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  1. Agreed. Love Jane Lynch, but I really got my fill of this character this season. I can see the show going to LA for a bit maybe, that would be a really rich comedy scene to explore. I agree with another poster above that it's inevitable Midge will spend some time performing at Joel's club next season too.
  2. For those who, like me, had no idea about the source material for that Cuban club scene: enjoy.
  3. YES, thank you. Does no one remember Joel squandered their money previously? Maybe Susie doesn't know, I guess, but she at least knows Joel cheated and made a bunch of terrible decisions. In truth, I think Joel is really just the only person she knew to ask. On a related note, I was left confused by Midge's financial situation. Did Susie blow her money or did she still have some saved? What happens to the apartment then? Anyway, I generally enjoyed this season, though the show continues to struggle to make me care about Joel or Midge's family (or Joel's family). I also think it flagged a bit at the end. Midge had a bit of character growth in terms of her career taking off some more, and realizing she doesn't have to be a total itinerant loner to be a comic (or maybe Paris Geller showed her being an itinerant loner is fine? I wasn't sure). But she seems to have ultimately landed at the end of this season pretty much where she was at the end of last season, but with nothing much to look forward to. I just hope they have somewhere more interesting to go next season than "Midge overcomes her hardship by climbing to the top of the NYC comedy scene -- again!"
  4. Lot of reviews out today (seems like the critics were given 5 of the 8 eps): Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair, EW, TV Line.
  5. In the comics, there is also
  6. I'm really late to this (by Australian standards), but I just started watching The Chefs' Line on Netflix and highly recommend it. If the reasons you like MC Australia (versus other reality cooking shows) are the positive judges, supportive competitors, lack of ~drama~ and the high standard of cooking -- but wish there was more diversity and fewer OTT "characters" dominating the screen -- check it out. The budget's a bit lower (it comes from one of the public broadcasters) and the pacing can be a little slow sometimes, but I think I like it more than MC now. To me, it's a much better representation of 21st century Australia and the food Australians eat than the often very Euro-centric MC. Also, it has one of the new Masterchef judges, Melissa Leong, and she's good! Really knowledgable and seems very natural in front of a camera.
  7. Matt and Gary are doing a new cooking competition on Channel 7 with Manu Feildel called "Plate of Origin." I tend to agree with this article that it is "the kind of pitch you come up with when you think of the pun-title first and the show second." Three white guys is also a questionable choice for a judging panel on a show purporting to compare different cuisines from around the world, though I can't even pretend to be surprised. (On the plus side, I like Manu but hate MKR, so that's something). George will just have to stay home with his millions of dollars.
  8. I would consider a "slice" just a vague catch-all term for anything cooked in a tray then sliced up, I don't think there are any other rules to it. A brownie is a slice, a mille-feuille is a slice (vanilla slice), a lemon bar is a slice (lemon slice), but also there are savoury slices. On a show like this they probably expect/demand a layered dish, but for example, white christmas is still a slice (a really disgusting slice), despite having no distinct layers.
  9. I agree he was supposed to be overcharging him, but I don't think it was by an insane amount for a Manhattan. $16 would definitely be expensive for a cocktail in Portland. You'd pay $10-$13 at a decent place, maybe less at a non-cocktail bar (hard to tell how good or divey Grey's place is supposed to be).
  10. Interesting! I too am glad they didn't go with bigger names. Would've liked to see even more diversity but still better than the previous three. I think the most important thing is that they have good chemistry together and are good in front of the camera, which I suppose remains to be seen.
  11. I only just started watching, and am still catching up. To answer some old questions on this thread: Yep, a Jack is a cop. A "dog" is general parlance might be used for someone who does something low-down and dirty (more commonly you'd say they did a "dog act"), but I'm told in Australian prison slang it is specifically a snitch. Close. Dim sim. It's a huge pork dumpling, though the word apparently comes from a misspelling of Dim Sum. It's a fried food take-out staple that you'd buy from like a deli/bodega/convenience store equivalent in the US. The audio is fine for me, but I can imagine the accents are tough if you're not used to them. This is actually how a lot of Australians talk but you rarely see it on TV where actors often speak with very polished drama-school accents.
  12. Not sure if this is what that article was about, but for $500,000 (as an investment in certain new businesses) you can get an EB5 visa, which ultimately makes you eligible you a green card, and a green card means you can apply for citizenship after 5 years. So that wouldn't help Jun Ho and Mei Lin, as they're already evidently eligible for citizenship and I'm fairly certain someone still has to fill out paperwork for that. But yes, they could certainly pay someone to do almost all of it (I think attending certain biometrics tests in person is unavoidable), and as many in this forum have pointed out, the actual citizenship test is not especially difficult for two people who speak fluent english. They'd need one prep session. This episode was even less funny than the pilot. I want to like this show!
  13. I like the conceit but found the pilot pretty lackluster. I agree with this AV Club review that Kal Penn doesn't have the chops to pull off "charming jerk." The dialogue was also trite all around and there also just weren't many funny jokes. I'll give it another try -- pilots often suck -- but I hope there's way less of the main character and way more of the others in the future. Some of the ensemble have promise but none of those characters were fleshed out.
  14. Only just realised this is back. On the upside, I have been catching up by only watching room reveals, so I don't have to see all the ~*~drama~*~ and can just snark on the shitty designs and decor (though this year mostly isn't as bad as others). But now I also can't tell most of the couples apart. Of those I can, I like Mitch and Mark the most just for doing something different, the know-it-all real estate agent the least. I know I say this every year, but making the building even bigger than ever is stupid and just leads to unfinished rooms. As evidenced by the first week when basically no teams finished. Another year of (relatively) tiny, boring master bedrooms. The show continues to emphasize choosing nice towels and mirrors over actual quality construction. Also: Double Ds divorcing.
  15. That ending was so weird. It isn't that hard to push through a crowd. Meanwhile, Charles could at least wait until they're living together to propose. Speaking of, what happened to that whole custody situation with his daughters? There was a whole episode about it, and I don't think anyone has ever mentioned it since?
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