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  1. The third one, according to the captions on season 3, is Kali. I’m watching the Season 3 finals, where 5 vets were cut at finals. I have Leah Mullinax & Carmen Butler, but does anyone know who the other three were? I didn’t recognize faces.
  2. MelissaMinion

    S14.E13: Game Day

    They have always looked like diapers to me.
  3. Duh, just utter the "World Class" incantation, and then hope the interviewer has a brain fart and forgets you didnt answer the question. If pressed, you can say that obviously since HUNDREDS of women from around the globe try out every year, that must mean they're doing it right!
  4. I agree. They never gave her notes on a frozen face or stiff smile her first time in training camp; I have to believe it's a combination of getting right to that same place, and knowing there are three "safe" TC candidates who the bosses love and will make it whatever. I'm actually surprised they didnt ask Brennan (yeah!) to work with her on confidence and not letting tension show on her face...
  5. I’m watching the drama-filled Season 12 tonight, and I’m confused. Milan did not audition for show group because of her school priorities. BUT, when they were showing off to the country music singer, K&J had some members from show group get up and perform, and Milan was right there, dancing. Did anyone else notice that?
  6. I just found the Pluto TV channel! Looks like I won’t be getting to bed on time tonight!
  7. Has anyone seen clips of Hannah’s solo online? I’ve been looking, because the small clip they showed really impressed me. I was hoping to see the whole thing.
  8. Loving the extra time they gave the vets. Did Tasha announce a pregnancy? Kat’s kicks need lots of work, and I never saw her in the splits, either. That’s worrying. I’m so glad whoever it was decided to SIT ON Kelli’s mouth so she couldn’t sing Victoria’s praises every 30 seconds. Let the girl have a fighting chance at making it on her own, like the rest of the girls. The routine seemed to be very hard to pick up this year, because there were a LOT of mistakes. Sob stories this episode: Chandi was adopted, and therefore downtrodden and bullied. Some other girl was diagnosed with....Dyslexia! Oh, noes! Kat continues to shine, but the girl’s kicks are seriously bad. Malena still really wants it, and still seems desperate.
  9. They did it to Brennan, though. Somehow, Lily seems like she wouldn’t put up with that.
  10. I’m such a weirdo. I’ll tune into this show for one reason only. Race car drivers tend to have those high-end RVs with all the bells and whistles, and I’m itching to see inside them.
  11. Way to go! Giving the retiring vets a big send off is what the viewers have wanted all along! This is what we like to see!
  12. I’m also glad they aren’t setting Victoria up to fail this year. To me, 95% of her not making it last year was caused by them pushing her forward so much to be filmed, and not giving her constructive correction throughout camp that she could have used to improve. Hopefully, she will knock it out of the park, now that every camera isn't STARING at her, and Kelli isn’t singing her praises every 30 seconds. I guess I’m not seeing it, then...I like her dancing.
  13. That stung. They know how emotional she got over last year. Calling her last feels like a personal slap.
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