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  1. I actually liked it. Now, I'll have to see the second ep before I'll really know. lol The theme of the show is pretty interesting as to how that would affect everybody.
  2. I called Ru Paul for leopard at the beginning of the show. lol I know I'll be wrong, though.
  3. I really don't know if it's her or not, but I've really enjoyed watching that documentary as well. I was wanting Thingamajig to be Weird Al, but don't think that's happening. lol This show needs Weird Al though.
  4. I have to say I like Alice Cooper for the eagle. Brett Michaels has an eagle necklace in a lot of photos, but Cooper has what looks like a sun medallion in his.
  5. I didn't find it unrealistic. An older man can take down a younger man a lot more often than the younger one thinks. I believe it's just life experience. I did want the beat the heck out of Nate for that damn fit though.
  6. So, do single men still get to have handmaids in the house?
  7. The 8th season could be very interesting in a love/hate kind of way. lol
  8. How exactly did they get to listen to the recording? I must have missed that.
  9. Oh, by the way, this is your spot. This is your big red spot. Do not stray from said spot.
  10. I know this late in the game I shouldn't ask, but why the hell didn't they just adopt instead of going through all this crap? Oh, if I'm another country, I would most certainly question silencing all the handmaidens. Fred might not be getting any from Serena, but looks like that Commander dude would like to do so.
  11. I watched all of the second season only to have to go back and rewatch the first. Still interesting.
  12. Wouldn't it be funny if they did dna and said Holly belonged with Nick now?
  13. The child belongs to neither you nor your freak husband! She's that deluded and June expects her to "keep her word" that she owes her? Seriously! I thought Luke was going to get ran over while walking, but then the headphones came out. Oh, and June stop staring at people in their private moments. Your husband finally plays those tapes for you and you get an inkling of who he used to be only to see the "handmaid" staring at you both. I'm not sure why I continue this. Oh, and that Canadian guy knows Nicole wasn't kidnapped, but whatever right?
  14. Could be that bubblegum pop singers have to be mentally "adjusted" by their handlers to produce that happy crappy sound. lol JMO
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