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  1. The feral people in the house reminded me of the movie The People Under the Stairs.
  2. Josh Mankiewicz from Dateline would be on AHS talking to the townsfolk. lmao "You could have called for help, but you didn't do that, did you?"
  3. I was wondering the same about the baby. I thought when the violin was being played that the camera would zoom in on it coming from the crib. What about the baby's undeveloped talents? Does that count? Also, maybe Doris was talented in some other way, but didn't know it yet. If you are unaware of a talent, does the pill not work? I want them to try to zombify someone they think talentless only for that person to come back and beat them at their own game. Hah, wouldn't it be special if the baby was a better violinist than demon child?
  4. I was hoping for a flash of what Karen painted.
  5. Yes! I thought a bottle of pedialyte was called for.
  6. The chemist said something to the effect that it was like being hit in the occipital lobe for the untalented. Maybe that's a hit you don't recover from whereas the talented only get a light tap? lmao I have no idea either. I kept waiting for him to sing, "and you may ask yourself..?"
  7. I'm bummed to find out the series is done. I had no idea and wondered when I could see what happens with the guys in the cab. *sigh* Now, I kind of think even if Ray tries to get out of "the life" that "the life" will tend to find him anyway.
  8. I just couldn't see them getting very far running after the fact. That train can't be that long. They are wearing bright red with not very many choices to hide in that sparse terrain. *sigh* It took me a while to watch these episodes because this show frustrates the hell out of me. I will continue to watch just to hopefully see some of the characters I can't stand get their comeuppance.
  9. I was sad to find out we have to wait until May when we just got it back!
  10. Bruce told that gross story about the bathtub. He then went on to say he spent two days in the "coolah". It looked like the wind was blowing in pretty good when Ray opened the door to that little closet. I can't imagine spending 2 days in there. It seems like there might have been some atrocities happening in that little house when they grew up. Mr. Shoestring will return! https://letstyle.in/2020/10/17/scott-ryans-mr-inbetween-season-3-releases-2021-know-more/
  11. Sometimes Malcolm's looks make me think of Eric Foreman. I don't know why. Can you see Edrisa, Malcolm, and Martin "in the circle"? When you are wondering if your children killed someone the only person you can talk to about it is your serial killer husband. I was watching a movie called The Cottage from 2012 and was happy to see Bellamy Young in it. I've never watched Scandal so PS was first time I've seen her in anything. You could see the Jessica Whitley in her then. lol I also just realized Malcolm played Jesus on The Walking Dead. I cannot believe I didn't see that bef
  12. I can't stand the Harris character more than I couldn't stand Christie's daughter (Violet?) on the show Mom. I didn't think that was possible, but there you have it.
  13. I am just so very glad this show is back! It doesn't disappoint.
  14. All I could think of was the name Bailey!
  15. I just want the show to be about the stupid things that happen when working in retail. The customers doing stupid stuff in the background, the little cliques between the co-workers and the little oddities about each worker are usually enough for me.
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