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  1. I loved Dr Now...it looked like he was provoking her on purpose... “Did you want to discuss that with the scale?”
  2. I love when Dr Now defeats their delusions with math and logic! Oh, ho....he has her medical records now!
  3. Ugh, the mottled skin on her arms scares me. What is that?
  4. Hello, Pounders! I’m going to be having ice cream while I snark tonight. How on earth do we pronounce her name.
  5. I love makeovers, but my favorite thing to do is spot recognizable faces in the crowds at Prelims, Semis, and Finals. Even more if they do a talking head and completely miss the point.
  6. It's not right to raise a child with panic disorder in the middle of all this chaos, let alone another child on the spectrum. Plus, how evil of Kody to bring the kids into the discussion (argument with threats) and pit them against their mom!
  7. Yeah, her constant "I feel like I am being attacked" is so manipulative. It was good to see the others not really falling for that line this time.
  8. “What do you mean, you don’t know? Could it be that you’re overeating?” I heard that in Church Lady’s voice. “Could it be.....Satan?”
  9. I suspect feigned helplessness. Up until now, she probably horribly failed at whatever someone asked her to do, so they’d take it back and never ask her to do it again.
  10. She found the snack bar, and is charging food to her room....I’m so over this one. AND.....she lost the damn diet. AGAIN.
  11. I like Dr Paradise. He’s the right choice for her. I hope he gave her a thorough screening for depression.
  12. Unless you wore them to important appointments, you are forgiven. (As I sit here in my llama leggings...)
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