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  1. Interesting. VK says she will be auditioning in 2022. So she's planning this to be a break, not an ending. I hope she's okay.
  2. I LOVE Nicole Hamilton. Nicole, Kandi, Leah, and Christina Parker are the girls that caught my eye in the first season. I keep giggling over a tiny piece of choreography in season 2. Every time I see it, I just break down laughing. It’s during Season 2 camp, kind of early in the season. The girls are faced away from the camera, bootie-popping. Then, they all lift their left legs, and go briefly into a pose my brain calls “Gotta Fart!” When it comes around again, I’ll try to get a clip of it to share...
  3. Mr Sandy, as they are loading her into the ambulance (and tearing up the front yard again)...
  4. At least she is leaving Sandy’s house!
  5. “Nobody cares about what I need...” No, Cindy, they don’t you rolled over them and flattened their will to deal with you!
  6. If Dr Now kicks her to the curb, poor Sandy is stuck with her. The Jabba That Stayed Forever.
  7. That’s a good point. Also, those beds do not come cheap, even with insurance. If Cindy is from another state, there might be a problem getting her benefits moved to Texas, so they could get the bed.
  8. She still doesn’t have a bed? Something about her setup with Sandy is off...
  9. “I just don’t know how much longer I can go on pushing myself.” Holy cow, the delusion in this one.
  10. That’s the only thing I feel sorry for Cindy about. It can’t be good for her, staying in that chair. I thought Sandy said she had a bed coming?
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