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  1. Too bad it was so short. Still enjoyable, though. They really wanted Bec to win!
  2. I love that Katey Sagal gets to work with Adam Arkin AGAIN - after both Sons of Anarchy AND 8 Simple Rules.
  3. When Snail sang I thought, "That sounds like Seth MacFarlane doing his Kermit the Frog voice." So I was half right. Also, I loved that costume and didn't want it to go. lol
  4. Having Tyra think up her own lines and stuff to say to contestants is excruciating. I hate to be all "BRING BACK TOM!!1!1!!!1" but I love him and miss him so much. Justina is everything and I really want her to win. Talented and very likeable. Plus, Sascha is such a good partner and deserves to win also.
  5. Ozzy Osbourne (and his ventriloquist dummy??) is gold. When he watched Dr Pimple Popper and said, "get rid of it, or give it a name!" I opened my eyes and LOLd! (They're closed while people pop things like that)
  6. Oh, I was so hoping for it to be JTT too, Gordon.
  7. Foreclosure? DJ knows how to spell that!
  8. I love WILTY, and I love the recent episode (S13E02) with David and his wife Victoria (the better David & Victoria, amirite!?) together. Lee Mack may be the quickest person on the planet.
  9. I thought the same thing! I remember him hosting some countdown on VH1 and he clasps his hands in the exact same way. His last 2 songs reminded me of moments in some Poison songs too.
  10. I had Kelly Osbourne picked from week 1 -- she was right that her speaking voice gave her away! I think it was the way she said "um" like "erm", and I recognised her arm movements. Kelly, Patti and Wayne Brady are the 3 I'd place bets on. So, it's up to Wayne for me now. 🙂
  11. Fox is undoubtedly Wayne Brady. Leopard is bothering me. I kind of want it to be Billy Porter, but he sings differently. He has a huge stage voice.
  12. It was cool that the real Brandy Chastain had a cameo in this !
  13. Thanks for the gifs! They do have great chemistry and I'm glad she will be around for more than half the season. Goddamn, Dan's "Rose" moment killed me.
  14. I too thought Seal for the Leopard (leopard seal - see what I/they did there) - but only vocally when singing. I'm waiting for more clues, however!
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