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  1. I had insomnia last night, often (as long as it's not Skunky or Kerstin presenting) I'll watch the overnight repeats of the TSV. (It doesn't take too long before I'm asleep!) Rachel, sans Alberti, was kicking off the Kitchen Aid. IDKW, but can't stand that duo. I was just nodding off when they took a phone call. (Blessedly, there is a lot less of the Q doing this nowadays!) Rachel did the usual "is this your first Kitchen Aid?" "No" replied the caller, "this is my sixth, I purchased all of them from the Q". This seemed to catch Rachel off guard, she looked shocked. She asked the wo
  2. That's not only unprofessional and rude, but could also be viewed as sexual harassment. If the tables were turned & OAP asked about her undergarments you bet he'd been shown the door ASAP! She's in her late 40's, but seems to have arrested development. Silly, childish questions, it's sad that the only way she can get any type of attention (negative or positive) is by trying to "shock" with her words/actions. I agree with @LOVEMESOMEJOOLERY she doesn't mention having any friends, and appears to have alienated most of her coworkers. I don't pity her in any way. She's got a cush
  3. AAARGH! There is no escape from Blabby; they started presentation for the Spa Rific LaserJet Mani-Pedi set by showing video of Blabby filing foot gross-ness off her bunion crusted foot. Then they go back to live there's Skunky sawing away on her feet & then showing off what she did! "It’s Snowing...it's OK for this to fall onto the floor right?"( I pity the poor soul that has to clean up after her.) Ewww, I've got a strong stomach, but this is too much for me....I'm out! P.S. & BTW: What's up with the greasy hair????
  4. Welcome @Fritopaws! Glad you found us, you're in good company here!
  5. ....yet another example from the self appointed Word Acrobat!!!!
  6. Remember how she "hated wearing jeans?" The all of the sudden she didn't when she started selling Laurie Felt/NYDJ brands"
  7. Exactamente @AuntCarol! "Mamacita" coming from your three year old at a restaurant is charming. From a 45+ year old woman "TV salesperson" not so much! I'm a contractor for a large engineering firm and spent much of my contract in Mexico City. In this part of the country, the word "mamacita" is laden with highly sexual overtones and is viewed as a slur. It's true, the direct English translation of mamacita is "little mother" but nowadays the figurative (and more accurate) translation is "hot momma." The term mamacita is never really used to describe an actual mother. It's a quite
  8. Speaking of seeing the same old (literally & figuratively!) hosts, for the most part I like when they allow OAP to do "solo" shows ( mainly on Q2). Currently I'm watching Jackie (?sp) Stafford presenting an hour of Isaac Mizahri. No silly scenarios, she provides sizing, colors, inseam, and how item fits. On occasion will throws in styling tips, showed how you can incorporate a simple scarf to add to a basic t-shirt. She said "I like to educate the viewers", It's refreshing to watch a straight forward presentation about what's being sold. Compared to the Jennifer/Isaac combo on the Q;
  9. Watching Carolyn (or more accurately "Garolyn") on Q2. Going back to earlier discussion, there are some OAP's I'd prefer to watch without the host. Gary Gobin for one. He seems like a nice guy, (puts up with her passive aggressive comments & knows his products) Carolyn ordered the producer to show a three shot with her 'posing' on the left, Gary in the middle and Pam on the right. Carolyn said "look they managed to get Gary in the middle, with his favorite host & favorite model by his side. Well, I'm assuming I'm your "favorite". Gary, diplomatically said "you know Carolyn I
  10. I can't stand to watch her, but I do enjoy reading the posts about her ridiculous behavior. Sorry, there's no excuse for her to go on air with that unpolished pinkie. "Mamacita", that's flat out unprofessional. Not to mention the rest of the nails, which are juvenile..... surprised that she didn't leave her middle finger bare. That's the attitude she projects towards the majority of the OAP's, co-workers etc.....
  11. Don't watch him too often, but whenever I do, I feel the need to take an extra Crestor (Statin drug to lower my cholesterol!)
  12. Love that the Muk Luks OAP called Amy out tonite when she was presenting their PJ set. Amy started with her usual sad, poor me lament "I'm woman of a certain age, who's had two kids & loves to eat". These PJ's make me feel comfortable & confident. I don't want to see my cellulite, I don't want to see my belly"... OAP said "Wow, Amy I really don't think you have either. Amy then said, "I'm not kidding, I love to eat, cheese is my favorite food, I eat it four times a week. OAP then said "Amy no one is believing you, but thanks for your honesty." OUCH! The wom
  13. Watching Fall Style Guide with Alberti & Ames. Surprised how much I'm enjoying Alberti. He's upbeat, doing a great job of styling items & is able to keep Grater under control. Amy pretty much is letting him do the heavy lifting, she keeps throwing on sweaters & complaining how "cold" it is on the outdoor set.....you'd think it was the dead of winter listening to her.....
  14. From the "How Low Can You Go with Oversharing?" Division.. I was watching Amy on Q2 last night. She was doing another Live! Fall Fashion Clearance show. First she looked absolutely foolish wearing Laurie Felt "distressed" jeans that basically had one knee shredded. (Booney, wish you'd been watching). She said that she had to 'reassure' her producer that they were supposed to look like this and that she wasn't just wearing jeans that had holes in them. ( which they were) I didn't see any of the Q's ubiquitous wine glasses on set, but she was so silly, giggly (more so than usual). Firs
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