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On 23/12/2018 at 9:26 AM, David T. Cole said:

Unfortunately I believe we lost the old thread for Wentworth as the server went down half way through the show's forum move. Here's the new home.

Bugger! Thanks for your efforts, @David T. Cole.

I believe the last thing I posted in the forum was the excellent news that we are getting three more seasons of Wentworth. Season 7 has already been filmed and will screen in 2019, and seasons 8 and 9 will follow in 2020 and 2021.

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Season 7 will air in Australia starting 28 May. Bring it on!

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53 minutes ago, purist said:

Intriguing new Season 7 teaser on the Wentworth FB page today. I can't wait!

Awesome, thanks for posting that. They didn't give away too much,so yeah, it is intriguing. If I were to guess going by the trailer, perhaps Boomer may be getting paroled?  

I think I read Netflix will be getting it in August sometime.

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Another fantastic promo on the FB page today. Mr Jackson looks rough.

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So I watched the first 3 episodes of the new season. Here's my 2 cents.

There's a new psychologist. I think he's maybe supposed to be a new love interest for Vera. But he's bland and dull and possibly the dullest. Any scene with him in it is dull.

Remember when Boomer was crazy, and intimidating, and interesting? Her big story line so far? Finding a male hooker to come to the prison to fuck Liz (for her bucket list.) It is as stupid as it sounds.

Jake is trying to go straight and win back Vera and I almost like him. Almost.

Remember Bea and Joan Ferguson and Frankie? Remember how awesome the stories were. Yeah, now we're stuck with Kaz and Rita and Ali. Ali is pointless. I wish she'd died before she had a chance to hook up with Bea. I love Rita but she needs a storyline. And Kaz is OK but she was only ever a Bea Smith wannabee. Now she's just acting all schmoopy because Will Jackson likes Marie better. OMG!

And Frankie, amazing Frankie. This show misses Frankie the most. I'm not sure it can  survive the loss.

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Got to see the first ep of Season 7.  I just knew that


Rita's fiancé was gonna get killed at the end there. You could feel it coming.


Ali is pointless

I still like her but they messed up her character and yeah, kind of pointless these days. The last time I thought she had something meaty to work with was season 5. Last season, not so much. Hoping for a better season for her but I'm not holding my breath.

Question- so wait, I remember Allie broke up with what's her name around the last ep or so(didn't like those two together,blah) and now


she's with Marie? Seems like I missed something somewhere.

This show will never be as great as the first 4 seasons(I'll give you S5 too because I did enjoy that one) but I will still watch because it's still "enjoyable" enough to me.   I am holding on to my hopes that Liz and Boomer will be here until the series is over, because if they're not, then the shreds of the remaining cast will be gone and I will be very unhappy.

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I think the best thing about the ending of Episode 4 is that I did not see it coming. At all. This show can still surprise me! I was inches away from giving this show up.

This is going to have massive ramifications. Hope the writers don't f it up.

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10 hours ago, zibnchy said:

I think the best thing about the ending of Episode 4 is that I did not see it coming. At all. This show can still surprise me!

Yes! It was really shocking, and best of all, we don't know whodunnit as there are a few possible suspects.

I agree with some of your comments above, @zibnchy, about the new season. The biggest difference between this season and earlier seasons, I think, is that everything is so deadly serious now. I mean, there was always major serious stuff happening, but it was somewhat leavened by Boomer and Franky, and even the Freak at times. Lately we've had the occasional funny line from Boomer, but not much else. We need a balanced diet, please, writers!

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*Not looking at previous posts, can't look, can't look*

We have a date when season 7 is coming to Netflix- July 31.

I had read it would be sometime in August, but they moved it up a little soon since there's only 10 eps from what the article says.

I think I will wait until July 31. Now if it was a couple of seasons back, I would have not been able to wait, I would have had to watch on line. It's still a really good show though, just not the same as the good old days.  seasons 1- 4 were the best.  But I did like 5.  S6 was just ok.

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