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  1. I haven’t seen the first look, but a commercial showing Jazz sitting by herself, crying and saying how everything is falling apart, while across the room, her entire family sat silently in a row, watching her....that promises to be interesting tv.
  2. Watching her not get through the next audition cycle makes me think bringing her into Season 4 late was a Charlotte decision, and K/J weren't happy with it.
  3. I’m torn between wanting to see a second episode where he gets the leg salami removed, and just never seeing his annoying self again. What I really want is a follow up on the dog.
  4. There are no book, no magazines, nothing to show he has the slightest bit of interest in anything but eating. The guy needs serious counseling.
  5. Oh, I’m glad they will be keeping him in the hospital during recovery.
  6. “So, that was great, and I was really excited.” Yeah, you look it.
  7. Im picturing the rehab staff, dressed up like George III and singing the song from Hamilton.....”You’ll be back, wait and see...”
  8. Duuuuuude. Don’t piss of The Now. You won’t survive it.
  9. He does look a little like Hernandez, but also like Monchichi....
  10. But he presented as more mobile; I think that was the deciding factor. The immediately hospitalized ones seemed more frail because they couldn’t/wouldn’t walk...
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