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  1. marriedaniac

    The Cast of Young Sheldon: My Mother Had Me Tested

    Laurie Metcalf was on Fallon yesterday and blew his mind explaining that she and her daughter play the same part. They think it must be a first!
  2. marriedaniac

    S17.E12: Top 14

    Evelyn sounds like a bad Cher impersonator. Love love love Madison.
  3. marriedaniac

    The Conners Alphabet Game

    P is for James Pickens, Jr aka Chuck!
  4. marriedaniac

    Dancing With The Stars [AU]

    And it worked - Sir Curtly was out last week. Also last week - the judges danced! Tristan was largely forgettable, but man if Craig didn't LIVE his Miss Hannigan in the "Easy Street" dance! 🤣 5 remain and Jimmy could be next to go -- so my dark horses are flailing, but my proposed Top 2 probably *will* be the Top 2. Although now Constance is coming up in the ranks ad could be a worthy 3rd placer.
  5. Mine too. I love the way Blanche talks, especially when she said "YANKEH!" like that.
  6. marriedaniac

    S17.E03: Auditions (3)

    So much country. So much church. Yes ma'am!
  7. marriedaniac

    The Conners Alphabet Game

    X is for... Roseanne's eX-husband, Tom Arnold?
  8. marriedaniac

    Last Man Standing

    I still love Kyle. And I also love Nancy Travis & Tim Allen's chemistry, but part of me wishes Jill Taylor Patricia Richardson will return and she and Mike have a 'moment'. 😉
  9. marriedaniac

    Dancing With The Stars [AU]

    It seems pretty clear that the Top 2 will be - or they want them to be - Courtney Act and Samuel Johnson. But, it's warranted because both are awesome. However there are 2 others who have potential to be dark horses - Jimmy Giggle (especially - dude can move) and Holly Valance's sister. I'd attached clips, but I think they're only available to Aussie viewers at the moment. But Courtney at least does post vids on her instagram.
  10. marriedaniac

    S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    Surprisingly, Faustino had to AUDITION for that MF role! And yes, an Ed cameo on The Conners would be awesome. But I am still waiting for Katey Sagal to appear on Modern Family...
  11. marriedaniac

    S15.E08 Top Ten Men 2018.07.30

    Best thing about the live shows is no intentional shots of the judges spliced in during the dancing. You know, what we came to see. Kinda wanted both Slavic and Kyle to go through. Cole is pretty, but he could have been swapped out for Kyle and I wouldn't have minded too much.
  12. marriedaniac

    S06.E04: I'm the Talking Ass

    The girl playing Little Nicky was good, and had her mannerisms down. the "a lady"/"Aleida" exchange was fantastic.
  13. marriedaniac

    S06.E01 Who Knows Better Than I?

    Hearing Alex Trebek call Piper a bitch made my fucking week!
  14. marriedaniac

    S15.E06: Academy 2 2018.07.16

    DWTS makes fun of their (lack of) intelligence too. "Fleetwood Mac? Yeah, I know him, he's a rapper, right?" Sometimes they'll devote an entire segment to it. But still, they're bombshells dancers and good choreographers. Witney was always a fave of mine and I knew she'd go far. Oof is right! Mary's stone-faced "I don't ever want to see that solo again." made me LOL.
  15. To be fair, Blanche did think Danny Thomas was a lesbian. ;)