.

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Hi all! Tonight's snark is served with a side of scrambled eggs and thin-sliced honey-wheat toast. For an appetizer we had a Hershey's chocolate-covered marshmallow heart (which is way too much sugar and I have been informed by my self that I am not allowed to buy any more, but it is tasty). To drink we have a lovely 2019 Bundaberg root beer.

And we're starting the intro with "I bathe...maybe once a month." Let's go!

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