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  1. I work in the media and tbh had never heard the term before (maybe it comes from magazines?), but I've been thinking of it like how New York magazine has Vulture, The Cut, Strategist, Grub Street etc -- they're all part of NY mag (especially if you buy a print version), but have their own specific topics, identities, specific staff and *ahem* dot coms. That said, given Kat's vertical has few staff and seems to publish like one story a month, it seems in reality more like a blog to me. (Scarlet also seems to publish one story a week based on their meetings, where only a handful of s
  2. Uggggh I hate service challenges, and do not wish to watch a whole week of them. MC is a competition for home cooks, why would any of them be good at running a commercial kitchen, which is a very different and specific skill set? I don't care if these people can cook food at a large scale and manage the timing of several courses. I don't even really care if they're good at team work. It's not what I tune in for.
  3. Things that annoyed me, in order: Blokey McBlokeface loves Curtis because he's a bloke Curtis' chain-link belt looked both uncomfortable and impractical Curtis is in LA but claims to be cutting up meat from Coles. Hmm. "Schnitty" That I still couldn't tell you a single thing about Jess or Scott Why are they all still bumping elbows? If someone in that room has COVID, everyone in that room has COVID Those "tacos" did not look good, but I'll take their word for it I can't believe Conor made olive ice cream twice
  4. Ugh, as soon as they said "cool as a cucumber" I knew there would be 10,000 cucumber granitas. And clearly the producers knew too, so why go there? Conor is fast becoming the Ben Ungermann of this season (minus the alleged creepy stuff) -- not the strongest cook, defaults to making wacky ice creams, is inexplicably praised by the judges for it. I'm starting to really like Pete -- he is very much doing his own thing away from a lot of the MC AU cliches, seems to care a lot about mastering classic techniques and is obviously not playing it safe. But I feel like the latter element coul
  5. Alternate cliche ending I can see: They ultimately decide to start their own magazine.
  6. After watching the trailer, I'm convinced Jane will become the new Scarlet editor, and I will punch a wall.
  7. I admit I was thrown off the scent, because the voice over at the end of the previous episode said "one of the best cooks in the competition will go home." I actually didn't remember Trent from the audition episodes, but I went back and watched. He wasn't on for long, but cooked a plated cheesecake thing that Melissa liked. We got our first "me on a plate" of the season this episode, courtesy of Amir. Favorites from this episode: Eric and Depinder -- and Linda's egg noodle thing looked really good.
  8. The tongue-lashing they gave Trent was some of the harshest feedback I can recall on this show in a while! I actually wonder if there was more we didn't see on screen, because they all seemed almost annoyed with him? Like he was really messing around the whole time, or something. Andy is definitely better, but a lot of his feedback was still along the lines of "This tasted great!" Everyone who said "I love silverbeet" is a liar. Tommy is my favorite so far. The elbow bumping is ridiculous when no one there is wearing a mask. Give up the charade, guys.
  9. Yay, Conor. Also yay minimal larrikins and blond chicks "inspired" by that one time they went to Bali.
  10. Yeah I could do without the auditions (we've seen half the people who get through in the ads anyway) but I don't think there was anyone I disliked.
  11. I liked the other three episodes but this one was rough. It's mean to satirize a kid (OK, Google says she's now 18 [whaaaat?!?] but still), Lauren's surprise congratulations powerpoint was so contrived (I know she's someone who acts first and thinks later, but c'mon, she didn't even try to confirm they're engaged?), the declarations of love at the meeting were mega inappropriate, Liza's "meeting halfway on marriage" was dumb and Charles' guilt trip about "bending" was also dumb. I did laugh a C-Lit, though.
  12. I would say that NYPD cops refusing to wear masks is the most realistic thing about this season!
  13. To be fair, it seems like there might be more constructive criticism that isn't usually shown, as the feedback on all but the best dishes is usually very truncated, and it often seems like the clip cuts in at "...but apart from that, the sauce was great." I can understand not wanting to shit on 8-year-olds' food on camera, but I agree it makes it a bit more boring for the viewer.
  14. In the adult version, I'm always complaining that most so-called dessert kings and queens won't bake anything and instead just serve up plated dessert after plated dessert. But credit to these kids for trying cakes and biscuits and pies and pastries and tarts. I reckon they've done more dessert baking already than most full adult seasons.
  15. Yes! This was the greatest line. He said it with all the sincerity of an adult contestant raving about a dish they had in Sri Lanka. (The dining scene in Albury has clearly improved since I was last there about 25 years ago and La Porchetta was the top option, though.) I'm also definitely going to be using "I'm gonna redo it... Sorry, no, I'm not gonna redo it. This is fine" as a meme for basically everything in life. Anyway, I'm not gonna critique anything (except the judges, but actually, Andy is much better suited to working with children it seems) or anyone because they're kids.
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